Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dark Elves vs Chaos Daemons, 12/23/09 (last Battle Report without pictures!)

2000 point game vs Sam running my Dark Elves vs his primarily Nurgle Daemons. Played at the Games Workshop Battle Bunker in Glen Burnie.

My army list:
Sorceress (lvl 4) w/ sacrificial dagger, seal of ghrond
Death Hag w/ Cauldron of Blood
20 Corsairs w/ Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard
   w/ assassin w/ extra hand weapon, rune of khaine, manbane
5 Dark Riders w/ repeater crossbow, musician
5 Dark Riders w/ repeater crossbow, musician
28 Spearmen w/ full command, shields, Banner of Cold Blood
6 Shades w/ great weapons
   w/ assassin w/ manbane, rending stars
2 Repeater Bolt Throwers
1 Hydra

Sam took Chaos Daemons- I don't have exactly what was in it (Sam is more than free to send it to me though :) ), but it was basically:
Great Unclean One (lvl 4) w/ Staff of Nurgle, Trappings of Nurgle
Herald of Nurgle (lvl 1) w/ Staff of Nurgle + Epidemius in a unit of Plaguebears
Herald of Nurgle (lvl 1) w/ Staff of Nurgle in a unit of Plaguebearers
Medium sized unit of Bloodletters
Beast of Nurgle


I deployed Dark Riders on the flanks, everything else more or less central. Sam put most things in the middle, Bloodletters on the side some.

I really should've taken notes... I can't remember much of the play by play, but Sam moved forward the first two turns, steadily marching and using his magic advantage to hammer at my spearmen. The Great Unclean one dropped my sorceress out of the spearmen unit on turn 3, I believed. I didn't move much, shooting at the Great Unclean one, and getting the Dark Riders behind his Bloodletters.

Sam had his 3 wizards, each with a bound spell, vs no magic defense on the top of turn 4. I had dealt maybe 3-4 wounds to his Great Unclean one, he had dropped my spearmen to about half. Also, he had each of his wizards casting Miasma of Pestilence (reducing the WS, A, S, T and I of my models in base contact with him to 1), making them difficult to directly assault. However, the tide was to turn!

The Great Unclean One charged my spearmen, doing no wounds. In return, he lost combat, and took 2-3 wounds (I can't remember exactly, but he was down below half).

My frenzied corsairs received killing blow from the Cauldron of Blood and charged into the Plaguebearer unit on my left. The Killing Blow won the combat- I dropped the Herald, and several Plaguebearers. Next round saw Epidemius go with him. The Corsairs plowed through the unit on the next round of combat, and took no damage in return.

The Dark Riders kept shooting at the Bloodletters, whittling them down. I finally charged the rear of the unit, eventually killing it. The Great Unclean One brook through the Spearmen, and played no further role. The Shades and Dark Riders kept shooting at the Beast, bringing it to one wound. The other Plaguebearer unit killed the Hydra, then mopped up the 2 Bolt Throwers.

Final score was 1624 VP for me, 1216 VP for Sam. A 408 VP win (Minor Victory) for me!

Sorry about the kind of poor synopsis. I need to take notes :(. Or pictures. Or both.

A goal for next year, surely :)

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