Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick games today!

Managed to play both a 40K game and a Fantasy game today, both really quickly. Because of this, there are no pictures, and I'll keep the recaps short.

Started the day off playing against Frans in a 2250 Fantasy game. We had decided to try using one of the comp systems (in this case the ETC comp rules) just to give us a feel for how a comp'd game would feel. I ran Empire (who had very light restrictions), Frans chose Vampire Counts (who were probably under moderate restrictions).

I tried to run a more magic-oriented list:
Wizard Lord (lvl 4) w/ Grey Wand, Armour of Tarnus, Barded Warhorse
Wizard (lvl 2) w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls
Wizard (lvl 2)
Captain (BSB) w/ Imperial Banner, Full plate armor
10 Handgunners
10 Handgunners
10 Handgunners
30 Spearmen with shields and full command
8 Knights w/ Full Command
25 Swordsmen w/ Full Command
5 Pistoliers w/ Musician
Steam Tank

As it'll turn out, posting the list really wasn't all that important. Frans took a very very fast list. Ghouls (with Ghoulkin characters), knights, and wolves. The Ghoulkin rule gave Frans a free move at the beginning of the game. Coupled with him going first, it means his core blocks had moved up 16" away from me before I had taken my first turn!

Not a happy spot to be when I'm running a long-range army.

Fortunately, Frans left a path open for my Steam Tank to charge his general's unit on my first turn. And the Steam Tank moved up 15", causing 12 Str 6 impact hits, nearly wiping out the unit. The Vampire Lord didn't have the equipment to battle the steam tank (although he did put a few wounds on it), and on my second turn, it finished the job, killing the unit and his general.

Rather than try to play through with the huge handicap so early in the game (plus the fact I was having my way with him on the flanks due to poor rolling by Frans) he conceded at the end of turn 2. It was definitely going to get ugly from then on- I had lost 12 handgunners total in exchange for his lord, a unit of ghouls, and about 8 dire wolves, and had nothing threatening me for a full turn (while I was able to hammer him safely). Really, I think the comp rules just messed with his game. Next game will be without them, so he can field all his toys ;).

Second game, I played a 1250pt 40K game with my brother. Matt has been buying a bunch of the new Blood Angels models, and been eager to use them.

I gave my Melee-crons a thought, but decided better of it ;). Instead, ran a fairly boring Necron list:

Lord w/ Res Orb, Phylactery, Phase Shifter
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
11 Warriors
4 Destroyers
3 Wraiths
4 Scarabs w/ Disruption Fields
Tomb Spyder
Heavy Destroyer

I don't really remember Matt's list completely, but it was something like
5 Death Company
5 Death Company
Baal Predator
Furioso Dreadnought

I thought the 2 HQs at 1250 was a bit of a waste, but he really likes the models. Good enough reason.

Mission was Seize Ground, Deployment was Dawn Of War. Matt realizes he hasn't taken any scoring units (only Death Company as Troops), and decides that clearing me off the table will be easy anyway. Sadly, I agreed.

Thankfully, Matt does not take any transports, and his army advances on foot, straight at my guys. You'd think the constant fire would take a toll, but alas, with FNP I struggled killing anything. My unit of wraiths charged a unit of Death Company + Astaroth the Grim, holding them up for 2 full turns, while Matt's other Death Company unit + the Sanguinor overruns my Necron Lord, a unit of Warriors, and a Tomb Spyder that were guarding one of my objectives.

Turn 5 rolls around- I'm left with a single unit of 11 Necron Warriors (10 is my phase out number ;)) on my objective and a unit of Scarabs praying that Astaroth won't destroy them the next round of combat. Matt has been dropped to a Dreadnought, Astaroth, and a single Death Company model on it's own. We roll and get turn 6. Turn 6 sees the end of the Scarabs (big shock), and the Death Company charging the last Necron squad, failing to kill any, but certainly not dying. Astaroth consolidates near the objective, and the roll ends the game, giving us a tie.

Honestly, it was a lot closer game than I thought, and given that one or two rolls could've phased me out, I was perfectly happy. Matt was less so, but at least had some ideas what he could do next game. I'm sure it will be much tougher :(.


  1. Glad you got some games in fella, I'm so jealous, but please at least one pic of all that goodness to keep me sane! Cheers. Sounds like the 'Crons were lucky with the dice gods - i always roll ones!

  2. Wow. I had missed the count on the impact hits from the steam tank when I was watching the game (might have been when I walked away to talk on the phone). Definitely was kind of a turning point it seems after reading this.

    Honestly, I think that the VC list Frans took could have taken your Empire list under different circumstances. For instance, I feel the terrain placement actually hurt him more than you (thinking about his scouting character here). And probably could have concentrated his forces more to try and keep part of your gunline out of the action. Just some ideas though. I've only ever played VC once and I don't think I have really played against them.

    Thinking back on what all your told me about the ETC rules, it does sound like those rules have a larger impact on VC than The Empire though.

  3. @Siph_Horridus: Alright man, next time, regardless of the outcome/game size I'll make sure to post pictures. And I was lucky to get some games in. Hopefully this upcoming Saturday will see some more!

    And yeah, my 'crons had some great luck! A 5 man death company squad killed 9 necrons, but the unit escaped (with the Lord). Then all 9 stood back up and joined the unit again. Even my 4 Scarabs held up Astaroth for 3 rounds of combat! I got very lucky with keeping my guys alive, just not much on KILLING the opponents. Not complaining though :)

    @Nathan: Yeah, 12 impact hits, 10 wounds, but only won combat by 5. Still, more than enough to take a HUGE chunk out of that unit.

    I agree- when Frans moved his ghoul units so far forward on that first turn, I was getting REALLY nervous. The charge lane was a HUGE mistake, and without that, his second turn would've probably destroyed a large chunk of my army.

    And the terrain placement was his fault. He was INTENT on putting things in front of the hills (to stop my cannons). And he definitely needed to concentrate more towards the center. Throwing all those things after my flank elements was EXACTLY what I wanted- and fortunately for me, he went after them. Had he swung them into the center, that probably would've done it too. Frans needs more experience with them, also.

    And yes- for some reason, people consider VC to be a very good army, and I really don't think they are super-high tier anymore. They shouldn't be comped as heavily as they are.

    Next game vs Frans will be without anything, so that he can get some practice in!