Saturday, October 24, 2009

Friday Night BeatTown

Me and Rob ran another Monsterpocalypse game Friday night. Of course, we show up and decide to play the exact same monster (Gakura), so after a brief discussion we ran our first every multi-monster game.

I chose Gakura and Tyrranix, who are the same agenda. This let me use all of my Terrasaur and Ape units, plus get the benefits from the monsters. I also chose a fairly balanced mix of units, mainly shooting support, but a decent amount of Carnidons for brawl attacks (coupled with Gakura's berserk, and alpha form Tyrannix's charge, hopefully).

Rob chose Gakura and King Kondo. Primarily this was because it was convenient to run both of the current Ape Empire monsters... I suspect partially it's because Rob has a thing for apes ;). This is a man who thinks Planet of the Apes doesn't suck horribly (I know, I know, I'm in the minority thinking here). Don't remember a lot of his overall unit comp.

Fairly even city layout, we played on the Highway to Hellevue map.

I didn't keep a full play by play, but I will say I learned to appreciate the value of morphers, as well as the value of two monsters (even using the rather limited A-die and P-die resources).

For instance, early in the game (my first monster activation) I charged two parts of my morpher, Rolling Ranch and Gearjammer-BTO, across the board to combine brawl attack against one of his monsters (to Beat Back it into the other monster). The next activation, I chose a monster activation, went hyper, and removed myself from danger on the other side of the map (where Gypsy Sunbeam was). Doing that was very important for causing early damage, and really set a more aggressive style of play from my end.

Mid-game, I used Gakura's Blitz at the start of an activation to destroy two buildings, which provided all the P-die Tyrranix needed to throw Ultra Gakura across the map, killing the form. Without Gakura there, I would have been able to do a decent chunk of damage, but not kill the form. Things like that really added up.

Regardless, the end result was a victory for me, a demolished city, and a new appreciation for morphers. All in all, a good night :) Sadly, I can't count this in my goal of beating Rob with every monster, since I want to do that in one-on-one matchups. I feel confident Tyrranix and Gakura will be up to the task, however.

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