Thursday, October 18, 2012

Past weekend gaming fun

Last weekend, a bunch of friends and I all headed over to a friend's place, and spent part of Friday and all of Saturday playing some games.  So naturally, I'm going to say a few words about the different games I played.

Finally, I got the chance to put Fantasy Flight's game, X-Wing, on the table.  I ended up playing 3 total games, with two of them being basically starter/teaching games (pitting two TIE Fighters against a single X-Wing).  Personally, I had a blast playing it, and would love to get it on the table more.  The only non-teaching game I played was a small 50 point game that we ended up ending because Luke Skywalker w/ R2-D2 is too difficult to kill.  I've actually accumulated a moderate amount of stuff (I LOVE Star Wars, for those that don't know), and I'm itching to try some of the other stuff out (like trying to get some mileage out of that Y-Wing, or even trying some of the weapon upgrades).

This was the main focus of the weekend, and I managed to get a few games in.  I actually worked hard the last two weeks to have some new toys for these games, which mostly made an appearance.  Brief recap:

First game I played was a 50 point game, with me taking Tyrant Xerxis against Rob taking Harkevich.  Rob had recently built his Conquest, and was determined to get it on the table (which he did, several times- he'd have to tell you how he felt about it).

The scenario was Overrun (which I played a lot of this weekend... hmm...), and as you can tell, we played with a lot of terrain (thanks to Minute, which I decided I actually loved).  My early game shooting did a ton of damage, and Rob was forced to come into combat on my turns due the the Nihilators, and I actually managed to take down the Conquest with a fully buffed Gladiator, giving me the win.

Second game was against Minute, another 50 point game, again playing Overrun.  I took eHexeris, and almost the same list as my game against Rob, whereas Minute took Ossyan.

On the second turn, I dropped Black Spot through my Cannoneer onto his Halberdiers, and proceeded to lay into them with the Reivers, taking out most of the unit, and dropping a few Stormfall Archers as a bonus.  Minute's shooting was a little disappointing for him, partially because my Nihilators made five out of their six tough checks on my right.  At the end, I was pretty mangled, but killed enough on the board that Minute conceded.

Third game was a 35 point game against BK.  I ran Epic Asphyxious against his Epic Lylyth, playing, you guessed it, Overrun.

BK used his feat first, killing a lot my infantry, but it ended up just powering up my feat, which I used to kill Typhon, and damage a Ravagore.  Having taken over most of the zone on my turn, he wasn't able to get enough in to stop me from winning by scenario.

And finally, I played another 50 point game against Rob, who chose to run the Old Witch against Terminus (I didn't take a single picture of this game, unfortunately).  Rob continued with his goal of running the Conquest though, something that actually made me a little concerned, since Terminus takes a LOT of infantry.  This time, the scenario was Process of Elimination, and I managed to score the zone on my left on the second turn, leaving me free to focus on the right.  Rob had a full unit of Winter Guard there, who took shots at the nearby infantry (mostly Mechanithralls).  The Old Witch parked behind them and popped her feat, keeping my infantry back.

I took the bait, advanced up, and hit her with a spray, taking out more than half her health.  Of course, this left me without Sacrifical Pawn targets, and after the Winter Guard easily destroyed my only nearby warrior model (a non-Incorporeal Pistol Wraith), lined me up for a combined range attack, starting at about my armor... and then rolled a 3.  Eesh.  Terminus chuckled, Rob's other shooting didn't get the job done, and after failing to Gallows me far enough to get me in charge range of the Conquest, Rob conceded (I could have walked up and killed the Old Witch next turn, most likely).

Managed to end the weekend 4-0 at Warmachine/Hordes!

Firestorm Armada:
In between games, Rob and I found some time to put Firestorm Armada on the table, and try to get a few turns in.  Rob let me borrow his Directorate fleet.. and I think he took the Terran Alliance.  We played a little into the second turn, ignoring some of the rules (mainly fighter/bomber wings and such), but enough to get the basic turn structure.  It's pretty fun- there are definitely things about it that I think are great improvements over Battlefleet Gothic, and I borrowed the rulebook to read on my own time.  Next time it hits the table, hopefully I'll have a good enough grasp of the rules to play with all of them.

Finally, I managed to get two boardgames in: Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Zombicide.  Both these games were AWESOME.  Very thematic, dripping in theme-y goodness, and a blast to play.  If you're looking for either a great super-hero themed card game, or a zombie survival board game, check these two out!

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