Thursday, May 13, 2010

Warmachine game- 35 pts, Skarre vs Strakhov

Last Wednesday, me and Rob played another warmachine game. I chose Skarre, a caster I've never run before (in Mark I or II), while he continued to get practice in with Strakhov.

My list:
Pirate Queen Skarre
-Skarlock Thrall
Min Bane Knights
Min Bane Thralls
Min Bile Thralls
Max Mechanithralls
2 Pistol Wraiths

I had never run Skarre before, so I took a variety of units. Banes to power Sacrificial Strike (plus they kill plenty in melee). Mechanithralls to power Ritual Sacrifice (plus... they can kill things in melee). Bile Thralls to pick of occasional threats, and the Deathjack to really grab my opponent's attention.

Rob's list:
Kommander Strakhov
-War Dog
Min Assault Kommandoes
-Flame Thrower
Max Battle Mechanicks
Great Bears of Gallowswood
Koldun Lord

Pretty standard army, and aside from the Assault Kommandoes, generally Rob's normal list against me. He also tried the Behemoth, which is a decent amount of ranged threat.

Rob took pictures of the game (although keep in mind, Rob's force is heavily proxied), and therefore has a better way of showing what happened (as well as the battlefield we fought on), but I will give a basic rundown.

In the center of the table, we had a ruin, and a forest next to it. I sent the Deathjack, Mechanithralls, and the Skarlock around the woods to try to get behind his line while the rest of my army (thralls + Skarre) steadily advanced straight up the middle. Rob tried to block the flanking advance with Beast-09, and sent his Assault Kommandoes to the middle to slow me down.

My Pistol Wraiths took turns Death Chill-ing Beast-09, preventing it from being an offensive threat (and keeping Rob nervous about the Deathjack getting the jump on him). The Assault Kommandoes met the Bane Thralls and took a pretty hefty beating, while the Great Bears got the jump on my Bane Knights, and killed about half the unit... but then took a beating.

As I advanced on his caster, Rob finally managed to get Beast-09 into combat with the Deathjack, doing some damage. On my next turn, I threw Beast-09 into the Behemoth, knocking them both down, and really allowing my army to advance much closer.

About a turn later, I ran my Bane Knights close to Strakhov, then following with Skarre moving forward, Sac-Striking, then casting hellfire until Strakhov had died.

Casualties for Rob were pretty light, overall. Great Bears and some Kommandoes, but the rest of his army was relatively intact. I had lost a lot of infantry, but that wasn't too bothersome.

I'm still getting a feel for Cryx under MkII, but it definitely feels like everything I put down is a threat to my opponent, which is nice. And I get to put down a LOT of models, which is also nice.

Rob is learning what he's doing though, and is getting better (and even beat another friend of ours just a few days ago!), so we'll see how the next fight goes.

Next game will be my first MkII use of Goreshade... and Bane Lord Tartarus :)

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