Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First game of Hordes!

Well, Ben and I played our first game of Hordes last week to learn the rules, and to get a feel for the mechanics and our armies.

We played with the warpack armies, both to make it easy and because we are trying to make the game fit during our lunch break.

My army (11pts):
Master Tormentor Morghoul
-Cyclops Savage
-Cyclops Savage
-Titan Gladiator

Ben's army (10pts):
Chief Madrak Ironhide
-Troll Axer
-Troll Impaler
-Troll Impaler

I really had no idea how either of the armies worked, so this was going to be a great learning experience. Ben definitely had more shooting than I did (since I had none), but I held a slight edge in combat ability. Ben's battle report can be found here.

We didn't take pictures, mainly because we're trying to keep the games quick- when we can play longer, more involved games (on weekends or weeknights) I'll throw pictures on here.

We had to improvise on the terrain, so the center of our board was a 'carrot patch/forest' (a bag of carrots), and there were several other things, but they didn't factor into the game (since we had small armies).

I started the game, with the Titan dropping Rush on himself, then advancing through the carrot forest, followed by Morghoul. My Cyclops advanced around the carrots to set themselves up for some Abused/Rushed charges on the trolls.

Ben moved forward a bit, and both of his Impalers took shots at my Titan, damaging it. The Axer moved to block my Cyclops from threatening his warlock, and then Madrak moved a bit forward and cast Stranglehold on the Gladiator, holding it in place next turn.

I charged my Cyclopses (Cyclopi?) into his army- one into Madrak, one into his Axer, causing significant damage to the Axer (Madrak transferred damage from himself into the Axer), who lost his Body Aspect. Future Sight really adds to their reliability! Both Cyclops were Abused, but I forgot to add the strength bonus (which really wouldn't have mattered overall, I suspect). The Titan stayed put.

With significant effort, Madrak and the Axer combined to kill one of the Cyclops, after the Axer Regenerated some of his damage. The Impalers tried to shoot at the Gladiator again, with no success.

Turn 3 started with my Abusing my Titan (crippling my Spirit), and popping my feat, preventing Madrak from Leeching fury and forcing his beasts. Then I sent the Titan slamming into one of the Impalers (sending it 7"). The remaining Cyclops hit Madrak once or twice, doing some damage.

Ben took some swings at the Titan, almost killing him, and the Axer couldn't bring the other Cyclops down (some pretty poor rolling on his part).

I began turn 4 by sending Morghoul into Madrak, prepared to unleash the beating. 12 attacks later I had almost killed Madrak, then the Cyclops finished him off. One failed Tough roll later, game over!

I definitely like Skorne so far, but I haven't really gotten into them enough to get a feel for the faction. Next game should be more telling, since we'll be playing at 15 points, and actually have some variety. I'm quite looking forward to it!

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