Saturday, October 7, 2017

Gaming weekend Day One!

So, my friends and I have been trying to start a gaming tradition by going out to a cabin for a holiday weekend, with a bunch of games in tow, and spend the weekend playing a lot of games.  It usually happens around the Columbus Day weekend- well, this year it did, and this is our first non-event driven year we've done it.

I brought the following:
Star Wars Destiny
Mansions of Madness
Blood Bowl
Magic: The Gathering
Millennium Blades
Legend of the 5 Rings LCG
... and I think that's it?  That's all I can remember without going back to the room (which has a light out, so I can't see in the damn thing anyway :( ).

Anyway, for our first night of gaming, we had 6 people here, 5 of whom were gaming (my brother was more interested in fishing), and sat down for a few games.

We started with the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.  I took Seoni, the Sorceress, and we played what I think was the first adventure- there are a bunch of bandits, a bandit leader, and we're trying to kill them.  I  choose a location, and start working to clear it.

I start off going against a Zombie early, but fail with my Magic Missile (d12 + 2d4 + 2 against a 13  :( ).

The rest of the adventures do pretty well though, Eric S closes a location on his turn, Dan and Mark make good progress, Rob gets stopped by a monster right away, but otherwise, we start out pretty well.

My next turn, I clear out three cards.  Rob encounters the villain, and defeats him, but he flees to one of the adjacent locations.  I keep moving through, eventually closing the location, and Dan closes one on the far side of the board, limiting the places the Bandit Leader can run to in the future.  I move to another location, and encounter the villain again!  However, Rob fails to (temporarily) close his location, giving the villain a place to run to.  We do end up succeeding though, with about three turns remaining. Victory for the players!

We decide to play Dark Moon (with the expansion) after his, and in the first game, I'm the Doctor, and not infected.  Early on, I'm able to identify Eric as being the Infected, and we throw him in Quarantine (he reveals, soon after).  I kind of suspect Mark as being the other Infected at this point.  However, immediately after Eric reveals, demoralizing us... Dan reveals, winning the game for the Infected players!  And we trusted him!  Curse him!

We decide to play again, and this time I was the Mechanic and Infected.  I decided to reveal early, to see what sort of sabotage I could do.  On his next turn, Dan reveals as well, doing some good damage to the station.  However, we didn't think this fully through, and the Uninfected clear two people without a problem and escape.  I lose again!

We finish the night playing Terraforming Mars, which is an extremely popular game that I have never actually played.  I chose Thorgate, the company that focuses on energy production.  I start generating energy and heat, raising the temperature, and eventually the oxygen with one of the upgrades.  I spend the early part of the game struggling a bit to find meaningful things to do, but continue on, and end up getting useful upgrades to keep my game plan going.  After calculating everything, I end up with 61 points... but end up losing to Dan who ends with 64 points (Eric ended with 51, and Rob with 49).  Second place is pretty good for my first time playing though.

More gaming coming today, now that I'm done writing this.  Off I go!

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