Monday, December 14, 2009

Blood Bowl, Book Read, and whatever else

Not a whole lot happening at the moment, but did manage to get a game of Blood Bowl in on Saturday vs Ben, primarily as a teaching game.

I used Dark Elves, 9 LineElves, 2 Blitzers, 3 Rerolls, 1 FF, 1 AC (no point saving money in a one-off game).

Ben used Lizardmen, and took 6 Saurus, 5 Skinks, 3 RR, 2 FF, 1 CL, 1 AC.

The score ended 1-1, but it really should have been higher (one way or the other). We had some of the worst luck I've ever seen in a game. Just sloppy ball handling (and terrible blocking) all throughout the game.

Overall, it was still a good time, although I would've loved to win!

I finished reading Palace of the Plague Lord by C.L. Werner. Overall, it was just okay- but it did have two things going for it.

First, it made me want to play the Path to Glory ruleset that Games Workshop put out at one point. Basically, it was a way for people to create Chaos Warbands and play skirmish games against one another, and have your members level up with experience, as well as draw in new recruits. It was a pretty fun little side-game, and had lots of easy modeling opportunities for newer gamers.

Second, I loved the description of the Plague Dragon Bubos, from the book. I think it's going to be a conversion project at some point :).

Next book is the second Space Wolf Omnibus. The series has been great so far, so I'm looking foward to getting through it.

And finally- next year I will be posting pics of my games, which means I won't be using 'counts as' in ANY game from now on. That's more of a personal challenge than anything- should get me off my butt to finish these armies!!


  1. Sounds like you're having fun with skirmish level games. Me and Old Shatter Hands are waiting on Sholto ( to put up the Throne Agent rules so we can play some small games. Apparently it's like inquisitor crossed with Kill Team and is lots of fun.

    I approve of having challenges to motivate the painting side of things. I am torn at the moment between my two fun hobbies of writing and warhammer (this is, of course, in addition to jobs and a marriage). I want to work on my warhammer stuff but I've just got some mojo for writing back in my system and so I want to make the most of that because inspiration and motivation are sometimes hard to come by when you're writing novel length pieces.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

  2. Everything scratches some sort of itch :)

    I do enjoy skirmish games though. It's easier to create a narrative feel to games, and it's MUCH easier to get new people interested, since the small number of models is less intimidating.

    I used to love Kill Teams- that would be really awesome! I can't say I've played Inquisitor (only specialist game I never tried). Are they going to be publicly available?

    Motivation/Inspiration are rare- you should work on the writing thing while you can, without a doubt. Warhammer isn't exactly going anywhere. At least I hope not.

    Novel length pieces? Anything available? :)

    And I hope this challenge will get me building/converting/painting with more urgency. I want my army looking finished! This way playing at the Glen Burnie Battle Bunker won't look so out of place (people there have great looking armies sometimes, as I'm sure you know :) ).

  3. Hey Asmo,

    I think that the Throne agent rules Sholto has been using are based mostly on inquisitor but with some adaptations to 40k style. In any case I haven't read the inquisitor rulebook in a while and mostly just mined it for background material and settings. Sholto has talked about putting up the rules once they are finalised (his friend has been working on them).

    I'm getting there with the writing. It's hard work to fit it in around life as you tend to have to zone out into your book world a bit to do the best work. Still I'm making the most of this week to get some writing done. My office is very quiet because we had a big snowstorm and so few people are coming in to see me.

    I've got three pieces that I'm working on, though two of them are only the bare bones. You can see a few details on my blog at I really want to finish the nearly done story so that I can break out into a different genre and have some writing fun. I think the trick with it is to keep focused on one or two projects only, much like warhammer. Otherwise it can get too easy to become overwhelmed.

    I also have a novella length 40k piece (Grey Knights) and two short stories (Inquisition vs Nids and Mechanicus) that I posted on the Black Library forums that you're welcome to have a read of. Email me ( and I'll send over the word files.

  4. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I liked the idea of Inquisitor (and the setting, which is fantastic). The miniature scale was just too much work for my tastes (terrain and all).

    Well I hope you make good progress! The snowstorm meant no change of people at work. *sigh.

    I like the book ideas, btw! I can only imagine how difficult that is. Fictional writing is not my strong point. I have a huge appreciation of the work people do in the field. 'Wind and Steel' was the mostly completed one?

    And sending an email :)

  5. Yeah, Wind and Steel (I need a real title!) is somewhere in the 80-85% complete stage. It's probably the hardest section to write as you've lost some of the free creativity from earlier in the story and need to start wrapping up plotlines before it all rambles along too far.

    I got your email and I'll be sending over the works I've done. I hope you like them. If I can figure out a good way to host them I'll put them up on the blog for others to have a read of/download.


  6. I got them, I'm going to try to read them throughout the week :)