Friday, May 7, 2010

Dark Elves vs Daemons! 5/1/10

Played a game against Sam last Saturday, 2250 pts of my Dark Elves vs his Daemons.

My list:
Dreadlord w/ Sword of Might, Potion of Strength, Enchanted Shield, Pendant of Khaeleth, Cold One, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak
Master w/ Ring of Hotek, Crimson Death, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak
Sorceress w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls
Sorceress (lvl 2) w/ Dispel Scroll, Focus Familiar
5 Dark Riders w/ musician, crossbows
5 Dark Riders w/ musician, crossbows
20 Corsairs w/ Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard
-Assassin w/ extra weapon, Rune of Khaine, Manbane
10 Crossbowmen w/ musician
Cold One Chariot
6 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command, Standard of Slaughter
6 Shades

This is my fairly normal list. Ran 3 Dispel Scrolls since I know Sam likes his magic ;).

Sam's List:
Lord of Change w/ Tzeentch's Will, Power Vortex
Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaut w/ Armour of Khorne, Firestorm Blade
Herald of Nurgle
Blue Scribes
16 Plaguebearers
2 Bloodcrushers w/ Champion
10 Horrors
10 Horrors
20 Bloodletters
5 Chaos Furies
6 Flamers

Fairly balanced list, so far as daemons are concerned. Still good, since they're daemons though ;).


My normal deployment. Dark Riders on flank, sorceress in woods, everything else up the middle. Sam put Horrors on the flanks, his hard/hard hitting units up the middle, and his Lord of Change somewhere where it could be safe.

I won the roll to go first, and chose to do so.

Turn 1

My army moves forward. I get Wall of Fire successfully cast on his unit of Plaguebearers, and shooting does minor damage to various units (4 wounds to Bloodletters, a fury, and a horror).

Sam also advances everything forward, losing 5 Plaguebearers to Wall of Fire. Horrors magic a Dark Rider to death, the Blue Scribe kills 3 Dark Riders, and the Lord of Change wipes out the unit of shades. Flamers shoot and kill 5 Corsairs.

Turn 2

I charge the Cold One Chariot into his flamers, the Corsairs and Knights into the Plaguebearers, and a Hydra into his Furies.

I kill a Bloodletter with magic, 3 more with shooting, and 2 Horrors with the other Hydra's breath weapon. Minor losses.

In combat, I kill 6 Plaguebearers, and instability kills everything but a single wound off the Herald (he rolled a 4). The Hydra kills the furies and overruns into the path of the Juggernauts, the Cold One Chariot does 4 wounds, takes 1, but Sam takes no instability wounds (rolling a 3?).

On Sam's second turn, he charged a Hydra with the Juggernauts. Magic did nothing, he had nothing to shoot, and in combat, the Chariot lost by one, but held. The Juggernauts destroyed the Hydra and overrun 16, well away from things for several turns. My Knights kill his herald.

Turn 3

Hydra charges the Horrors. Magic and shooting accomplish nothing. In combat, the Chariot kills everything but one Flamer, the Hydra kills the Blue Scribes, the Handlers drop 3 more horrors, but the unit doesn't take any wounds (another 3?)

Sam starts his turn by charging the Chariot with his Lord of Change (which was a bit of a surprise to me). He also moved the Bloodletters to put pressure on a major part of my army, and turned his juggernauts around.

He proceeds to destroy the chariot in combat (oh yeah- it's a greater daemon. D'oh), and overruns RIGHT into the way of my Cold One Knights (SWEET!). The Hydra takes another wound, but destroys the rest of the Horror unit facing it.

Turn 4

Pretty excited at this point... Until I roll an 11 for the Knights' stupidity. The move 3 1/2 forward and do nothing. I fail to do anything with magic, but kill the last flamer and 2 horrors out of the other unit with shooting.

We determine that the Bloodletters don't have the room to charge the knights (a huge relief). Sam moves the Lord of Change out of the way, Bolt of Changes the Cold One Knights, and kill 5 of them. Just the champion and the character left.

Turn 5

Cold One Knights + Hydra into the Bloodletters. I shoot and magic 2 total wounds off the Lord of Change (1 more wound until half points!). In combat, I kill 9 Bloodletters, and instability kills everything but a single Bloodletter.

Sam charges the Lord of Change into my last 2 Dark Riders. The Juggernauts charge into the Beastmaster-y flank of the Hydra. The Lord of Change casts Gift of Chaos, and kills my level 2 sorceress and a Dark Rider. He kills the other Dark Rider in combat. The Juggernauts kill the Beastmasters, and I end up losing by two, but hold in place.

Turn 6

The corsairs charge into the flank of the Juggernauts. I kill the champion, he kills the Hydra. He loses, but takes no extra damage.

The Lord of Change uses Gift of Chaos on the crossbowmen. They panic, including the level one sorceress with them.

Final round of combat, I win by one (not able to do much damage to the Herald of Khorne, and him killing 3 corsairs). He doesn't take any more damage.


Well, after doing the math, I ended up having a win of 57 points. That's very very clearly within the range for being a draw, and it'd be hard to have the results be any closer than that.

The Lord of Change caused a lot of damage, and although I almost got half points on it, I didn't actually pull it off. Running my guys into combats helped keep them safe, but I might need to start investing in some Null Talismans to try to bolster how many dispel dice I'm getting. Getting some sort of combat pressure on it would've been nice too, but I couldn't accomplish that. (especially after I went stupid).

I really need to buy a second chariot. I've always wanted to run it, but having it would have really helped me crack some of Sam's units in a single turn instead of 2.

A fantastically close game overall though!

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