Sunday, October 11, 2009

Xaxor vs Zor-Magna

*sigh. All this talk of my skillz, and the first game post-startup of this blog is a loss. I guess that's expected. I of course lacked two things. First, I didn't take any notes (too lazy, and not really sure what I would be writing down), and second, I took a monster I had already beaten Rob with.

Regardless, me and Rob played last Thursday, I took Xaxor vs his Zor-Magna, and got beat. It wasn't a HUGE loss... but a loss is a loss. We played on the Riverside Rampage map (I believed), and I made one too many mistakes... and completely forgot rule #3: pay attention to the map! Didn't even notice there were teleporters. Thankfully, by the time THAT mattered, I had already lost. They may have helped me some, but I don't think enough.

Regardless, Rob played very well. I'm convinced Shadow Sun are probably the strongest faction in the first block, and are easily the most difficult to use, and Rob did very well in thwarting my game plan and punishing my mistakes. Overall a good game (so long as I learn from my loss!). :)

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