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X-Wing battle reports from 12/18/12

Managed to get a few 100 point games of X-Wing in prior to the holidays, and figured I'd post about them.

First game, I played against Rob, and I took the Rebels.  This was our first time playing at 100 points, so we were both really excited about this.  I don't know what list Rob took (since he was using my miniatures, it's possible he took the list I took in the second game, but I can't recall).  My list:

Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing) w/ R2-D2.
Red Squadron Pilot (X-Wing) w/ R2 Astromech
Red Squadron Pilot (X-Wing) w/ R2 Astromech
Red Squadron Pilot (X-Wing)

The goal here is to have Biggs take the punishment early, playing defensively (since all TIEs that can shoot at him HAVE to shoot at him), hoping R2-D2 can help keep him alive, and use the 3 firepower of the X-Wings to carry the day.

For added excitement, we added an asteroid field (another new addition for us).  Certainly something that we kept in mind.

Off we go!

Turn 1:
Basically, we move moved straight up into the middle of the board. He evaded with all his TIEs, I used Focus with all my X-Wings, and we ended up too far out of range to shoot.

Turn 2:
As you can see, Rob turned slightly away, probably hoping to avoid having his fleet too split up by the asteroids.  On this turn, my squad basically turned into his fleet, while he maneuvered his squad into a much more compact formation.

Shooting begins, and Rob finds a lot of success, quickly dropping Biggs' shields, and although I manage to take the shields off his TIE Advanced, his numbers are telling, and he kills Biggs, then drops another hit on one of my X-Wings. 

Apparently having Biggs be the mandatory target of every enemy fighter is a bad idea when you move him within range 1.  Who knew?  Lesson for next time- don't LEAD with Biggs.  However, having Biggs there did allow me to use Target Lock (as you can see from the picture) without too much concern, so this sort of strategy could definitely work, I think.

Turn 3:
It's hard to explain our maneuver... err... strategy here.  We basically become entangled, although I do a decent job of keeping formation.  Unfortunately, Rob gets his guys to surround me pretty much fully, which isn't so good.

Shooting starts.  I quickly tear apart Rob's TIE Advanced, but unfortunately lose ANOTHER X-Wing, and the shields off my other two are completely shot off.


At this point, the person I had been planning to play (BK) arrived, and Rob wanted to go and play Malifaux (despite having a good time playing this).  I was outnumbered 2-5, and things weren't looking good, so we decided to call it.  Still, shortened as it was, I had a really good time.

So, on to game 2!

BK received a bunch of X-Wing stuff from his awesome friends, and was extra excited to play a game, and wanted to play the Rebels.  This was even more interesting, because he had never seen the Empire win, and I was definitely looking forward to correcting that.  Of course, had he arrived to see Rob's squad in action, this 'correction' would've already taken place.

My list:

Howlrunner (TIE Fighter) w/ Squad Leader
Mauler Mithel (TIE Fighter) w/ Determination
Academy Pilot (TIE Fighter)
Academy Pilot (TIE Fighter)
Academy Pilot (TIE Fighter)
Tempest Squadron Pilot (TIE Advanced) w/ Cluster Missiles.

Six Fighters should easily give me a numerical advantage, and if I keep Howlrunner alive, I can get a lot of mileage out of even the most basic of Empire starfighters.  In this game, I was smart enough to keep Howlrunner in the second wave, and not 'leading the charge', so to speak.  I'm not sure how best to use the TIE Advanced, which is why he's included.  Figure I need to practice.

BK built his own list, and eager to see some different ships in action, took some Y-Wings:

Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing) w/ R2-D2
Rookie Pilot (X-Wing)
Gold Squadron (Y-Wing) w/ Ion Cannon Turret
Gray Squadron (Y-Wing) w/ Ion Cannon Turret

Turn 1:
Basically, as it seems with every game, everyone just moved forward towards the middle, pretty much straight ahead.  Very exciting.

Turn 2:
I again move everyone straight forward, and throw a target lock on Biggs.  BK basically moved towards me as well, meaning our first shots of the game were going to be at nearly point blank range.

Our shooting goes into action, and I unload- Biggs dies, the Gold Squadron pilot loses two shields, and in return, I take almost no damage, aside from Mauler Mithel, who takes a hit from an Ion Cannon (meaning he'll be moving slowly forward next turn). 

Turn 3:
I scatter, trying to avoid the asteroids, and BK slowly turns his squad around.

I really have nothing I can shoot at, since I had to scatter, and couldn't really loop back yet.  BK's Ion Cannons have 360 degree range, however, and manage to hit Howlrunner with an Ion Cannon.  His X-Wing, which had drove forward and turned around, managed to get a second hit on Mauler Mithel as well.

For now, I'm out of position, and spread out, but thankfully, I haven't lost anyone yet, and I outnumber BK 2-1.  If I can reform, and get another attack run, I was sure I could end this game.

Turn 4:
With  Howlrunner under the effects of an Ion Cannon, I really can't reform how I'd like, so I again spread out a little, and get into position to reform the following turn- but at least this turn, I get my ships facing the correct way.  BK's Y-Wings continue their slow turn around, depending on their Ion Cannons to do the shooting, regardless of facing.

We start trading blows, again.  I manage to get a lucky critical hit on the Gold Squadron pilot, and take off his secondary weapon (the Ion Cannon), and take a shield off the Grey Squadron Y-Wing.  Howlrunner takes a second point of damage, however, but considering how out of position I am, I think the damage is pretty light.

Turn 5:
Both sides re-engage.  I get my guys back into a better position... but then, so does BK, and again, we'll be taking most of our shots at Range band 1.

We start trading blows, and sadly, I come out a little worse than BK this time around- Howlrunner dies.  Since I'm depending on him to make my Academy Pilots effective, this hurts, and the damage I deal in return (3 Hull hits on the Grey Squadron Y-Wing, and knocking off the shields of the remaining X-Wing) is substantial, but doesn't end with a dead Rebel ship.

Turn 6:
At this close a range, both of us basically keep up the pressure.  I flip most of my ships around, and keep shooting.

This still isn't favorable though- another of my TIE Fighters dies, and I deal 3 hull damage to the Gold Squadron Y-Wing... still not killing it.  I'm down to a 4-3 numerical advantage, although most of my ships are pristine, and BK's are not.

Turn 7:
We again close in, and again trade blows at close range.

This time, the shooting is a bit more favorable.  I lose my TIE Advanced, but BK loses his Gold Squadron Y-Wing. 

And... I didn't take notes past this point, for some reason.  Basically though, by the end of Turn 9, it was over, and I had rid this sector of the Rebel scum.  I'm pretty sure I lost another TIE Fighter, however, meaning I would've had only 2 TIEs on the table.

Some thoughts:
I really enjoy this game- it's fast, the miniatures are great, and of course, I love the Star Wars theme.

I was lucky to be able to play a game with each side, because I actually managed to get SOME feel for the tactics of each.  I think my next game with the Rebels will go better, especially if I keep Biggs out of Range 1 from my enemy early on, where I can hopefully get some really good shots without losing much (hopefully keeping Biggs alive in the process).  Doing this with Howlrunner worked, although I wasn't able to get away from the Ion Cannons, really.

The asteroids were a fun addition.  I didn't really make note of them in the battle reports (because I took really shoddy notes, I guess), but I was stuck driving through them a couple of times, especially late in the game.  I believe I only took a single damage from them, however.  Running the extra ships makes it difficult to get all your TIEs into good positions without going through the asteroids.

Hopefully, I'll get this back on the table again soon!

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