Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A new blog, to refocus this one

Alright, I created a new blog: Cardboard Warriors.

It's going to deal with Military History, as well as the conflict simulation (wargames) that are not miniatures based. Maps & Cardboard chits.

If that's interesting, please stop by, if not... well, posts relating to it will stop showing up here!

This blog is going to focus solely on Miniatures games, or at least as much so as I can handle.

Actually have a 40K battle report going up later :).


  1. I will definitely check it out and start following your new blog. Fortunately for me I'm mostly going to be blogging about miniatures games so I can keep things to one place but I applaud your multitasking abilities.

  2. We'll see how well it goes, lol.

    The miniatures gaming hobby is definitely my top love, but it was military history that sent me down that road, so there's a place in my heart for it as well. Hopefully I can get work on both of them!

  3. Count me in to follow your new blog. I just started getting back into military games. I played the old Avalon Hill Games back in the High School. I still have most of them. I look forward to what you will be playing, might give some of them a try.

  4. Thanks man, I really appreciate it!

    I don't own many Avalon Hill games, sadly- they hit their peak before I was old enough to really appreciate them. My first actual wargame WAS the old Avalon Hill Starship troopers though. I personally loved that game. Wish I played it more.

    Hopefully you'll find something interesting on the other blog, once I start getting some content up. Do you still actually play?

  5. Oh, you just said you did, need to fully read things!

    What games have you been getting into of late?