Thursday, June 21, 2012

Contents of Warhammer:Invasion, Fragments of Power

Card Number, Name of Card, Quantity

21 Star Crown Fragments (x3)
22 Ungrim Baragor (x3)
23 Master of Maps (x3)
24 Blood Vengeance (x3)
25 Arachnarok Spider (x3)
26 Da Great Leader (x3)
27 Averheim Soldiers (x3)
28 Higher Learning (x3)
29 Ellyrian Patron (x3)
30 Tor Elyr (x3)
31 Sworn of Khorne (x3)
32 Stolen Skin (x3)
33 Agent of Malekith (x3)
34 Swift-Moving Storm (x3)
35 Arkayne Vampire (x3)
36 Descendant of Gods (x3)
37 Dance to Loec (x3)
38 Snotling Invasion (x3)
39 Summon the Reserves (x3)
40 We Hates Them All (x3)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FFG Posts for 6/18/12

Yeah, I'll probably end up doing this whole thing monthly- I just don't have the time otherwise.


New and updated tournament rules for three of the games!

A Game of Thrones:

Report from the Joust Champion for the Days of Ice and Fire 2012 tournament, including the deck list (a Martell Maester's Path deck).  Pretty good, and interesting article.

Report from the Melee Champion.  Another good article from the point of view of the winning player.

More highlights from the Days of Ice and Fire tournament.

Announcing the new Chapter Pack, A Roll of the Dice, and a card from it: Old Bill Bone.  Looks like a great combo with House Dayne cards (and Starfall), which is mentioned.

Among the best news in the past month: FINALLY reprinting the Ravens cycle for Game of Thrones!  Finally, the cards based around Winter and Summer will be available for everyone, and some of the popular decks (read: Greyjoy Choke), will be available for everyone.

Not as great as the previous one, this is still GREAT news- the deluxe expansions are all being reprinted.  Since I haven't been able to find a copy of 'The Kings of the Storm' for a long time, this is very very good news.

Valar Dohaeris is now available.  There's a review of the cards on if you want to see what's coming in the Chapter Pack, and what players think of the cards.

Call of Cthulhu:

Some ideas for the card Corrupted Midwife from the Ebla Restored Asylum Pack.  Some interesting ideas, but nothing earth shattering, if you ask me.

And the announcement that the Asylum Pack is now available (it's definitely in stores).  Even reveals another card, Professor of Folklore, which looks like an awesome addition.

Tournament report from the Munich Regionals, from the 3rd place player.  Contains a deck list.

Preview of the next Asylum Pack, 'Lost Rites'.  Mentioned- two new conspiracies, which have a different ordering of the icon struggles!  Conspiracies that may actually get used, even.  Of course, Hastur gets The King in Yellow Folio, which could really screw with a lot of the investigator decks.  Regardless, exciting stuff on the horizon.

The Lord of the Rings:

A look a Asfaloth from the Foundations of Stone Adventure Pack, and some (fairly obvious) points dealing with it.  Still, good to see a preview of what's in the new pack!

Some previews from the Foundations of Stone Adventure Pack.  Path of Need, for instance, looks like a VERY sweet card.

Preview of the Hero from 'Foundations of Stone': Glorfindel!  And not just any old hero, is he.  With great stats, only 5 starting threat, and a drawback that can be easily negated (they link to Light of Valinor in the article, which is a perfect way to avoid it), he's going to be seeing a LOT of play.


Notice that Fragments of Power is now available (again, I've seen it in stores).  Preview of a card: Snotling Invasion.  That's going to be a lot of fun to use!

Preview of the next pack, 'The Accursed Dead'.  The card, Rebuild the Hold, is an interesting one- one of the first (only?) to allow you to remove burned markers from your hold!  That can keep a Dwarf player in the game a VERY long time.

Focus on Purged By Flame from the upcoming 'The Accursed Dead' pack, including two high-elf decks, both of which look awesome (and one of which, the one based off Eltharion, I've been trying to use myself), and both of which look to use this new card.