Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had Happy Holidays and a great New Year's Day celebration!

I toyed with the idea of throwing up some resolutions again this year, as I did, what, two years ago?  Something like that.  Of course, that year, I believe I went 0/10 on the resolution report card at the end of the year.  So I won't bother making resolutions, at least officially (except for a few personal, non-blog ones).

However, with that said, I do have some goals for this blog, and for the miniature hobby in general for the upcoming year.  First, I have some great idea for blog posts and random articles to post on here.  Nothing earth-shattering, I'm sure, but various things that would probably be good reads to someone.  In addition to that, I'm hoping to still stay on top of my battle reports once a week (although I still have a pre-Christmas battle report to throw up, covering some X-Wing games).

For the hobby itself, I've done a decent job of coming home and spending at least 15 minutes a night working on miniatures.  With all the new projects I'm working on (including my new acquisition of Dreadball- thanks Rob! :-) ), it does mean I'm not only making lots of progress, but that I'm actually slowly getting close to finishing painting some models.  That's VERY exciting.  However, doing worthless weekly updates about my progress wastes everyone's time, including the only person who probably reads it- me.  I'll post at the end of the month all the progress I've made that month for whatever games I've worked on.  Of course, since I'd like to post twice a week, that means I'll need to generate actual content... which I'm working on :).

Finally, it looks like I've got a fairly consistent schedule for gaming, once a week at a minimum.  Assuming that continues, I look forward to playing a lot of great games this year!

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