Tuesday, March 16, 2010

40K eventualities!

Whoo! 40K was the second game I got into, and although I don't get a lot of gaming in, it's always a good time when I do.

I actually have a 40K game coming up- Thursday vs my brother's Tyranids. Should be fun!

Alright, moving through this.

Current armies:
Inquisition - My primary army right now. I try to run as pure a straight Sisters of Battle army as I can. Love my nuns! They are eventually going to be painted as part of the Order of the Bloody Rose. And will have lots of Immolators :). Or as Matt calls them for some reason, 'Immobilators'. I'm sure there's a reason for it.

Necrons - My first 40K army, but they're on the back-burner most likely, until a new book comes out. They're just so bad, sadly. Obviously, I love running them melee-oriented as I've previously posted. I'm painting them like Imperial Stormtroopers- with a kind of ceramic style. It's pretty cool, I'll post a picture if I ever finish the first unit. BK also plays these guys.

High Interest:
Chaos Space Marines - Have plenty of these guys, but haven't started with the assembly, nor really decided exactly what I'd do. Lots of Berserkers to start. Berserkers + Transportation. That's probably done plenty, but I would love to do it regardless.

Dark Eldar - How can I pass on the sci-fi equivalent of my favorite fantasy army? I can't, indeed. I actually was VERY close to starting them in college. When they get started, I will be running a heavy jetbike army, with the tricked out Lord + Incubi unit to really get in my opponent's face early. Quick win, or quick loss! Also, part of the goal was to ALWAYS use a unit of Mandrakes. I got tired of hearing how useless they were!

Space Marines - Two style I want to run here. Salamanders first, mainly because it's a playstyle I already love (like my sisters!), but also because I love the color scheme! Second of course, is my grand dream. DOOM EAGLES! Now, there are a few keys here. First! I need tons of those beaky helmets (look them up!). Every marine needs one! Then, I'd convert Land Speeders out of High Elf Great Eagles.. ridden by Space Marines! Jump Pack troops (the specialty of Doom Eagles)? Have you seen the Sanguinary Guard? Oh yes. Just think of the eyesore on the table. Ooooooh yes. One of these days. As cheesy as I can get it!

Medium Interest:
Eldar - I love the specialization of the units, such an army would be so much fun to play! I would definitely love an army made of predominately aspect warriors. One of these days :)

Imperial Guard - Eh, generic humans. I would absolutely want to go with Valhallans, and would try to get them to fit into that theme. Plus I'd have to buy and convert and find a ton of them models!

- Not sure how I'd want to run these guys. Mechanized certainly, but it wouldn't feel like Orks without TONS of guys. I'd probably go semi-mech here. Especially with the clarification to Deff-Rollas, how could I not want to get some of those on the table?? Currently run by Ben.

Space Wolves - Space Marine Vikings? Hard to argue with their draw. Unfortunately, everybody and their brother seems to be starting them. I'll have to wait for now :).

Tyranids - Ooooh, let me run an all monstrous creature army! How could I pass on something that fun!! Matt runs them at the moment, as we'll see Thursday!

Low Interest:
Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Black Templars - I love Space Marines, but these guys just don't do it for me. Some beautiful models between them all, but I don't care much for their style. Give me the codex marines any day!

Chaos Daemons - Just not as interesting to me as the Fantasy version, which wasn't so high before. Lots of Khorne Daemons, most likely, but I don't see it happening either.

Tau - They just never interested me. Play style nor theme. Thankfully, Nathan plays them!

Alright, there ya go. The armies I'd eventually like to start, and what I'd do with them.

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