Monday, April 1, 2013

Hobby progress for March, 2013

This month:

* Re-based Neverborn Malifaux Cherub.

* Unit of Cryx Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls assembled
* Unit of Cygnar Mechanics assembled
* Unit of Cygnar Long Gunners + UA Assembled
* Cygnar Black 13th assembled
* Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster assembled
* Taryn di la Rovissi assembled
* Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord assembled
* Bull Snapper assembled
* Skorne Cyclops Shaman assembled
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr assembled
* Anastasia di Bray assembled
* Orin Midwinter assembled
* Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios assembled


  1. So you were on an assembly kick this month? :-)

    I've been cracking on with my painting to clear the decks before the Dark Eldar order arrives. I'll add my list here.

    - Assembled 65% of the Eldar Windrider host boxed set. Now I'm just waiting on the Dark Eldar bits for conversion.
    - Finished some 8 Deathwing terminators who'd been sitting around mostly done for ages. Only 6 more to go and I'm all finished.
    - Painted/finished 2 ships and the last of the islands for Dreadfleet. Just three more ships to finish and it's home free :-)

    All the best


  2. Yeah, I managed to assemble quite a bit (and still have a few things partially done but not listed).

    I also painted a little this month! That's pretty exciting.

    Man, I really want to get Dreadfleet. I've seen your posts on it, it looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Hey Good for you. Painting is one of those things that always seems to lack time but when you get something done it makes things that much better. I remember how good I felt when I finished the basic bone armour on the Deathwing. They weren't finished but even having them the same general colour was enough to make me feel good. Now, a few (lot of?) months later they are almost complete and they look awesome when I put them on the table in a group.

    Keep going on the painting. Bit by bit will get you there and make everything just look so nice.

    I'm sure if you search around you'll find a few copies of Dreadfleet kicking about. My FLGS has at least four boxes of it that haven't sold yet. It's a good game as long as you don't take it too seriously and expect a tactically even game. It's got lots of random stuff in it but is a blast to play and it's nice to have everything in a box and be able to play anywhere.

    All the best

    Pete :-)