Friday, May 7, 2010

Trying out Malifaux soon!

Alright, so I have decided on my Malifaux faction: the Neverborn. They are the original inhabitants of Malifaux, and do a good job of causing all sorts of issues for the new human settlers.

I'm going to be starting with the Lilith's Brood box. I don't know much about the game yet, but I know those Nephilim can actually grow from the small ones to the larger ones during the game, increasing their abilities.

I'll post more as I know more (and get them assembled, painted, and played). Working through the rules as well, can't wait to give the game a try!


  1. Sounds neat. I'm a sucker for the Guild (Ortega gunslingers) myself but since you're a Cryx player vs me as Cygnar, these Malifaux choices of ours kinda make sense.

    I'll definitely keep an eye on this game, especially since I got news of the GW price hikes coming next month :-(

  2. Yeah, that's true, lol. It's wierd, since the undead/evil themed guys weren't always my thing (I actually enjoy playing good guys, most of the time). I chose the Neverborn randomly, but now that I'm reading about them and how they work, I can't help thinking that they are a perfect match!

    And yeah, with the new GW price increase, buying more minis for non-GW things may be increasingly worthwhile :(.

  3. I got to play Lilith's brood in a demo a month or so ago. They're pretty fun. I enjoyed swapping one of my little critters for one of their more valuable units and having the rest of my force chew the now lone model up while the swapped one ran for it's life back to Lilith ^.^ I tended to use Lilith's linked activation to activate both her and the big guy so someone could immediately start chewing on the trans-located model.

    One thing you'll need is to pick up beyond the starter box a couple of the middle sized Nephilim. The crew I played had 2 little, a medium, and a large as that was the cheapest crew that could be fielded without loosing points. There was a second medium one ready for when a little one used the Grow Up ability.

  4. Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying her out, now that (having read the rules and her abilities) I think I have a grasp on how she should be used. Definitely need to follow your advice and pick up the Middle-Sized Nephilim though. Giving me that option is going to be a big help, methinks.

    I've heard that the Totem thing (the Cherub) is supposedly helpful too, but I'll have to wait a game before deciding how much further I want to spend on the army.

    Did you enjoy the game much, or was it likely to just be a one-off thing for you?