Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Non-collectible Monsterpocalypse?

According to PP's Monsterpocalypse news blog, Monsterpocalypse is going to move to a non-collectible format this year.  In addition, they will be re-releasing all of the old stuff so that people can assemble the armies they want.

That is VERY exciting news.  If that comes to pass, I may actually get some new miniatures, and finally get some more games in.  Rob's been eager to play, and I certainly would love to try some of the new and old stuff. 

Hopefully, look for more Monpoc stuff on this blog this year!  Of course, if you have no interest in it, then you can just ignore those posts :).


  1. I haven't seen a lot about Monsterpocalypse but it seems like a really fun game with a good sense of humour and dramatic, movie-style battles etc.

    I'll have to give it a try some time. What does it mean that they're moving to a non-collectible format though? No longer producing minis?

  2. Yeah, that's about the best way to look at it!

    As I understand it, they are going to be re-releasing all of the old miniatures in boxes, so that you'll always know what you're getting when buying miniatures. New releases will be non-randomized as well. It'll be like buying Warmachine models, just painted, I suppose.

    We'll see :)

  3. neat news, you'll have to teach me how to play some time.

  4. Once you or I start having time again, I'll work on it. I'll be great, now I can assemble two 'real' forces.

  5. Woot, I can bring my Monkey Madness to kick your Cthul ass! How needs dark lords when you can fling poo!

  6. We shall see- I'll start gearing up for it, but it's still going to be a few months off for me.