Tuesday, March 2, 2010


A brief summary of my time at PrezCon.

First off, I had a GREAT time. Good gaming, good fun, no downtime from being sick. A very very pleasant experience. I went with my buddy Rob, and we manage to get plenty of gaming done.

Games I played:

I participated in a Kingmaker and Wellington tournament, and lost both in the first round.

Got to play demos of Arcane Legions (a fantastic semi-collectible fantasy miniatures game), and Spearpoint 1943 (from the designer- another fantastic game). Learned the rules for a few other games when I was there, hopefully to make use of them sometime soon!

It was good seeing a lot of games I love or are interested in being played by the people at the convention, and I definitely look forward to next year (assuming it happens!)


  1. Sounds like a cool time. I've never heard of any of those games and it's amazing to me how many different things there are to play if you just look out and about.

    Speaking of branching out, I am planning to make you teach me Lord of the Rings (falling for Rohan models right now) and warmachine when we meet up. In return I will show you some Nuclear Renaissance and we can play a 40k game to finish off.

    Hmmm, we might need a 6am start lol

  2. Yeah, there's soooo many great games available. I'm really more interested in board wargames as opposed to boardgames, but having a convention that brings both together is really the best of both worlds.

    Thankfully, I have a decent amount of Rohan miniatures (I originally wanted to do them, but everyone else in my group was starting them, so I switched to something else), so I can even give you a shot using them. And I'll happily teach you both (and plenty happily learn LR!).

    6am may be best, lol. Or we just fit in what we can, it's not like I'm leaving the area too soon.

    Will have to come up with a day still- my month is getting more and more packed because of financial needs (needing to pick up more shifts for the part time job, I mean :( ).

  3. Well that is good. We're moving into a new apartment on the 3rd of April so it will be busy for us for the rest of the week. I'm likewise picking up extra hours part time whenever I can to help us save up.

    That would be very cool to play Rohan. I really like the basic boxed sets that GW make for the LOTR as they look realistically-scaled and are much cheaper than many WFB models. Would love to play both games. I'll probably pick up some Cygnar soon as they really appeal to me.

    As an aside, would you or any of your WFB gaming buddies have an interest in a painted (Tabletop quality) dwarf army. I collected them years ago but I've not got the interest to keep playing with them. It's roughly:

    - 28 plastic warriors
    - 8 miners
    - Cannon
    - Flame Cannon
    - King Kazador
    - Gotrek and Felix
    - The White Dwarf

    There may be slightly more or less. If you know anyone who's interested then I'll take some pictures and get a proper list. I'd be happy to trade for 40k/LOTR/Warmachine models if people instead of money.


  4. Yeah, I really don't understand how GW chooses prices. The LotR stuff is reasonably priced for the most part. At least the plastic models.

    I will certainly ask around- I don't know of anyone with interest in Dwarfs off the top of my head, but you never know. Especially since some of the models aren't easily accessible anymore! I'll ask!