Wednesday, November 16, 2016

X-Wing Game, 11/15/16

BK and I played a game of X-Wing yesterday at Games and Stuff. It has been a long while since he and I have played X-Wing, and given our renewed interest in it, it certainly seemed like a good time to change that.

Since it has been a long while since his last game, I decided to play a modified version of a Scum list I had taken against Ben recently, to show off the 'new' faction some.

So basically, my list was:
Guri (StarViper) with Predator, Autothrusters, Virago, and Sensor Jammer.
Palob Godalhi with Calculation, Blaster Turret, Recon Specialist, and Moldy Crow (I flat out stole this ship build from online sometime in the past).
2 Binayre Pirates (1 with Feedback Array- I didn't own a second Feedback Array card).

Palob can get some decent shots at range 1-2 basically all game, as well as screwing with his evade and Focus tokens.  Guri is very hard to kill, and with people's love of big ships, she'll be able to frequently get decent shots off, while hopefully keeping herself alive. The Z-Wings are nice and cheap.

BK took Dash Rendar with the Outrider and a Heavy Laser Cannon and R2-D2, and two generic B-Wings with not upgrades.

We set up, and spent our first turn moving up.  As you can see from below, I had the StarViper lead (it's hard to kill!), with the Moldy Crow off to the side, taking a turn to get a bunch of extra focus tokens.

We trade shots to some effect... I take a bucket of damage on the StarViper (I didn't get to use Autothrusters, and completely forgot about Sensor Jammer until a bit later, oops!).  I manage to remove some shields from the lead B-Wing.

BK turns his B-Wings and Outrider towards each other, potentially to catch the StarViper and Z-95s in the middle of the two, which would've been devastating.  Also, it put distance between his ships and the HWK-90, taking one of my ships out of the fight.

Thankfully, I have the Segnor's Loop to fall back on, getting my StarViper out of danger, and into great position to do some shooting.  The Moldy Crow also turns left, right into a good position, and the Z-95s kind of fly straight up the middle.

I manage to blow up one of the B-Wings, at the cost of the Z-95 with the Feedback Array.  The following turn, I take down another B-Wing, with minimal losses- BK spent these turns trying to take shots at Guri, to no effect (she's tough to kill!).

After killing the second B-Wing, I start having some issues with my piloting... more than once running into my own ships...

This is compounded when the Outrider turns into the combat, and I have another ship to run into.  All three of my remaining ships take turns running into each other AND the Outrider.  Thankfully, BK and I forget about the anti-pursuit lases he put on the Outrider, but those would've triggered a few shots (and eventually do when we remember).

He manages to get through the Moldy Crow's shields and destroy it, and I manage to get the Z-95 behind the Outrider, and the Z-95 in the distance to the front/side of it (to keep the use of the Autothrusters).

On the critical turn, I get both of my ships into good firing position, and take an action on my StarViper... using a Barrel Roll to stay out of Dash's primary fire arc... and barely clip an asteroid.  No problem- "BK, roll a damage die!".  Hit.  StarViper destroyed. Dash then blows up the Z-95 on his activation, ending the game.

Overall, it was a close game.  We both forgot one of our upgrade cards (and they probably washed out- having the StarViper around longer would've been nice, but the extra random damage his lasers would've done overall would have been pretty significant, too).

I really enjoy X-Wing, and I really enjoy playing the Scum- I can't wait until my next game!

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