Monday, October 26, 2009

Road to Glory Part 2

+++ Transmission Begins +++
Transmitted: Larax Outpost, Endmus
Received: Convent Sanctorum, Ophelia VII
Date: 4557999M41
Astropathic Duct: Charael Idiam, Ordo Hereticus
Author: Canoness Preceptor Sahine
Title: Mission Status
Thought For The Day: Vigilance is Your Shield

Most Revered Prioress,

You requested to be informed about progress regarding the ongoing war with the Xenos (designation: 'Tau') and their heathen allies (designation: 'Kroot') on the planet Endmus. I pray to have better news in the near future, but at present there is not much to report.

Since we've begun the campaign here, years prior, we've been hard-pressed to fight a decisive battle with the xenos. They've been difficult to pin down, and seem to be capable of incredible mobility. We've been increasingly working on fighting them whenever the opportunity presents itself, as well as continuing work attacking their front lines. So far, it's been a stalemate.

We have spent far too many resources lately on fixing mistakes. Recently, we had a supply mission get intercepted and shot down. We sent Battle Squad Menna as well as Celestian Squad Cyriaca, along with a squad of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to attempt to retrieve them. Unfortunately, the Emperor-forsaken xenos attacked with the same goal, causing heavy casualties and taking some of the supplies from our grasps. With the Emperor's words on their lips, they ended the life of many xenos that day with blessed fire and bolter. Emperor be praised!

I am pleased to report that plans are underway to begin a more serious offensive, and I will send you an update when I can. Until then, we pray for the Emperor's guidance, and any resources the Ordos can send.

With faith and fire, the enemies of man shall fall.


+++ Transmission Ends +++

First mission played on Saturday. We ended up drawing (500 pts). We also played the second mission later that day, and I'll post an update sometime tomorrow, hopefully.

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