Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Games of Malifaux!

Well, Rob and I finally got the Malifuax minis out, and threw down for some games last night, over at DropZone Games in Glen Burnie.

I was running my Lilith crew, which was the only one I had assembled.  She basically consists of herself, 3 Terror Tot Nephilim, and a Mature Nephilim starting on the table.  Lilith's crew seems to be pretty straight forward.  Advance, get into combat (where I'm harder to shoot AND Black Blood lets me gradually wear down my enemies), kill things, move on.  Lilith, particularly, is pretty nasty in combat, with her 3/4/6 DMG line on her sword, and a (+) flip using it.

Game 1:

For the first game, Rob tried out Rasputina's crew box against me.  Rasputina runs with a bunch of Ice-based Constructs that cause all sorts of annoying things to happen.  For instance, when one of my models kill one of his ice dudes, my model's activation ends.  It makes it tough to use certain abilities.  Also, Rasputina has this annoying ability to freeze terrain pieces, which locks people in place.  Ugh.

Anyway, we flipped for our strategies (our scenario).  I ended up flipping the one for recovering a treasure in the middle of the table, Rob flipped the one for destroying evidence.  For him to get VPs, he had to get to my side of the board, and interact with objectives.  For me to get VP, I had to get a token in the middle of the board, and have it on a model when the game ended.  As this was our first game, we skipped out on Schemes.

 Then we went at it.  Right away we both basically moved our guys to the middle as quickly as possible.

Rasputina started the second turn freezing that large terrain piece in the center, locking Lilith in place for the turn (d'oh), but I got some major revenge later in the turn when after moving an Ice Gamin up, I proceeded to kill it with my Mature Nephilim.

Next turn, I win initiative, and eagerly move Lilith off the terrain piece and into combat with the Ice Golem, dealing about 4 damage to it.  I then use my Brood Mother action to immediately activate the Mature Nephilim, charging him in and dropping another 3 damage on the Golem (normally, we each activate a model at a time, alternating players, but some abilities give you the ability to activate more than one thing at a time).  Rasputina decides to exact some vengeance, and starts dropping spells into the combat, eventually killing the Ice Golem semi-accidentally (Rob certainly wasn't unhappy doing this, as a dying Ice Golem deals damage to models close to him).  With the Ice Golem dead, she threw another spell at Lilith, dealing a total of 5 damage to her on the turn.

Next turn, Lilith and the Mature Nephilim kill Rasputina, and the following turn, I grab the treasure counter on the middle of the board edge, leaving me the winner of the game 2VP to 0VP.

Game 2:

Rob decided to try his other assembled crew, Sonna Criid,  for the second game.  Rob's strategy ended up being something about controlling board quarters (really difficult to do when you only have 5 models), and mine involved being close to a counter at game end.

We set up, and again, went at it, running things in at one another on the first turn.

That's right, we basically lined up on opposite sides of the street.  We're super tactical players.

I started turn 2 by getting things into action, my Nephilim taking down two Witchling Stalkers, letting me grow 2 Terror Tots into Young Nephilim (making them stronger).  However, I actually took a beating as well, as Sonna Criid unloaded into me, killing the Mature Nephilim and a Terror Tot.

On Turn 3, the Young Nephilim takes down Sammael, and Rob deals a decent amount of damage to everything I have on the board.  Lilith charges into Sonna, but fails to kill her.  At the beginning of the next turn, Rob kills Lilith, but leaves Sonnia too close to a badly wounded Witchling Stalker, allowing me to kill her by killing the Witchling (who explodes when he dies).  Having removed all of Rob's models, nothing stops me from getting the 4 VP from having models close to the counter you see in the pictures.

So yeah, two games in, and I personally had a blast.  There's a lot of interesting interactions in this game, but it's going to take a LOT of practice to get the hang of things here.  We'll need another model or two apiece, just to give our crews some versatility, but we'll get there, I have no doubt.  I love the use of cards instead of dice, and I love how hand management influences the games in so many ways.  Definitely looking forward to playing this again!

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