Monday, November 1, 2010

Local Competition October Results

Painting: Well, the only one of us that did anything was Frans, who primed almost his entire army, as well as worked on painting some of the weapons for his army.

Construction: BK wins this one, although Frans was a VERY close second!

Blogging: I win here, since most of my friends didn't blog all last month.

Gaming: I finally wrest a point away from Frans here, but I'm sure this won't last ;).

So the totals:

Frans: 5 (3 Playing, 1 Construction, 1 Painting)
Ben: 4 (3 Painting, 1 Blogging)
Steve (me): 4 (3 Blogging, 1 Gaming)
BK: 2 (2 Construction)
Rob: 1 (1 Construction)
Nathan: 0

Frans has the sole lead at the moment, and there's only two months to go!  Frans ALSO has the most variety of points, which shows he's definitely working hard!

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