Monday, March 29, 2010

Lock 'N Load arrivals and new P500

Alright, another Lock 'N Load related post.

Received a package on Saturday with two pre-ordered games FINALLY arriving:
  • All Things Zombie: Primarily solo 'wargame' based off survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Plays like Left 4 Dead on a board.
  • Corps Command: Dawn's Early Light: System depicting a what-if scenario of a Soviet attack on NATO forces in Germay in 1985. Same universe as Lock 'N Load's World at War series.

I actually managed to get several (solo) plays of both this weekend, so I'm actually going to try to post my first game reviews sometime during the week!

Lock 'N Load also added a new P500 game: Nuklear Winter 68. They actually added another one, but it's even less of a wargame than this one, so I won't list it (you can check it out if you wish- House of Spirits). Nuklear Winter is a platoon-level alternate-'history' game where the survivors of the Third Reich face a world torn by a nuclaer holocaust. Definitely more a sci-fi game, but it look to have some depth (from the little information I have). May keep an eye on it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Lock 'N Load P500

Space Infantry.

Not sure how I feel about it. Sure, the components look good, and a fun-looking solitaire game that plays in around 20 minutes is sure to get some play, but do I really need another sci-fi game on my wargame shelf? Hmm...

I probably will end up getting it, sadly, simply because I can never pass up a good solitaire game. Assuming it's good, of course. Plus, I love the company- they make plenty of FANTASTIC games already.

This game used to be free though I think, probably should've gotten more information back then :(.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Most recent acquisitions

Well, I haven't been spending a lot of money on new games lately, since I owe so much from taxes this year, but I did get a few new little things:

  • Verdun: A Generation Lost by Against the Odds. This is the 'annual' that I get as part of my Against the Odds subscription. Not only does the game look good (fairly pretty map), but the magazine is sure to have some interesting articles (and some terrible ones, I'm sure). Covers (obviously) the Battle of Verdun, fought during the majority of 1916. Will definitely post if I get around to playing and reading it.
  • Combat Commander: Battle Pack #3 - Normandy by GMT Games. Another expansion (new maps, scenarios, and counters) for the Combat Commander series. I really should play this more.

I have a few more games coming (already paid pre-orders). Will let you guys know what they are when I have them!

New GMT P500 games

GMT Games posted two new games in their P500 yesterday:

Bloody April: Air War Over Arras, France 1917
Next War: Korea.

Air Combat in World War I doesn't particularly interest me, especially since I already have a game covering it.

Next War: Korea however does appeal to me somewhat. It's a remake of Crisis: Korea 1995, and the series as a whole will be covering near future wars in various areas. Contemporary era warfare is pretty interesting, so I'll definitely be keeping up on progress with this one.

A new blog, to refocus this one

Alright, I created a new blog: Cardboard Warriors.

It's going to deal with Military History, as well as the conflict simulation (wargames) that are not miniatures based. Maps & Cardboard chits.

If that's interesting, please stop by, if not... well, posts relating to it will stop showing up here!

This blog is going to focus solely on Miniatures games, or at least as much so as I can handle.

Actually have a 40K battle report going up later :).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aaaand the other games I want to play...

Okay, last post down this road.

There are a few games that just look like a blast, that I'd really like to get an army together and play a few games. Just to test how I like it.

AT-43: I will say, I've played this a few times, using my Therians. I really wish the rules were better written and that the factions were better balanced. I still have a lot of work to do to finish up the army I have, but I want to actually get a full army and try running them (after spending several days on the rules forum figuring out how the game is intended to be played). Fantastic background, love the army, but the rules are just so poor.

Flames of War: Ahh, I am already trying to get into this too. Started up an American Parachute Company, but it's still a long way from being playable, but definitely can't wait. After that, if I like the game, I may build a British force as well, just so my Americans have some buddies to help them out!

Alright, for the new games...

Nuclear Renaissance: I have to admit, I didn't know much about this game until Pete W pointed it out, but it has serious potential. Post-Apocalyptic is a fun setting (even loved Gamma World!), and the miniatures look pretty good. I could really see myself enjoying this, so hopefully I'll get the chance to try it out soon!

Uncharted Seas: By Spartan games, a fantasy game of ship based combat. Unless Games Workshop is releasing Man-O-War, this game is definitely on my scope. I've always wanted a good sea-based miniature game, and it's gotten great reviews.

Firestorm Armada: By the same company. I already have a great starship game, but if it also has good reviews, so I'd love to try it out :)

Malifaux: Another game that's well regarded, it also has beautiful miniatures, and apparently an innovative card mechanic for the actual combat resolution. Apparently very characterful and great background! Oh, did I mention beautiful miniatures?

Arcane Legions: Alright, I played this at PrezCon, but it was so much fun, and it's fairly cheap to get well into it! Plus, it's semi-collectible (thankfully not fully collectible, gag!), and not-prepainted! Would love to get more games of this!

Alright, there you have it. That's what I feel like doing for all the games out there that have drawn my attention, or what games I want to try.

Now to try for more actual hobby stuff. Coming up, I swear!

My Warmachine/Hordes direction

Moving right along (yes, I'm trying to press these forward for a reason ;) ).

I currently play Cryx and Skorne. Two very different styles of play, although I have no idea what Skorne's 'style' is. I kind of suck with them. Cryx I have down pat. Set up, combo up for the assassination.

My next factions are likely to be Retribution and the Legion of Everblight. Two different elf armies? Heck yeah! I love elves. I also LOVE the background for the two armies. An army who marches to war to help save their dying god by killing the magic users of the world, and one that fights because their lord dragon, hiding from his father, directs them too for his own sinister ends. Heck. Yes.

Alright, medium amount of interest. Cygnar, Khador, and Minions. Cygnar are the 'good guys', and get so many cool toys that I will always have fun things to do. Plus, I really want to paint them orange, for some reason. Like big ugly pumpkins. I never seem to have reason to use orange paint. They are my target for doing so. Khador are the stereotypical Russian army, with a TOUGH TOUGH army to cool and some of the coolest casters in the game (one is BUILT INTO a warjack!). As for minions... random war animals fighting? So many fun painting opportunities.

Aaaand I have no interest in Trollbloods, Menoth, Mercenaries, or Circle. Boring, hate the theme, boring, and hate the theme. In order. Just bleh.

Alright one more post!

Oh, sweet sweet Specialist Games

Alright, as for my goals with the other GW games.

Lord of the Rings/War of the Ring: Not really a specialist game, but close enough. I love the game system, love the models, and LOVE scenario play. I am hoping to use the scenarios as my impetus for getting/assembling/painting the models. Like I said, I have goals of running through the Fellowship of the Ring book with Rob. Including the terrain construction, this is going to be a great hobby extravaganza. Beyond that, I won't NEED to buy more models!

Battlefleet Gothic: I have an Imperial Fleet, and a Dark Eldar fleet. I want to get a Necron fleet, and a Chaos Space Marine fleet (so I have a basic one to teach with). I BADLY want to get opponents for this game, it plays FANTASTIC as a campaign game. First, assemble the other two fleets I want, then write a great set of campaign rules, then try to get people to play!

Epic: I have a Space Marine army... but I've never played (although I know the rules). My eventual goal for this game is just to find opponents and play, lol. Then I can go from there ;).

Warmaster: Hey, same with this. Know the rules, own two armies, still haven't played. Badly want to!

Blood Bowl: Own several teams, want to start several more! Amazons, Vampires, Chaos Dwarfs, and Khemri to start. It's not too expensive to get a team going. Around here, we've slowly talked about getting a league going. I need to push that. Let the Dark Elves get their gaming on!

Necromunda: Next gang will be an Enforcer game. Need to find opponents, then maybe another goal. *sigh.

Mordheim: There are actually opponents down here! I want to build an Undead warband, preferably all converted (as is my goal with all Mordheim gangs), then get into a campaign. That's my goal!

My Specialist games goals are pretty depressing, honestly. If only I got to play them more, then I could actually have more. Maybe my real goals should just be PLAY THEM. *sigh :(

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

40K eventualities!

Whoo! 40K was the second game I got into, and although I don't get a lot of gaming in, it's always a good time when I do.

I actually have a 40K game coming up- Thursday vs my brother's Tyranids. Should be fun!

Alright, moving through this.

Current armies:
Inquisition - My primary army right now. I try to run as pure a straight Sisters of Battle army as I can. Love my nuns! They are eventually going to be painted as part of the Order of the Bloody Rose. And will have lots of Immolators :). Or as Matt calls them for some reason, 'Immobilators'. I'm sure there's a reason for it.

Necrons - My first 40K army, but they're on the back-burner most likely, until a new book comes out. They're just so bad, sadly. Obviously, I love running them melee-oriented as I've previously posted. I'm painting them like Imperial Stormtroopers- with a kind of ceramic style. It's pretty cool, I'll post a picture if I ever finish the first unit. BK also plays these guys.

High Interest:
Chaos Space Marines - Have plenty of these guys, but haven't started with the assembly, nor really decided exactly what I'd do. Lots of Berserkers to start. Berserkers + Transportation. That's probably done plenty, but I would love to do it regardless.

Dark Eldar - How can I pass on the sci-fi equivalent of my favorite fantasy army? I can't, indeed. I actually was VERY close to starting them in college. When they get started, I will be running a heavy jetbike army, with the tricked out Lord + Incubi unit to really get in my opponent's face early. Quick win, or quick loss! Also, part of the goal was to ALWAYS use a unit of Mandrakes. I got tired of hearing how useless they were!

Space Marines - Two style I want to run here. Salamanders first, mainly because it's a playstyle I already love (like my sisters!), but also because I love the color scheme! Second of course, is my grand dream. DOOM EAGLES! Now, there are a few keys here. First! I need tons of those beaky helmets (look them up!). Every marine needs one! Then, I'd convert Land Speeders out of High Elf Great Eagles.. ridden by Space Marines! Jump Pack troops (the specialty of Doom Eagles)? Have you seen the Sanguinary Guard? Oh yes. Just think of the eyesore on the table. Ooooooh yes. One of these days. As cheesy as I can get it!

Medium Interest:
Eldar - I love the specialization of the units, such an army would be so much fun to play! I would definitely love an army made of predominately aspect warriors. One of these days :)

Imperial Guard - Eh, generic humans. I would absolutely want to go with Valhallans, and would try to get them to fit into that theme. Plus I'd have to buy and convert and find a ton of them models!

- Not sure how I'd want to run these guys. Mechanized certainly, but it wouldn't feel like Orks without TONS of guys. I'd probably go semi-mech here. Especially with the clarification to Deff-Rollas, how could I not want to get some of those on the table?? Currently run by Ben.

Space Wolves - Space Marine Vikings? Hard to argue with their draw. Unfortunately, everybody and their brother seems to be starting them. I'll have to wait for now :).

Tyranids - Ooooh, let me run an all monstrous creature army! How could I pass on something that fun!! Matt runs them at the moment, as we'll see Thursday!

Low Interest:
Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars - I love Space Marines, but these guys just don't do it for me. Some beautiful models between them all, but I don't care much for their style. Give me the codex marines any day!

Chaos Daemons - Just not as interesting to me as the Fantasy version, which wasn't so high before. Lots of Khorne Daemons, most likely, but I don't see it happening either.

Tau - They just never interested me. Play style nor theme. Thankfully, Nathan plays them!

Alright, there ya go. The armies I'd eventually like to start, and what I'd do with them.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, since I have no original ideas... :)

This is really just me getting inspiration from Pete W's post, where he discusses what he would do if he had the time and the money. I think that's a fairly fun idea, because not only does it give me something to do, but it's good to flesh out my (eventual) goals with each game over the next however many years (I'm 26 now... so 20 years from now I'll still be able to play and maybe have accomplished some of these!).

I will try to do each game I intend on doing in a seperate post, starting today, with Warhammer Fantasy!

Fantasy was my first game- I remember buying my first ever miniatures and saving up to get that 6th edition starter set (with Empire and Orcs and Goblins). It's always had a spot in my heart, because it's filled with theme, and the universe you play in feels like just a perfect mix for all fantasy staples.

So let's see. There are currently 17 armies, but only 15 are supported at the moment. We'll hit up all of them.

Currently playing:
Dark Elves - Dark Elves were the first army I played, and I've always loved them. I still have plenty of work I want to do though. First, I need to paint an army. I'm working on it, I really am! I need to buy/assemble/paint a full unit of Black Guard, Witch Elves, and Executioners, just so I have them. I want to pick up another 2 units of Dark Riders too (since I hear there's plastic ones in the works!). After that, we'll have to see. They should be fairly 'complete' at that point.

Empire - I've had Empire forever. I'm probably going to go with a Talabecland color scheme when I start working on them. They need to finish getting assembled, plus they have a lot of work left to do. I want another Steam Tank (just for bigger games), and definitely want to get a War Altar, since I've never bother picking one up. I need to get more warmachines, state troops, support troops, special characters, etc etc. Plenty plenty plenty of work and growth for these guys. One of the gaming group guys here, Nathan, plays them as well.

Ogre Kingdoms - Bought a ton of them when they were first released, but never finished getting through them, and certainly haven't tried them yet. My first goal is to get them assembled, then get them painted and played, then start getting a few of the options I don't have, just for variety. Probably one of each of the different choices, just so I have them. Plus a bunch of Maneaters (one of each variant model!). Ben plays these as well.

High Interest:
Bretonnians - Lots of knights, lots of color, and lots of interest in starting them. These guys aren't very common it seems, but I'm really interested in giving them a shot one day. I think I have a unit of Knights of the Realm floating around, but if I started them I would definitely fit as many knights as I could in (well, duh). No one here plays them.

Orcs & Goblins - I would really like to run a goblin army one of these days. Heck with Orcs, give me tons of Goblins, tons or random acting toys, fanatics, squigs, and some snotlings just for variety. I own Goblins from the battle of Skull Pass box set, plus a few other Orc models (like I'd use them!). No one plays them here currently, but Sam's friend may be getting into them.

Tomb Kings - Love the theme, think the models are fairly terrible (just so goofy looking!). I like the play style of them, so if they got some new minis, I would love to pick them up some day. Shawn plays these guys, although I think he's lost interest in Warhammer for the time being.

Wood Elves - Another army whose theme I love. I definitely want to run either a Forest Spirit themed army, or a foot-based archery army. I feel like these guys would play very very very similar to Dark Elves, however, which tempers my excitement somewhat, but I would certainly have a good time with them I think. I believe I own 2 Wood Elf character minis at the moment. Another army that no one around here plays.

Medium Interest:
Chaos Daemons - The other top-tier army, these guys of course have some appeal because there is SOOOO much variety in their unit choices. I would consider starting them, but I would need to start themed with one of the Chaos Gods, then eventually moving to other ones. Definitely Khorne first. Who cares how boring it is to play, it'd be scary as heck to watch that come at you! Sam and Chaney play them- both fairly mixed legions overall.

Chaos Dwarfs - I'd love to get an army of these guys solely for the novelty of having them. Would certainly be unique!

Dwarfs - Would be kind of fun, but would want to go with mostly infantry. Seeing people run Dwarf gunlines is just annoying. I would actually try to run them with blocks of infantry if I could find a way to do so succesfully. Of course, that doesn't really work so well in Fantasy these days, but it would certainly look beautiful on the field.

High Elves - Eh, I think running a bunch of the elite units they have (Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard, Lion Chariots, for instance) would be fun, but they're really too similar to Dark Elves in play style to be too too exciting to me. I might pick them up just so I have them, or if I want to try a really magic heavy army, but they aren't really too high up in my interest. My brother owns a bunch of them, so I probably could start them for cheap.

Warriors of Chaos - Infernal Gateway spam + knights. That's how I would run them. Absolutely cheesy, but since I wouldn't run any marauders, I would still be running a terrible army. I love the models for these guys- the Warriors look beautiful, and they would honestly be a lot of fun to paint (I think). Aaron and BK play them.

Low Interest:
Beastmen - Ehhhh... maybe I could get into them, but I don't care as much for them now that they've switched to ambushing ranked units, and gotten rid of all the other monsters they used to have (no more Shaggoths :( ). Not really my style.

Dogs of War - Would be another novelty army, but the whole idea behind them is not really all that exciting. Can't see myself doing them.

Lizardmen - Not really that interesting to me. Hard, slow infantry + Dinosaurs + little lizard things. I've never been that interested in them. Just doesn't seem like they'd be much fun. Ben plays them, so they're covered in our group at least.

Skaven - Not too interesting either. Oh boy, a rat army. Meh. Lots of variety, and certainly lots of ways to run the army, but I don't forsee starting them ever. Frans plays them though, so I shouldn't need to.

Vampire Counts - Booooring. Boring theme, boring models, boring play style. Frans plays them, and Nathan has started them, which is good, because they definitely don't appeal to me.

There ya have it. My desires to start different armies, who plays what, and what I may pick up next year (since no new armies this year!).

Will eventually do this for 40K as well, as well as some of the other games I run. Just gives me something to do when I have down time :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February accomplishments

Alright, let's see what I accomplished in February.

  • Played a game of Warhammer (Dark Elves vs Ogre Kingdoms).
  • Decided on army lists for my 40K armies (Necrons and Sisters).
  • Finished painting my Cold One Knights (but not the Cold Ones :( ).
  • Finished fixing up most of my mounted Empire models
  • Finished assembly of one of my Immolators for my Sisters
  • Taught Lord of the Rings to Rob, which he loved.

Overall, kind of a slow month, but not too bad. A few minor setbacks on days that I would've been able to make more progress messed me up. This month may or may not be good, but I have high hopes!


A brief summary of my time at PrezCon.

First off, I had a GREAT time. Good gaming, good fun, no downtime from being sick. A very very pleasant experience. I went with my buddy Rob, and we manage to get plenty of gaming done.

Games I played:

I participated in a Kingmaker and Wellington tournament, and lost both in the first round.

Got to play demos of Arcane Legions (a fantastic semi-collectible fantasy miniatures game), and Spearpoint 1943 (from the designer- another fantastic game). Learned the rules for a few other games when I was there, hopefully to make use of them sometime soon!

It was good seeing a lot of games I love or are interested in being played by the people at the convention, and I definitely look forward to next year (assuming it happens!)