Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Road to Glory Part 3

+++ Transmission Begins +++
Transmitted: Larax Outpost, Endmus
Received: Convent Sanctorum, Ophelia VII
Date: 4558999M41
Astropathic Duct: Riaeva Jenik, Ordo Hereticus
Author: Canoness Preceptor Sahine
Title: Mission Status Update
Thought For The Day: Success is commemorated; Failure merely remembered


I am pleased to report significant progress on our re-cleansing of Endmus. We have dealt the xenos a significant blow, and I feel we have finally taken the initiative in the campaign.

We have a sector of the warzone (523.A) where our forward outpost is very close to the xenos'. It has been the site of a few skirmishes in the past, but overall it's been a fairly quiet zone. Lately we've noticed more activity on their side of the lines, and decided to launch an attack to disrupt whatever plans the foul xenos were working on.

We sent Battle Squads Melangell (Flamer/Melta) and Ulphia (Melta/Melta) as well as Celestian Squad Tigridia and Retributor Squad Elfleda to launch a quick attack across the lines. Melangell and Tigridia were tasked with launching the attack, with Elfleda providing fire support, and Ulphia to defend our outpost in case we needed a counterattack, or support in case the forward squads needed fire support for a retreat. Turns out they were not needed.

Squad Melangell sped a Rhino directly towards the xenos outpost, catching them mostly unawares, and with holy promethium and blessed bolter shell forced the 'Tau' to retreat. Their cowardice was a reminder to all present that only those who follow the Emperor were fit to hold this planet.

After taking the outpost, Squads Elfleda and Ulphia took up support positions in our outpost, and Tigridia moved to cleanse a nearby crater of xenos soldiers. The response from the Tau was... confusing. They seemed to be expecting reinforcements, but they were late it coming, and the reports from our sisters noted that the Tau reinforcements came only after we were ready for them. Perhaps there is some new Tau trick we are unaware of? If so, it did not work, as our squads made short work of anything that arrived that was in range.

Tigridia, in one of our Immolators, cleared the crater and began firing on one of their higher ranked members in those strange suits. The sneaky Tau attempted to surprise us with their 'stealth' troopers attacking Ulphia from behind, but were quickly decimated. Minutes later, organized Tau resistance in the area faded.

In short, we've not won a decisive battle, but we've finally, after so many years, broken a hole in their lines, and as a testament to our preparedness, we've already launched an attack into the gap. As always, I will inform you of any progress we make against the xenos.

Praise be the Emperor!

Your servant,


+++ Transmission Ends +++

Played the second mission later in the day on Saturday.

750 pt batle, took two squads of sisters in Rhinos, 5 Retributors w/ 3 Heavy Bolters, and a Palatine w/ Celestian Squad in an Immolator.

Capture and Control mission, Dawn of War Deployment, ended up capturing BOTH of the objectives, giving me the scenario win. Part of it was his poor reserve rolls (most squads didn't come until turn 4, I think?), but I don't think he was prepared to retake the objective after I took his on the first turn. Those rhino squads really are proving their worth!

This means I'm now the attacker for the campaign, giving me some of the initiative. Won't matter if I don't win the final battle though!

More details when we play a game (will probably be in a few weeks, and playing at 1250 pts).

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