Saturday, August 28, 2010

Skorne vs Trollbloods, 15pts, 8/24/10

Played again vs. Ben, this time upping the game up to 15 points, or as close as possible with what we had available.

I ran:
Master Tormentor Morghoul
- Cyclops Savage
- Cyclops Savage
- Titan Gladiator
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Basically, just added the Beast Handlers, who should enhance my beasts nicely.

Ben's List:
Chief Madrak Ironhide
- Troll Axer
- Troll Impaler
- Dire Troll Bomber

Addition of a Bomber to replace an Impaler.

Battlefield was slightly different than last game. The only terrain that mattered was a wall in the middle of the table slightly to the left of center, and another of those strange carrot forests about 6" to the right of center. Again, I'm beat-out by shooting, so I needed to get up there as quick as possible.

Ben began the game by moving up, trying to get into position to take some shots at me the next turn. I responded by advancing my Titan Gladiator by the wall, to keep it out of line of sight from some of his army, while drawing a bead on his bomber. The rest of the army moved towards the center.

The shooting began- the Bomber dropped a bomb right on top of one of my Cyclops, doing decent damage (he then forgot that the Bomber had a ROF 2 so he could've gotten that second shot). The Impaler took a shot at the Gladiator, I believe, but missed.

I responded by sending my Abused, Enraged (from the Paingivers) Titan 9" into his Bomber, slamming him hard, and proceeded to force for the extra attacks, killing it, and moving the Titan way out of my warlock's control area. I sent a Cyclops into his Axer, not really doing a whole lot. The other Cyclops, that took some damage from shooting, I moved up after healing him with the Paingivers.

Ben took a few swings at the engaged Cyclops with Madrak and the Axer, but failed to kill him (left with a single damage box!). The Impaler took a shot at the Titan, but didn't accomplish much. Not looking so good for Ben.

I advanced my Titan into his Impaler, beating on it, but not crippling it. The other Cyclops joined the battle, but combined the two Cyclops didn't really dent the hardy trolls facing them. The Paingivers provided some healing, and Morghoul bravely raced in against the Troll Axer, but I couldn't roll higher than a 6 often enough to do some damage.

Madrak started off Ben's next turn by popping his feat. Unfortunately, he didn't have good targets for it. The Axer killed the Cyclops facing him, and took a shot at the other one, which Madrak had already beaten badly. The Impaler scratched the Titan.

At this point, the Titan killed the Impaler, and I brought the Impaler down to a single damage box, and popped my feat. Ben realized that it was going to be an uphill battle here, and we were running out of time, conceded.

This game was actually very close, and really the concession was more about time than imminent defeat. I know I messed up the battle report of the last two turns (there was another turn thrown in there, but I think it was a lot of poor dice rolling), but the basic flow of the game is there.

We're still struggling to keep the games short, but hopefully that will come with a few more games of practice. Next time, I'll be trying a new warlock, and hopefully get an actual combat unit in on the action!

And I suspect games will continue to be close, as Ben is starting to figure out how to use his army.


  1. You really laid a beating on my Bomber. Can't believe I wasted all of those points! =(

  2. I can't believe you forgot he had two shots!