Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Early May Update [Random]

Well, managed to go over a month without a post. Unfortunately, that's more common than me actually posting frequently, so I won't pretend it will change any time soon.

First, I HAVE to talk about how excited I am about two upcoming games!

X-Wing Second Edition just recently announced? HECK YES. I love X-Wing currently- I do hear and know about the problems plaguing the current edition, but I don't play on a level where I really encounter them- but all the changes I've seen have me excited, and I really can't wait to play the new version!

And of course, I am even MORE excited about MONSTERPOCALYPSE! HOLY COW, IS THAT NOT THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER!?!?!?!? Rob and I used to play the HECK out of that game. And our excitement lead to us putting the old version on the table again (see below). I am going to invest heavily when this comes out- and everything I've heard so far just has me so incredibly eager to play!

Let's see, what have I been doing... well, I've played a decent number of games since my last post. I have a Battle Report for Warmachine against Joey coming up (if I can ever get the dang pictures to transfer). I also have been working on some miniatures, which I may or may not post about (if such a post looks at all interesting after I write it, haha).

I tried Star Wars Legion soon after it came out, with Rob. We basically just played the contents of the Core Set plus maybe one thing per side (whatever Rob owned at the time). I took the Rebels, as the freedom-loving man I am. Rob took the Imperials, as the tyrannical man he is. We learned the rules, set it up, and played. I didn't take notes or pictures, so I wouldn't slow down the game, but I ended up victorious, at the end.

It was a pretty fun time- I feel like the only real 'novelty' is the command system, which adds a layer of uncertainty to what's going to be available when, each turn (aside from the command cards), but I think it does a great job capturing Star Wars on the tabletop. And what great models! Plus, there should be enough stuff out soon that maybe I can proxy up an army for the West End Games Star Wars minis game!

Anyway, this will be a 'soon' purchase. Maybe after the Vegas trip this upcoming weekend, if I haven't spent all my budget.

Finally been playing Netrunner again, as well against Rob. We played back in April, and I ended up going 2-1. Kept a hand like this....
Three agendas, one piece of ICE? No problem for me! Rob did score 4 points in the first two turns though, so it wasn't a clean win. But I did get the win in this one.

I won't have a battle report about this, but Rob and I also played a game of Hordes- I ran gators again, taking Maelok out of Blindwater Congregation against his Khador list- Butcher3 out of Jaws of the Wolf. Butcher3 is a tremendously terrifying caster to me- he can kill so much on his own! Even my poor Gators can't really stand against that, even with the ARM bonuses from Death March, Unyielding, and the feat. Ugh.

I got ahead on scenario points early on, putting a lot of pressure on Rob to be aggressive and kill my army. He went for a shot at a caster kill, almost got it, and died for his troubles. A VERY close one.

I played Malifaux this past week, against Dan. I took Jakob Lynch out of Neverborn against Reva, out of Resurrectionists. I've played once against Dan's list, and although I killed Reva (with Lilith), I lost BIG TIME. I just couldn't handle the threat projection and the amount of scheme markers he could drop.

I decided to focus entirely on the Strategy and Schemes this game, to actually try to get the win. Each turn, I went into Defensive Stance if I could afford to (if there was nothing pertinent to kill). Our Strategy was the one where we got points for killing two models in a turn, a feat I accomplished three times in the five turns. When we finally scored it, I ended up at six points... but Dan ended up at seven. I actually am pretty happy with how the game turned out- I can't complain about a close loss!

Let's see... played a bunch of Splendor and Ticket to Ride with my wife, among others... played a bunch of games of Magic: The Gathering with my brother (and I'm working to build a Brawl deck, which seems like it'll be such a fun format, I can't wait).

Finally, I've been playing a bunch of Catan, since it's my wife's favorite game.
She decided to try out Catan: Cities & Knights, and ended up loving that as well!

And oh yeah, we played Monsterpocalypse!
I took Defender X, Rob took Gakura, and we played it out. We kept it pretty simple, given how long its been since our last game (almost EIGHT years!) and I ended up winning- we forgot how amazingly good healing is (on the Repair Vehicle, for GUARD).

With luck, we'll get another game or two in before the new version comes and invalidates our models!

Anyway, I'll make another small post about my new acquisitions, as I've had quite a number lately.