Tuesday, December 1, 2009

End of November update

Just a quick post about hobby progress since the month is over.

I've been painting Cold One Knights, but I've slowed down a bit due to the holidays.

I've also been getting a strong desire to play a lot more specialist games (especially Blood Bowl!), as well as more games in general, in order to practice for some tournaments!

I played a game of Monsterpocalypse on Monday night as well, Defender X + Laser Knight vs Rogzor and Mucustos. My opponent ran two shooty monsters and a LOT of shooty units. The granted abilities really made things dangerous for any of my stuff to get close. He made the mistake of moving his Mucustos up too far, which I took advantage of by Body Slamming him with Laser Knight, then following with a Beat Back blast with Ultra Defender X. Killed his alpha form, followed by killing his ultra form two turns later.

I didn't think Defender X and Laser Knight would work so well together, but they really do. I was getting 8 Power Die a turn when I powered up. It was a HUGE factor when trying to run two monsters.


  1. Hmm those two look and smell like muenster-pocolypse. If you get my meaning. (pst.. it's cheese)

  2. What's cheesy about those two? Neither one is all that powerful, they actually take some thinking to use :)