Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FFG Posts for 5/22/12

Got a little sick, which really screws with my ability to blog.  Regardless, here's the things off FFG from the last few days.


Warhammer: Invasion card spotlight, on Dance to Loec (a neutral Wood Elf tactic).  Some interesting thoughts, as well as a pretty cool deck idea using developments, Wood Elves, Dwarfs, and aggression to take a quick win.


More information about the A Long Dark Adventure Pack.  Discusses some uses of the new hero included, Hama. 


Preview of the next Chapter Pack for A Game of Thrones, Valar Dohaeris.  Talks a lot about Castle Battlements, and how to get some use out of them.  The extra defense for your locations will be really handy against some decks.


Preview of the next Asylum Pack for Call of Cthulhu, Ebla Restored.  Focuses on the card 'The Gate of the Silver Key' for Yog-Sothoth, and ways you can abuse it.


Strategies involving a new ally from the upcoming Lord of the Rings Adventure Pack (Foundations of Stone).  For some reason, I can't see the ally, so I can't figure out how excited I should be, but since my only successful solo deck uses the Zigil Miner/Gildor Inglorion combo for a ton of resources, and the ally, Imladris Stargazer apparently works with that, I have no choice but to be pretty excited regardless.  Also, mention is made of an error made in the rules insets for the last two Adventure Packs.


Card Spotlight for a new Dwarf card from an upcoming Pack, which seems like a pretty good card.  Probably would make a great card combination with Grombrindal.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

FFG Posts for 5/12/12


Discussion of the newest Asylum Pack, and how the contents can help some Miskatonic Decks.  Also gives an example of a Miskatonic Rush deck using some of the new cards.  Also contains some strategies and combos for using Dr. Mya Badry from the new pack.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next LCG announced!



From the link:

"Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Android: Netrunner! Originally designed by Richard Garfield and released in 1996, Netrunner was widely hailed as one of the greatest customizable card games of its era. Now, with Android: Netrunner, players can look forward to revisiting the game’s exciting play… or experiencing it for the first time.
Android: Netrunner is an asymmetrical Living Card Game™ for two players. Set in the cyberpunk future of Android, the game pits a megacorporation and its massive resources against the subversive talents of lone runners. Corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, and netrunners try to score points by breaking through the corporation’s defenses and stealing valuable data. The first player to seven points wins the game, but not likely before he suffers some brain damage or bad publicity."

I played a lot of Netrunner when it was made by Wizards of the Coast, and almost always had a blast.  It's a game where you feel like no matter which side of the board you're on, every decision directly influences not only you, but what your opponent does.  Seeing this re-produced... especially as an LCG, makes me very very very happy!

Now, of course, if they could get the Star Wars one out as well, I'd be double happy, but I'll take whatever I can get!

FFG Posts for 5/10/12


Preview of The Long Dark Adventure Pack.  A bunch of GREAT new Dwarf stuff.  Ever My Heart Rises is going to be pretty handy in some of the quests.


A little bit of preview from the upcoming Fragments of Power Battle Pack, mainly focused on the use of the new High Elf support, Tor Elyr (which prevents your opponent from targeting other High Elf support cards).  That's going to be pretty helpful in keeping some of these High Elf decks ticking.


A notice that the new Chapter Pack, Valar Morghulis is available.  I've seen this in stores, so I know it's out there.


Information on the next Chapter Pack for a Game of Thrones, The House of Black and White.  New Arya Stark, the House of Black and White (as a House Stark location?), and mention of changing you and your opponent's characters.  Pretty interesting looking!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

FFG Posts for 5/5/12


Preview of the newest Chapter Pack, Valar Morghulis.   Primarily focuses on how you can use Aeron Damphair.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FFG Posts for 5/2/12

Very exciting news today!


New Asylum pack for Call of Cthulhu.  Next month, hopefully I'll get the game!


Reprinting several of the old packs is exciting enough, but moving them to the 60-card format (so that each pack has 3 of all the cards you need to play) is doubly so.  Now, you can go and pick up these older packs, and get a bunch of sweet cards.  Return of the Others is my first goal- would love to get my hands on Balerion the Black!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FFG Posts for 5/1/12


Discussion of an upcoming Battle Pack, Shield of the Gods, for Warhammer: Invasion.  The card focused on is Shield of Aeons, which can actually be put on a Legend, making them really tough to get rid of, or a hero to make them terrific at defending a zone.