Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teaching more Warmachine!

Played Rob on Friday, since he has expressed serious interest in the game, and I wanted to teach it, and play a big enough game for him to get some feel for it's play. We chose a 25 point game.

I played Cryx, and ran the following list:
-Skarlock Thrall
Min. Bane Thralls
Bloat Thrall
Machine Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith

General assassination list. If Deneghra can't do it, the Pistol Wraiths will help. Other things are there to handle random threats.

Rob, his first time trying Khador, chose the following:
Alekandra Kerkova

Rob just chose things he thought looked cool, simply because this was his first time playing beyond the starter boxes.

I took no pictures of this game, for two reasons. One, because I was trying to teach, and two, because we had to proxy most of Rob's models. He took a few however, found here.

First game, went exactly according to plan. I set up, ran a jack up, and started unloading on Zerkova. Feat, then 3 venoms, meant I was doing 2d6-3, 2d6-3, and 3d6-3 damage to Zerkova, who doesn't have a lot. Of course, I do 5. Yes, 5 total damage. Not so good. Thankfully, the pistol wraiths were there. They finished the job.

Of course, Rob didn't fully read Zerkova's card- she had a spell (that I didn't know about, since I don't play Khador), to make her un-targetable by spells. I think I could've gotten around it because of the spray, however. But regardless, not the result Rob wanted.

We decided to spend game two, playing each other's army of choice. Rob had just seen me run the Cryx army, so he knew how it was used. Could I beat it?

I deployed very compact, and played very defensively, lobbing AOE shots until the Cryx were in range. Slowly, I wore down more of his army, and used Zerkova to handle the Incorporeal stuff. Rob conceded when it was just Deneghra left.

Rob learned a lot, and I got some practice with the new rules set, which was nice. We are aiming to play again in two weeks or so. Should be a lot of fun!


  1. Yeah man, my Khador armies will be marching for the motherland and the honor of the Empress!!!

  2. We shall see :).

    As long as you enjoy the game, that's the important thing. Once we move to 35/50 point games, the assassinations should be more difficult to pull off. Plus, the next few casters I have don't have stealth ;). Both of these should make the games more fun.

  3. I'm getting really interested to give warmachine a try now. It sounds like it was a good challenging game to get going with and hopefully rob will get his payback next time.

    My Tau background is coming out in me though because I want to make a dangerous ranged cygnar army to take people out.

  4. It's a good game, and I'm sure Rob will get his revenge. Wait until I run someone other than Deneghra or Asphyxious, who I have very little experience using. I could be on the wrong side of a beating, in that case.

    One of my friends from college was a HUGE lover of the ranged Cygnar list, and it was VERy effective. And there's a surprising amount of good play you need to do to run it effectively, so there's very good games that can result!

    When are we playing man? :)

  5. I'm really tempted by Captain Allistair Caine and his nasty way to just annihilate many many things at range while not being caught. Sounds like a one-man crisis team with target locks to me ;-)

    We should definitely meet up and play soon. I've got a game tentatively scheduled with OSH this Saturday at DW in Rockville. We're trying out the new blood angels against the Tau. Not sure quite how things will pan out against a nasty jump pack fast army but I will do my best to use the Cadre's technology and tactics to win the game.

    When is a good weekend sort of time for you?


  6. Yeah, that's a good way of thinking about him. Both versions of Caine are awesome, if you really use them as hit-and-run guys. Definitely a fun way to play (unless you are playing a slow army against him, grrrrr....).

    Good luck in your game! That Blood Angels book looks nasty... but I admit my ability to gauge 40K capabilities is poor :(.

    For me, I'm not sure- next weekend is out, the weekend after that also, most likely. The weekend after that- I think I'm free all day?