Sunday, February 26, 2012

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight (conversion)

I've really been in a kick to work on converting some miniatures, but I haven't been able to find the perfect one for me to work on.  Skorne, Dark Elves, Empire... these really don't fit the bill for convertible opportunities.  Cryx do a little, but I have most of my more interesting Cryx minis already assembled, so that doesn't work as well for now.

It turns out I have a small amount of Legion miniatures, from when my brother was interested in playing, until he decided he wasn't interested at all.  Going through them, I found Absylonia, and realized she'd be perfect for my needs.

So, to start, I looked at what her miniature looked like (image from the Privateer Press website):
Now, the model is fine, as is.  Certainly not too flat, plenty of detail.  But I didn't like it for two main reasons.  First, Absylonia can give herself reach, and I didn't feel like this model gave me that feeling.  Second, she can give herself flight, and although her wing-hands kind of give the impression that she can, I didn't much like it.

So basically, I wanted to give her flight and reach, somehow.  I decided, of course, to give her small wings, and tentacles instead of that one leg coming out of her dress-thing.  Also, why not put her on a more interesting base, while I'm at it?

So, the results follow:

I personally like the way it turned out.  The tentacles were fun to do, and even though it's not exactly exceptional modeling (wire and green stuff wrapped around it), it made me FEEL like I was doing real modeling, haha.  Trying to bend the cloak so that it hugged the rock on the back was a bit more difficult, but the result was decent enough for me. 

So yeah, that's done, and now it's on to painting.  I'm going to try to push my painting a little, and I'm going to try for only gray-scale.  I'm not sure how it will look (I'll test blending and the color scheme on one of my random shredders first), but I think I can get it looking good enough for my tastes.

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