Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Warmachine/Hordes direction

Moving right along (yes, I'm trying to press these forward for a reason ;) ).

I currently play Cryx and Skorne. Two very different styles of play, although I have no idea what Skorne's 'style' is. I kind of suck with them. Cryx I have down pat. Set up, combo up for the assassination.

My next factions are likely to be Retribution and the Legion of Everblight. Two different elf armies? Heck yeah! I love elves. I also LOVE the background for the two armies. An army who marches to war to help save their dying god by killing the magic users of the world, and one that fights because their lord dragon, hiding from his father, directs them too for his own sinister ends. Heck. Yes.

Alright, medium amount of interest. Cygnar, Khador, and Minions. Cygnar are the 'good guys', and get so many cool toys that I will always have fun things to do. Plus, I really want to paint them orange, for some reason. Like big ugly pumpkins. I never seem to have reason to use orange paint. They are my target for doing so. Khador are the stereotypical Russian army, with a TOUGH TOUGH army to cool and some of the coolest casters in the game (one is BUILT INTO a warjack!). As for minions... random war animals fighting? So many fun painting opportunities.

Aaaand I have no interest in Trollbloods, Menoth, Mercenaries, or Circle. Boring, hate the theme, boring, and hate the theme. In order. Just bleh.

Alright one more post!


  1. Nice stuff. I'm the opposite of you when it comes to WM/Hordes. I want to play Cygnar because they are the good guys and I think the trollbloods have some great vibe going on. Also, OSH has some trollblood models he might pass on to me so thumbs up for that.

    PS: Orange cygnar...classic

  2. I know, my beautiful pumpkin legion! Eventually :).

    One of the guys here has an interest in Trollbloods. After seeing them play maybe I'll have more love for them. Their background doesn't tickle me (although they are the good guys of the Hordes stories!).

  3. I'm a sucker for the good guys in the backgrounds. I was always at least Chaotic Good when playing the DnD Pc games (Baldur's Gate 1&2, Icewind Dale 1&2, Planescape torment) and I generally feel bad in games if I have to do evil things :-)

    I think Trollbloods are definitely cool and I'm looking forward to having a good go with the models, it's just that I love steampunk more than I love beasty monsters, hence WM is my choice before hordes. Still, perhaps I will make boozing, brawling trollbloods army given enough time.

  4. Actually, when I play most games I prefer being the good guys. Fable and Dragon Age, for instance, I'm always doing good guy things. I can't help it!

    There's always time man, Trolls will be there after you fall in love with your Cygnar guys!

  5. That's it. I figure that If I get a Warpack of Trolls from OSH (such a generous guy) and then get a battlebox + few bits from Cygnar, i'll be able to play plenty of WM without having to add much more early on. I like the way it scales down a lot more than 40k does. Being able to play with 4-5 models per side is really great for beginners.

    I though AOBR would be fantastic at first but playing just the boxed set became very repetitive very quickly. If the Deffkoptas could take out the dread then the marines were usually splatted by the horde of orks and if the dread stayed safe and some lucky shooting happened, the orks lost big. At first I thought it was unfair how the marines had 130 ish points over the orks until I realised how strong the greenskins were with 5th edition assault rules.

    Now I'm looking forward to fun battlebox level games and then gradually creeping upwards in points and power.