Monday, August 2, 2010

Our July Competition Results

Alright, the competition's basic rules (and competitors) are here, near the bottom. The winners for this month:

Painting: Ben wins this, since he is the only one who put any paint on his models. Pretty embarrassing for the rest of us ;).

Playing Games: With 4 tournament sized games of Warhammer, plus competing in a campaign, Frans takes this category.

Blogging: Because I can't do anything but TALK about games, I end up winning here.

Construction: Our closest category by far. Frans and Rob both assembled a lot of models, but the point for July goes to BK! With a lot of models for both Warmachine and Warhammer, he narrowly edged out the competition.

My spare room is mostly set up... mostly. That means I'm hoping to start competing in some of the other categories too. You can bet that our group isn't going to make it easy on any of us to get these points!

Scores so far:
Ben: 1 (1 Painting)
Frans: 1 (1 Playing)
Steve (me): 1 (1 Blogging)
BK: 1 (1 Construction)
Rob: 0
Nathan: 0

Time to start working on August!

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