Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February accomplishments

Alright, let's see what I accomplished in February.

  • Played a game of Warhammer (Dark Elves vs Ogre Kingdoms).
  • Decided on army lists for my 40K armies (Necrons and Sisters).
  • Finished painting my Cold One Knights (but not the Cold Ones :( ).
  • Finished fixing up most of my mounted Empire models
  • Finished assembly of one of my Immolators for my Sisters
  • Taught Lord of the Rings to Rob, which he loved.

Overall, kind of a slow month, but not too bad. A few minor setbacks on days that I would've been able to make more progress messed me up. This month may or may not be good, but I have high hopes!


  1. That's a good looking list of things. Slow months happen from time to time depending on what else is happening in life. My list is somewhat small as well.

    - Played two cityfight games with Old Shatter Hands (both draws)
    - Converted my fireknife crisis suit to a helios (harder than it sounds, that plastic glue is strong!)
    - Cleaned up masses of Ramshackle resin pieces, assembled two half-utes and two bikers.
    - Basecoated most of the bikers and a land raider.
    - Primed many models.
    - Started work on the honour guard (I'm doing the stone under marneus' feet as a green/black marble effect)
    - Found out that one of my Ramshackle Games parcels was returned back to England because they said my enormous office block building along one of the busiest roads in the area didn't exist........Curtis is resending.....
    - Finished Chapter 14 of my novel (the end is slowly drawing into view)
    - Found a new apartment to move into with my lovely wife and went to IKEA (Look honey, life-sized model kits).

    So not the most stuff ever done but I've been busy otherwise. To help save up for the move I'm working both days each weekend at Starbucks and will probably continue to do so after we move. It's only for another year though and then my wife will get her masters and probably out-earn me with ease, letting me retire to a life of warhammer and writing ;-) or not


  2. I feel like more and more months are 'slow' months these days. I'm more busy in my non-game life than I'd like to be, sadly. Hopefully it'll cool down some by summer.

    Ugh, I can't imagine trying to do anything after I've used plastic glue on a model. That stuff is there to last.

    I still haven't started reading the novels you sent me. Really, it's just because my free relaxing time is so constrained lately. I swear it'll get done!!

    Me and the girlfriend are still trying to decide where to live, and that will be yet another drain on my time. *sigh. So much to do, so little warhammer time :(.

    That's a pretty good list of stuff done for the month though. I need to step it up this month!