Thursday, November 22, 2012

Malifaux battle report, 11/20/2012

So, Minute purchased a Malifaux army, and wanted to learn the rules, so this past Tuesday, we played a small intro game at DropZone games.  I again used my Lilith starter box, and he used the Som'er Teeth Jones crew box.

After briefly going over the rules, we set up for a game.  Flipping for our Strategies, I ended up having Claim Jump (end more models near a certain point than Minute), while Minute had Treasure Hunt (grab an objective in the middle of the board, and walk it back).  We had diagonal deployment zones.

On the first turn, we both basically advanced the fullest towards the middle of the table.  I also had Lilith cast Illusory Forest in the middle of the table, near the Treasure counter.  I figured that the easiest way for me to win was to deal a ton of damage to him in the middle, then swing over on turns 5 and 6 to surround the Claim Jump marker.

In that photo, the black mini in the middle was Minute's Treasure marker, and the mini on the left was my Claim Jump marker.  My Illusory Forest in the middle of the template.

To start the second turn, I send a Terror Tot with Defensive Stance forward, hoping to get into a good position without taking too much shooting damage.  Minute sends a Bayou Gremlin over to my left, and I happily send my Mature Nephilim into him, easily killing him.  Minute responds by having his Gremlins open fire- at the beginning, hitting his own guys more than the Mature Nephilim, but a Bayou Gremlin using Y'all Watch This and getting his Dumb Luck tripper puts enough damage into the Mature Nephilim that the random small shots end up bringing me down.    On top of that, Minute summons another Gremlin.  He finishes his turn by sending his Warpig forward, hoping for some scary Stampeding.

This is a picture of the middle of the board.  Warpig in combat with me, surrounded by the remainder of my crew.

And this is a picture of the left side of the board.  You'll notice- no Mature Nephilim.  Not good.

Turn 3 starts with Minute getting initiative, and Stampeding.  However, great cards in my hand combined with the Terror Tot's 6 defense mean that the Warpig ends up causing no damage, and in return, I have Lilith charge over and kill it, giving me a Blood Counter.  I spend the rest of the turn failing to Grow my Terror Tots into Young Nephilim, and Minute repositions near the wall near him, preparing to put some fire on my crew.

On Turn 4, I look at my hand- Two 13s, a 12, two 11s, and a Red Joker.  I shake my head, show Minute, and he concedes.  Most likely, I'm going to get my crew into him, and he has already expressed concerns for how to deal with Lilith here (8 defense is pretty rough for him).  Combined with his fairly mediocre hand (and Som'er reducing his hand size by one card), it probably wasn't going to be much of a game.

Once again, I really enjoyed playing this.  I find myself really enjoying the card mechanic (it really helps when I'm fairly consistently drawing good cards, and the activation system creates a lot of fun choices.

Malifaux is going to be a great time, especially when I add a few more models (ie, when me and my opponents all get up to maybe 25 soulstones or so, just so I can think some about army composition).  I do enjoy the miniatures overall, so there's certainly some extra incentive to get into painting so I can get working on them as well.

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