Friday, March 8, 2013

X-Wing battle report from 2/20/13

Unfortunately, we didn't have the Wave 2 stuff back in February, but nonetheless, BK and I played a game of X-Wing, and had a blast doing it.

My list:
"Howlrunner" w/ Swarm Tactics
"Mauler Mithel" w/ Swarm Tactics
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Total Squad Points: 99

This is just a basic TIE Swarm.  I took a more useful set of upgrades this time, however- Swarm Tactics actually get my ships shooting before several other pilots, and it was definitely helpful in this game.

BK's list:
Luke Skywalker w/ R2-F2
Rookie Pilot w/ R2 Astromech
Rookie Pilot w/ R2 Astromech
Gold Squadron Pilot w/ Ion Cannon Turret, R2 Astromech
Total Squad Points: 99

3 X-Wings and a Y-Wing.  R2-F2 with Luke makes him pretty tough to kill, and the R2 Astromechs should give the X-Wings more maneuverability.   I am happy to see the Y-Wings in the list, of course.

Turn 1:

A quick note about our setup- I basically set up everything right in the middle, as you can see from the picture.  BK put Luke Skywalker and the Y-Wing off to my right, and the two Rookie Pilots off to my left.  It was different than I'm used to seeing, so I was eager to get into action.

Regardless, our first turn is of course, uneventful.  We both move forward towards the center.  Exciting.

Turn 2:

I have a choice here.  I could go to my left, crush the Rookie Pilots, but then I'd have Luke and a Y-Wing behind me, which could really suck (getting hit with an Ion Token, then having Luke move to range 1 and Target Locking would be a dead TIE a turn, I'm sure).  I decide to bank to the right, and take on Luke early.

Unfortunately, my piloting skills suck.  A bunch of my ships run into themselves, but in general, I do manage to get my ships pointing the right way.

Both of BK's groups of ships turned slightly and headed towards the center.

We exchange some long range shots to little effect- the sole casualty is a single shield is taken off the Y-Wing.

Turn 3:

Well, it's action time.  I figure that BK's ships are likely to bank to their right, and rejoin their buddies.  However, I didn't want to fully commit to that way, so I tried to slightly go BOTH ways.  Because the ships are already in position to not fall on top of one another, I actually get to take actions with everyone.  Those actions, however, are 7 Evade actions.  Seven.  Yes, exciting.

BK's left group of X-Wings is forced to send one of them through the asteroid, but doesn't take any damage.  The Y-Wing does bank to his right, but Luke goes straight forward, depending on his high agility to see him through the firestorm.

Well, he's right there.  A few TIEs shoot at Luke, but fail to do any damage, and in return he deals a point of damage to one of my Academy Pilots.

On my left, I'm a little more successful- my massed shooting takes all the shields off the Y-Wing, and get a Critical Hit onto the starfighter (something minor).  BK's Rookie Pilots deal two points of damage to an Academy Pilot as well.

So, three turns in, I'm in position to start hurting the Y-Wing, and I'm taking damage on my TIEs at a fairly mediocre rate.  Not looking too bad, so far.

Turn 4:

Alright, what to do now?  I'm fairly unsure about how well I can hurt Luke without sending every ship after him, and decide to give up on that for now, and focus on the other ships.  I send my guys to the left, and try to spread out to cover as much of the board with firing arcs as possible.

BK sends his ships basically right into the middle of my lines.

I start off with some shooting at the Y-Wing with Howlrunner and a Swarm Tactic'd Academy Pilot, but fail to accomplish anything.  Luke follows with a shot on Howlrunner, hoping to lower the effectiveness of my entire fleet, but fails to put any hits through (2 hits and 2 evades, I believe).

Mauler Mithel, however, has much better luck and lays into the Rookie Pilot right in front of him, rolling up four hits (to no evades), destroying him, and giving the Imperials the first confirmed kill of the match.

The Academy Pilot I had used Swarm Tactics on with Mauler also finds some success, and deals two damage to the Y-Wing right in front of him.

The Y-Wing gets a little revenge, however, and manages to put an Ion Cannon shot into one of my Academy Pilots, making my maneuvering a little more annoying next turn.

Unfortunately for said Y-Wing, he doesn't get to stick around and take advantage of it, as my remaining Academy Pilots bring him down.

At this point, things are looking pretty good.  I've killed two ships, and although I've taken small amounts of damage on a few of my TIEs, I haven't lost any.  If I can get my ships pointing the right direction, I should be able to depend on my weight of shots to carry the day.

Turn 5:

Every one of my ships turns around, except for the one that had an Ion counter.  BK's ships slowly move up into the teeth of my squad.

My shooting is all at long range, and I fail to accomplish anything.  BK's limited shooting is much more effective, however, and his Rookie Pilot puts two damage on an undamaged TIE (unfortunately, the only one he could get in his firing arc), both of which are critical (I don't remember the exact effects).

Now, ships are about to get close, which means things could get very ugly.

Turn 6:

And they do.  I screw up all of my maneuvering, meaning almost none of my ships actually get actions (smooth), but unfortunately for BK, that's all that goes wrong this turn.

My shooting starts fairly weak- one of my Academy Pilots, shooting with Howlrunner's Swarm Tactics take a shield off of Luke, who fires back and gets FOUR hits... which I then proceed to evade all but one of.

My next shot takes two shields off the Rookie Pilot, who's shooting does nothing.

I finish my turn with two Academy Pilots, each shooting at Luke.  Three shots apiece.... and each rolls three hits.  Luke can't keep up with that kind of rolling, and gets destroyed.

With only a single Rookie Pilot facing off against my entire force, even damaged as they are, we decide to call it.


This will probably be the last time I run a TIE swarm in a friendly match for some time.  I'm really too eager to try all the new ships, and I really want to try running multiple TIE Advanced and see how they perform, as well as using the new Wave 2 ships.  Running all these TIEs was fun, of course, but I want to try something different.

It's hard to say what I did wrong or right about this game - I got so lucky with dice at times that it didn't matter what I chose (killing Luke, for instance was almost purely luck).  Obviously, I really REALLY need to work on my maneuvering, since I spent two turns without actions, practically.  My overall game plan worked better than my last TIE Swarm game (I didn't lose Howlrunner right away, for instance), so that's progress.

So yeah, next time I play as the Imperials, look for a something with more variety as my list!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Malifaux Battle Report, 2/6/13, Sonnia vs Mei Feng

Rob finally got the opportunity to break out his new Mei Feng crew last month, and challenged me to a game.  Clearly terrified of my Lilith crew (he insists he thinks Lilith would be too easy for him to beat, but I know the truth ;) ), he suggested I take Sonnia, so I did so. We ended up playing a 30 Soulstone game, as well, since I was a little limited in my model selection for the moment.

To start with, my crew:
Sonnia Criid -- 6 Pool
Francisco Ortega
Samael Hopkins
Witchling Stalker
Witchling Stalker
Witchling Stalker

I don't really have a lot to say about my list- it's her starter box + Fransisco (I figured I could use some extra ranged options) + a Watcher (to help offset bad luck).

Rob's crew:
Mei Feng -- 8 Pool
Metal Gamin
Rail Worker
Willie, the Demolitionist

Admittedly, although I've read the Ten Thunders book, I only had a minimal amount of knowledge of what all the models did.  I did know Mei Feng could combo a lot, however, so I needed to keep an eye out for that.

After flips, we ended with Shared Claim Jump as our Strategy (whoever had more models within 3" of a counter in the center of the table scored points).  We each had two Schemes, which we both announced: I chose Bodyguard (Sonnia) and Raid.  Rob chose Bodyguard (Mei Feng) and Grudge (Fransisco).  We deployed in the corners, and the only thing notable about our terrain was that there was a lot of buildings.

Turn 1:

I win Initiative, and basically move everything towards the center.  I send my Witchling Stalkers forward as a sort of picket line, hoping to create a wide area of Disrupt Magic auras everywhere.  The rest of my models end up moving behind them.

Rob's activations involve Willie using Clear Out off Kang to move everyone forward a few inches, but Rob basically decides he had screwed up his deployment, and ends up just moving everything towards the center instead of more fanciness.

Turn 2:

Rob wins Initiative, even though I start by flipping a 12 (he manages to flip a 13).  Grrr!

Willie starts off the turn by double walking towards the middle of the table, to catch up to the action.  In addition, he puts a bomb up close to my forces.  I respond by having the central Witchling Stalker use Defensive Stance and his Disrupt Magic aura before moving a little towards the middle, hoping to make life a little difficult for Rob's force.

Rob activates Mei Feng and the Emberling next.  The Emberling walks up and tries to throw up a Vent Steam... but is sadly is in range of the aura, and fails.  Mei Feng is able to move up, stay out of the aura, and cast it, however, providing her with some protection.  I respond... by having my Witchling Stalker on my side of the building do the exact same thing as his brother.

Rob has a Rail Worker move in front of Mei Feng, presumably to block line of sight to her.  I activate my Watcher, who lets me look at the top two cards of my deck.  One of them happens to be the Black Joker, which I gladly throw on the bottom of my deck.

Rob parks his Metal Gamin next to Mei Feng.  If only I had decent blast shots!  I have my last Witchling Stalker do the same thing as his buddies, creating quite the area of magicless-ness.

Kang ends up going after the closest Witchling Stalker to me, but with Defensive Stance up, isn't able to put shovel to flesh.  Finally, given that I have all the activations left in the round, I attempt to go a little offensive.  Sammael starts taking shots, and manages to kill Willie, who unfortunately explodes, damaging the two closest Witchling Stalkers and Fransisco for two.  Fransisco follows up by firing at the Rail Worker, doing a few points of damage.

Sonnia spends the turn... basically doing nothing.  I don't know that I have a good early game plan for her, haha.

Turn 3: 

Rob wins Initiative again.

Rob starts by having his Rail Worker charge a Witchling Stalker, and detonates the previously placed bomb, killing the two central Witchling Stalkers, himself, and Fransisco.  That is really really unpleasant.  Needing to delay for an activation, to get his guys into range, I have my remaining Witchling Stalker use Defensive Stance, Disrupt Magic, and have him take a swing at Kang, dealing two damage... which doesn't really matter since he recovers from it whenever he activates.

Rob's Metal Gamin activates, and double Walks over to my side of the board.  I use the Watcher to move forward and help prepare my deck for the inevitable- revealing a 13, which I leave on top of my deck.

Rob then activates Mei Feng and the Emberling.  The Emberling walks up and Vents Steam, just staying out of the Disrupt Magic aura.  Mei Feng walks forward, casts Iron Skin on the Metal Gamin, and walks again.

I start salivating, hoping to put a ton of damage on Mei Feng.  Eagerly, I activate Sammael, and declare I'm going to Rapid Fire, and make the first flip... then remember that I haven't used his Flaming Bullets spell.  I also forget about his Arcane Hunter ability (so a net +2 Cb and +3 Dg I screwed myself out of).  As it was, Rob is forced to spend a few Soulstones, but even so, I still put 2 damage on him.  Honestly, had I remembered to use these, it would've probably cost him another Soulstone, which may have made a significant difference.

Sonnia ends the turn by activating, and throws a bunch more spells at Mei Feng, which force her to spend MORE Soulstones, but I still end up putting another two damage on her.

Turn 4:

I thankfully win Initiative.

For some reason, I activate Sonnia first, even though Sammael could've either killed Mei Feng, or forced her to spend every Soulstone she had.  I don't really remember why I did this.  Regardless, Sonnia starts throwing spells at Mei Feng, fails to kill her (but does manage to kill the Emberling), but does do a few more points of damage.

Mei Feng charges up, uses a string of Tiger's Claws strikes with the Tiger's Fury trigger, and kills Sonnia (but see below).  I end up conceding (although I guess Sammael could've made an attempt at killing her and playing for less of a loss).

Rob would've won the strategy (4 points), Mei Feng survived (2 points), but he didn't kill Fransisco in melee, meaning the final score was 6-0.  Quite a beating!


I can't really say if this will end up being a good matchup.  Having some experience with her now, Rob says he should be taking more Rail Workers with her to exploit Express Line, and move her around more, which will probably make her a lot scarier.  On top of that, he did have some maneuvering issues that he'll be able to fix with a few more games of practice.

One big thing we DID screw up, however, is Mei Feng's trigger.  The end reads "perform a melee Strike against another target in melee range."  We played it that the target could be the same person (ie, Sonnia), which let him belt off the 5 attacks it took to kill her (she missed once).  With the trigger, she'd have had to kill Sammael as well (she certainly had the range), but maybe would've killed him quickly enough to save Sonnia.  Hard to say.  I started Mei Feng's activation with more Soulstones than her, so it's possible. 

Of course... Sammael would've been dead, Sonnia would've already activated, and I wouldn't have had any way to kill Mei Feng this turn, so it's hard to think the result would've changed at all.

If I remembered all of Sammael's rules, who knows what the result would've been as well.  Extra damage plus a higher stat value is really sweet, and definitely makes me eager to see him on the table again!

Regardless, the game was a lot of fun, and it's nice seeing Ten Thunders models on the table.  Also, Rob has been working extra hard to get his models painted, and the effort shows- his side of the board looked beautiful.  Definitely something to make me more eager to paint, when I have the time to do so.

We should have another game of Malifaux soon- hopefully I'll have more Guild stuff assembled, giving me some options in the game.  Maybe I can the next one a closer match :).

Until next time!

Friday, March 1, 2013

X-Wing wave 2 released

Those of you who play X-Wing no doubt have already seen that this is the case, but yeah, the new stuff for X-Wing is out!

I managed to snag one each of the new models- they were starting to sell out even as I showed up (not long after they were put on the shelves).  It's great to see this game doing so well. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting the new stuff on the table.  In another two weeks or so, I'll play another X-Wing game, and I'll make sure to use the new stuff.

Hobby progress for February, 2013

(EDIT: Oops, forgot to update this as the month went along!)

This month:

* One game played (using Sonnia Criid) 

* Starter Box of Jomsvikings Filed
* Starter Box of Skraelings Filed

* One game played (eHexeris)
* Unit of Long Gunners filed
* Unit of Cygnar Mechanics filed
* A few other Cygnar solos filed
* Cyclops Shaman filed
* Necrosurgeon filed

* One game played (As the Imperials)