Thursday, December 2, 2010

Local Competition November Results

Painting: Frans wins this- he did small amounts of work on a large amount of models, and really that's pretty tedious, but important work!
Construction: Rob wins here- he assembled two Firestorm Armada fleets, which was a task filled with hurdles.
Blogging: I win here, since most of my friends didn't blog all last month (again).

Gaming: Votes had me win here- Frans did teach several people to play though, which is great for the hobby, but my games were all larger and more involved, which people were more impressed with (or something).

So the totals:

Frans: 6 (3 Playing, 1 Construction, 2 Painting)
Steve (me): 6 (4 Blogging, 2 Gaming)
Ben: 4 (3 Painting, 1 Blogging)
BK: 2 (2 Construction)
Rob: 2 (2 Construction)
Nathan: 0

I climb into a tie for first.  One month to go!

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