Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Space Hulk games from May 1st

Oops, little behind on posting this. Played two games of Space Hulk vs Rob on Saturday, May 1st, at the Family Game Store.

We were determined to try some other missions, having only played Mission 1 (several times).

We started with Mission 2. I took the Space Marines, Rob took the Genestealers.

In this mission, the Space Marines get scattered across the board, and their objective is to kill all the Genestealers, or stop them from entering the map.

Going to use a Slideshow for this one, since my normal play-by-play will be a little too dull. All pictures are taken at the end of the Genestealer turn (for both playthroughs).

Did alright for a while, but when the top of the board fell, the Genestealers were able to rush done to the only guy I had left... my Assault Cannon Terminator. He killed valiantly, but when he ran out of ammo, he was down to using just his fists. 3 Genestealers left to go, he fell. Nearly a victory!

The second game, we ran Mission 3. Rob played the Space Marines (his first attempt).

In this mission, there are two Terminator Squads. The ones on the top of the board are to bring an object to the bottom of the board. The bottom squad is there to provide cover, support, and a clear path.

Rob ends up losing, as you see. The Terminators are tougher to use, but since they are far more rewarding to play, in my opinion.

Overall, two great games, and what a fantastic time! Hopefully we'll break this out again soon and get through the rest of the missions!


  1. It was a great time, man. I like playing the genestealers because I don't get the tactics of the marines... yet. Next time... next time....
    >:{ Mwahahah

  2. They are harder to run man. Definitely have to work more to get those wins!