Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, since I have no original ideas... :)

This is really just me getting inspiration from Pete W's post, where he discusses what he would do if he had the time and the money. I think that's a fairly fun idea, because not only does it give me something to do, but it's good to flesh out my (eventual) goals with each game over the next however many years (I'm 26 now... so 20 years from now I'll still be able to play and maybe have accomplished some of these!).

I will try to do each game I intend on doing in a seperate post, starting today, with Warhammer Fantasy!

Fantasy was my first game- I remember buying my first ever miniatures and saving up to get that 6th edition starter set (with Empire and Orcs and Goblins). It's always had a spot in my heart, because it's filled with theme, and the universe you play in feels like just a perfect mix for all fantasy staples.

So let's see. There are currently 17 armies, but only 15 are supported at the moment. We'll hit up all of them.

Currently playing:
Dark Elves - Dark Elves were the first army I played, and I've always loved them. I still have plenty of work I want to do though. First, I need to paint an army. I'm working on it, I really am! I need to buy/assemble/paint a full unit of Black Guard, Witch Elves, and Executioners, just so I have them. I want to pick up another 2 units of Dark Riders too (since I hear there's plastic ones in the works!). After that, we'll have to see. They should be fairly 'complete' at that point.

Empire - I've had Empire forever. I'm probably going to go with a Talabecland color scheme when I start working on them. They need to finish getting assembled, plus they have a lot of work left to do. I want another Steam Tank (just for bigger games), and definitely want to get a War Altar, since I've never bother picking one up. I need to get more warmachines, state troops, support troops, special characters, etc etc. Plenty plenty plenty of work and growth for these guys. One of the gaming group guys here, Nathan, plays them as well.

Ogre Kingdoms - Bought a ton of them when they were first released, but never finished getting through them, and certainly haven't tried them yet. My first goal is to get them assembled, then get them painted and played, then start getting a few of the options I don't have, just for variety. Probably one of each of the different choices, just so I have them. Plus a bunch of Maneaters (one of each variant model!). Ben plays these as well.

High Interest:
Bretonnians - Lots of knights, lots of color, and lots of interest in starting them. These guys aren't very common it seems, but I'm really interested in giving them a shot one day. I think I have a unit of Knights of the Realm floating around, but if I started them I would definitely fit as many knights as I could in (well, duh). No one here plays them.

Orcs & Goblins - I would really like to run a goblin army one of these days. Heck with Orcs, give me tons of Goblins, tons or random acting toys, fanatics, squigs, and some snotlings just for variety. I own Goblins from the battle of Skull Pass box set, plus a few other Orc models (like I'd use them!). No one plays them here currently, but Sam's friend may be getting into them.

Tomb Kings - Love the theme, think the models are fairly terrible (just so goofy looking!). I like the play style of them, so if they got some new minis, I would love to pick them up some day. Shawn plays these guys, although I think he's lost interest in Warhammer for the time being.

Wood Elves - Another army whose theme I love. I definitely want to run either a Forest Spirit themed army, or a foot-based archery army. I feel like these guys would play very very very similar to Dark Elves, however, which tempers my excitement somewhat, but I would certainly have a good time with them I think. I believe I own 2 Wood Elf character minis at the moment. Another army that no one around here plays.

Medium Interest:
Chaos Daemons - The other top-tier army, these guys of course have some appeal because there is SOOOO much variety in their unit choices. I would consider starting them, but I would need to start themed with one of the Chaos Gods, then eventually moving to other ones. Definitely Khorne first. Who cares how boring it is to play, it'd be scary as heck to watch that come at you! Sam and Chaney play them- both fairly mixed legions overall.

Chaos Dwarfs - I'd love to get an army of these guys solely for the novelty of having them. Would certainly be unique!

Dwarfs - Would be kind of fun, but would want to go with mostly infantry. Seeing people run Dwarf gunlines is just annoying. I would actually try to run them with blocks of infantry if I could find a way to do so succesfully. Of course, that doesn't really work so well in Fantasy these days, but it would certainly look beautiful on the field.

High Elves - Eh, I think running a bunch of the elite units they have (Swordmasters, Phoenix Guard, Lion Chariots, for instance) would be fun, but they're really too similar to Dark Elves in play style to be too too exciting to me. I might pick them up just so I have them, or if I want to try a really magic heavy army, but they aren't really too high up in my interest. My brother owns a bunch of them, so I probably could start them for cheap.

Warriors of Chaos - Infernal Gateway spam + knights. That's how I would run them. Absolutely cheesy, but since I wouldn't run any marauders, I would still be running a terrible army. I love the models for these guys- the Warriors look beautiful, and they would honestly be a lot of fun to paint (I think). Aaron and BK play them.

Low Interest:
Beastmen - Ehhhh... maybe I could get into them, but I don't care as much for them now that they've switched to ambushing ranked units, and gotten rid of all the other monsters they used to have (no more Shaggoths :( ). Not really my style.

Dogs of War - Would be another novelty army, but the whole idea behind them is not really all that exciting. Can't see myself doing them.

Lizardmen - Not really that interesting to me. Hard, slow infantry + Dinosaurs + little lizard things. I've never been that interested in them. Just doesn't seem like they'd be much fun. Ben plays them, so they're covered in our group at least.

Skaven - Not too interesting either. Oh boy, a rat army. Meh. Lots of variety, and certainly lots of ways to run the army, but I don't forsee starting them ever. Frans plays them though, so I shouldn't need to.

Vampire Counts - Booooring. Boring theme, boring models, boring play style. Frans plays them, and Nathan has started them, which is good, because they definitely don't appeal to me.

There ya have it. My desires to start different armies, who plays what, and what I may pick up next year (since no new armies this year!).

Will eventually do this for 40K as well, as well as some of the other games I run. Just gives me something to do when I have down time :)


  1. Hey Asmo, glad I could inspire you. Thanks for the plug too. It's definitely one of the more fun posts I've ever done and I'm looking forward to seeing which other games are appealing to you.

    I like your list. You've really been thorough with the different armies and it's great to hear about your thoughts for each. I would definitely go for Lizardmen if it was me (variety is the spice of life after all) and, while the background of Vampire counts appeals to me, I hate playing the power armies.

    What's coming for the next posts?

  2. I know, it was a lot of fun to write this, actually. Gives me something to do, certainly. And I'm always happy to plug people- 'growing the community' I call it. Plus I enjoy reading your blog, why wouldn't I? :)

    I'm trying to be as thorough as I can be, we'll see if I keep going that route with some of the other games.

    Lizardmen are probably a lot of fun (Ben runs his and is plenty happy with them), but I always feel like they aren't my style at all. VC definitely aren't, and I don't know if they are a 'power army' these days, given tournament scenarios. Hard to say.

    The other posts (in order) will be about 40K, Other GW games, Warmachine/Hordes, and finally all the other miniatures games I have some interest in (and there's a lot). I will TRY to keep my dreams realistic, lol. Definitely a challenge.

  3. Man, the only two armies I have are on your Low Interest list. Of course my next WHF army will probably be the Bretonnians, mostly because of the reasons you have stated. But of course this will not be true until after I get my hands on my first 40k army this summer which I am heavily leanning towards the Imperial Guards. And this of course will come after my basement done, which I am happy to say is coming along just fine now.

  4. That's a good thing though- you're playing armies I definitely have no interest in playing. And honestly, Skaven very much fit your play style, so they were a perfect match for you. Skaven/VC don't fit the way I play at all :(.

    I'll believe basement progress when I see it ;).

  5. Your welcome to come over any time to check it out. I think you will be most pleasantly surpised :)

  6. I'm sure I will, I've seen the pictures!