Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skorne vs Trollbloods, 15pts, 8/26/10

Well, another game vs. Ben, again at 15 points. Feeling confident, I wanted to try another warlock, Archdomina Makeda.

My list:
Archdomina Makeda
- Cyclops Savage
- Cyclops Savage
- Titan Gladiator
- Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Just about the same as my last list, just a different warlock

Ben's list:
Chief Madrak Ironhide
-Troll Axer
-Troll Impaler
Trollkin Champions (Leader and 4 Grunts)

VERY beast light, but those champions are hard to take down.

You can read a fairly similar account of the battle here as well, on Ben's blog.

Basically, terrain was our normal- carrot forest in the middle, impassable walls scattered around it. I sent my Cyclops around it, my Paingivers providing support, and my Gladiator and Morghoul pretty much right up the middle.

He took a shot at my Cyclops, and I stalled for a turn to try to get everything in position, but I impatiently charged on my second turn. A Cyclops into his Impaler, and the Titan into his Champions. I managed to deal almost no damage to either, although I did push a champion out of the way. In return, Madrak and the Impaler ganged up on the Cyclops, and the Champions pounded on the Titan.

My other Cyclops charged into combat as well, but I learned that rolling a 6 on two die just wasn't going to happen this game- I couldn't kill anything with my attacks for nearly an entire turn, and in the next turn, the Trolls finished off a Cyclops and a Titan.

I tried to buy some time by charging Makeda into the Champions, hoping to roll through them a little with some effective attacks, but again, I just didn't roll well enough to get the job done. Makeda was cut down, and the game ended with my first Hordes loss :(.

I did learn a few things, which is good. You always learn more after a loss than a win. I need 'real' infantry to make Makeda effective. I'm almost finished assembling my Praetorian Swordsmen, who will happily fill that role. I suspect I need other infantry as well. I don't need a second Savage. I either need a different beast, or something totally different. I'm not sure.

I also need to throw something extra at those Champions. I shouldn't be throwing models at them one at a time. A combined charge with the Gladiator and the Cyclops might have helped a lot. Need to be smarter about it.

Still, next week I'll have some new toys, hopefully they can help me out some.


  1. I love those champions. They are easily the nastiest thing I've been fielding and have really contributed to my ability to beat you recently.

    You are definitely right though, you need to be fielding more infantry.

  2. Yeah, definitely. The Champions are scary to most armies for a reason. They're nasty!