Sunday, March 15, 2020

Monthly Summary for February, 2020

Oops!  A 'few' days late :)

Games Played
  • Marvel Champions - Six plays, all solo.  I have been playing usually once a week, as I try out different things.  I finally beat Ultron, and can say I've beaten every villain!  I'm trying a few random combinations of Aspect and Hero, seeing what I like, and see what I don't.  Been fun!
  • Warmachine - Four games.  We started the month with 25 point games, and I played BK and Joey, losing both, with Skarre 1 in Dark Host.  Just tough to play at 25 points.  From there, I played some 75 point games, first against Joey, where I dropped Iron Lich Asphyxious in Dark Host into Ossrum in Hammer Strike.  He kills my Wraith Engine really early, and I struggle to do anything against his feat.  He then kills me on the next turn.  Finally, I played against BK's Menoth with Skarre in Dark Host.  He took Reznik2 in Creator's Might.  He wasn't quite prepared for what I could do, and I win by scenario early.
  • Star Wars: X-Wing - Three games, all using the first order.  I beat Matt once, and lose to Joey twice.  I really just am not great with First Order, but I'm honestly not sure what I need to do to improve with them, other than play more.  They just don't seem to fit my style.
  • Keyforge - Two games,  both against Matt, using some new decks from the Worlds Collide set.  I end up going 1-1.  Both of these decks look like a lot of fun, so I definitely look forward to playing them some more.
  • Magic: The Gathering - Two games of Commander.  Game 1 against Matt, E, and BK. BK is using E's Lord Windgrace deck. He builds up, gets a bunch of creatures out, then manages to ultimate Vraska, killing us with 1/2 Plants.  Game 2 against Matt and E, I run Kalemne again. E's Goblins swarm the field, he gets up to like 40 something, and kills us both.
  • War Room - Two plays, continuing our long game started this year.  In February, we managed to beat back the armies invading Germany through Russia long enough to give me some breathing room, and we manage to clear the middle east and threaten India.  The allies move their forces into position, but they don't leave certain places well defended... something that is going to be a problem for them, potentially. 
  • Arkham Horror: The Card Game - One game with BK, playing the standalone Murder in the Excelsior.  I took Selfina (an artist?), and he took someone who has a hunch deck. Ended up going real well, we do fall behind a few turns in, but manage to claw into contention, find the final monster, and kill him, easily. Our leads were the Manager's Key, and a Locket. Really cool scenario!
  • Core Space - One game with Rob.  Played mission three in core book, basically both trying to get to some traders who are to join our team or whatever. We both end up dying to Purge.  System seems okay, but I think the map system would end up getting on my nerves.
  • Star Wars: Armada - One game with Matt, taking Rebels against his Imperials.  He marches an ISD right up the middle, but Raddus and his buddies manage to slowly chew away at it, killing it. I win about 300ish to 160ish.
  • World at War 85 - One game against Bob. Played the first scenario, and lost pretty handily.  We played a few rules wrong, but got a good feel for the system.
New Arrivals
  • I actually didn't take great notes for what I received last month, but there was nothing big, for once.  A few Warmachine miniatures, maybe a pack of cards or two... but really, that's it.  I've ordered a few things on Miniature Market, but I've had them hold the order for some time, so it wasn't shipped in February.
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Steady work on Warmacine, Crisis Protocol, Star Wars Legion, and Monsterpocalypse miniatures.  I have finally ordered foam to protect some miniatures, so I intend to start painting in April!
  • Almost all of my reading this month has been rulebooks.  I've read the rules for World at War 85, as I prepared to play it, and then finished reading so that I was ready for further game.  I also made good progress in reading the Player's Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons, giving me a good sense of the rules and how to create characters.  Didn't quite finish it by the end of the month, sadly.
  • I don't think I received anything new past month.  I backed the Marvel United Kickstarter at a very low level (10 dollars, maybe?), and I intend to back it higher when the Pledge Manager opens.  Beyond that... I think I've been pretty low key this month!
Resolution progress
  • Painting Points: Currently 0/10.  Behind schedule, but I expected that so far.
  • Number of Unplayed Games: I didn't add any new games, and played one off my list!  Movement in the right direction!.
  • Warmachine/Hordes games: Four this month, so six total. On pace!
  • Number of Books Read: Still at three, but I'm partially through some books.  So slightly behind, but not too badly, really.
  • Weight lost: 2 pounds!.  Slowly getting there.