Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lilith list for 35 ss

So, I've been trying to think what I can do with my Lilith army to make it more 'generally' good.  Out of the box, in my few games of experience, she's certainly been solid, and fun to play, but I find that not only is she fairly one-dimensional (get stuff into combat, make Nephilim bigger), she also has some pretty serious holes in her attack.  So, I decided to see what sort of things I could take with her at 35 Soulstones, which seems to be a fairly normal size for games.

Using the handy Malifaux crew creator, I came up with this:

Neverborn Crew - 35 - Scrap

Lilith, Mother of Monsters -- 5 Pool

Lelu [7ss]
Lilitu [7ss]
Mature Nephilim [10ss]
Terror Tot Nephilim [3ss]
Tuco [7ss]

I'll have to play this a few times, of course, to see how I like it, but I think this will definitely be a step up.  Some thoughts on my decisions:

Tuco seems to be a necessity here.  I have practically no effective ranged threat using Lilith otherwise, and against some Masters *coughHamelincough* I really feel like I'll have a difficult time dealing any sort of damage without SOMETHING ranged.  Tuco has a decent ranged shot, and a few movement shenanigans and special rules to help keep him safe and effective.

I don't know how effective Lelu/Lilitu are, but I feel like having them in my list for a few games would add some variety.  Lilitu's Lure spell will give me some additional tricks I can pull on my opponent's models, and the two of them can (hopefully) be somewhat durable with Regeneration and additional healing (from Drink Blood, I guess).  At 14 total Soulstones, they'll have more table presence than a Mature Nephilim and a Terror Tot, and can give me some more options.

I've only (so far) taken Lilith with the Mature and Terror Tot Nephilim, and I wanted to have one of each in my list.  The Mature Nephilim is fantastic- he's fun, he's fast, he hits hard.  What's not to like?  The Terror Tot is around primarily so that I have something to spend Blood Tokens on (either for Growth, or for one of the Summon Lelu/Lilitu spells if necessary).  Using it as a target for Lilith's Transposition spell is a useful option as well.

So, with that said, what's not in the list that I could've taken?

The Black Blood Shaman has a lot of tools that could be really handy, but I don't know that I could get as much mileage out of him as I'd like, both through limited Blood Counters, and limits to my play ability.  Maybe eventually I'll pick one up and switch him in.

I really really wanted to take a Cherub in the list, but couldn't afford it.  This hurts most because it takes away one of my primary ways to get Lilith around out of activation, but maybe I can utilize Lilitu's Lure to accomplish the same goal. 

Nekima is really the only other model that would fit, but man, she's so expensive (13 Soulstones).  She does have a bunch of helpful abilities, but she doesn't really add all that much to my crew that I don't already have in some form. 

As for Schemes, I think I have a lot of options running this list.  Breakthrough is a good choice, since most likely I'm going to be advancing on my opponent.  Bodyguard isn't a bad choice as well, since Lilith's defensive stats are pretty solid.  Kidnap and Reclaim Malifaux work great as well, the latter for the same reason as Breakthrough.  I have some great choices here, and I'm sure, combined with whatever the Strategy ends up being, I'll be able to keep my opponent on his toes.

So what do you think?  Anyone with experience running Lilith?  Suggestions?

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