Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brief update, plus Monsterpocalypse

First, played a game of Monsterpocalypse Monday night. Got destroyed. Brief writeup at my friend Rob's blog Here.

I won't make too many excuses- but I definitely don't have the units to run the Martians. I tried to take a random monster, but alas, it's hard to do with some of these monsters. A lesson for next time.

Primarily though- I've changed my progress bars to show the progress (and status) of my news years resolutions. Seeing it everytime I look at my page should hopefully get me working on keeping them!


  1. That resolution bar is a really neat idea. How can i get that one going on my blog. I feel like it'd be a good thing to do to keep my motivation up.

    Sounds like you had a good time playing monsterpocalypse as well. I may have to have a look at that sometime. Have you ever played GRIND (talking of PP games)? It seems like it could be fun and getting a stack of warjack models would be cool also.

  2. Hey! I emailed you how to create them. I'm hoping that slowly seeing these things get more and more red will really help me get excited about finishing mid and late year when my enthusiasm would normally wane.

    I love Monsterpocalypse, but the collectible aspect is started to get to me. it's a great game otherwise.

    I've not actually played Grind, but I've been interested. One of these days I'll pick it up :)

    For other people, if you want to create progress bars, feel free to ask- I didn't create them (found the code online), but they are there for people to make use of. I'll happily the 'how to' to you.

  3. That battle seemed doomed from the start. You were in an untenable situation becuase Deimos 9 couldn't get close to do any major damage without getting destroyed in the process. I thought your dice management was excellent and I picked up a cool trick with the power pod and tow! :)

  4. Next week I am scared.... very scared... Lords of Cthul give me nightmares.

  5. I might have been able to keep it close, I just started the game with the wrong strategy. Maybe when I get the right guys I'll re-try with Deimos :).

    Power Pod/Tow is nice... but if I had saucers things would've been nicer (3 dice to accomplish what I did vs 4 :( ).

    Mogroth/Osheroth should be pretty nasty for anyone, that's the hope at least :).

    Assuming I go that route ;)

  6. Thanks for the help on the progress bars, Asmo. It sounds like Monsterpocalypse is a fun game. I'm definitely interested in checking out some of the Privateer press stuff. Grind is pulling me the most strongly at the moment just so I can have a set of warjacks to come out and play in 40k games as well.

  7. No problem man! I may pick it up over the weekend, I'm interested to see how big they are. Hopefully they're big enough to use as Dreadnoughts!

  8. I think you could do alright with them. If you're writing custom rules then perhaps drop them down to AV10 more like Killa Kans.

    If you get them, can you post up some size comparison pics with 40k models? That would be very cool.

  9. Yeah, I'm not sure what they'd really be used as. They'd be something like, regardless.

    When I get them and have them assembled, I'll display some size-comparison pictures. Maybe this weekend!