Sunday, October 8, 2017

Gaming Weekend Day Two

The gaming continues!

I start day two with a game of Star Wars Destiny against Matt, to remind him how to play.  I run my Leia/Ackbar military deck, and Matt uses my Darth Vader/Kylo Ren melee aggro deck.  We keep it pretty even early game, but eventually Matt manages to pull away and take the game.  The important thing is that he re-learned the game, and went and made a deck with his own cards/dice.

Next, we played Captain Sonar, a game where we break into teams, working on a sub crew, and as the captains for each crew are screaming out navigation directions, we are attempting to find the opposing sub, load and prep our weapons, and blow it up!  My brother actually joins, and plays on the other sub, as the Radio Operator.  We scream orders, track each other down, and find each other pretty well, but the opposing sub manages to get its weapons up and running before we did, and blows us up.

Next came Rail Raiders Infinite, a game where we are all working as train robbers, but also trying to screw with one another.  The game has a lot of randomness and we apparently didn't know the rules well enough at all early on (we changed the way the game was played multiple times mid-game).  I dunno, didn't really end up being my thing.  Mark ended up winning with 14 moneys, and I ended with 9.

We start making our way through the train.
 I took a break after this, as most of the group went and played New Angeles, from FFG.  It sounded interesting, but I needed a break, unfortunately.  Afterwards, I played Magic:The Gathering with Matt and Eric, playing the Commander format.  Matt ran a constructed Kaalia of the Vast deck, I ran the new Dragon pre-con, and Eric, after I re-explained the rules to him, took the Cat pre-con.  I really struggled to get ramped up, and Eric feasted on that, hitting me frequently with various Lifelink attacks (from a Loxodon Warhammer).

This is sadly, the best my board state ever looked.  My opponents' managed to keep growing just fine.

I ended being the first player knocked off, as Eric saw the opportunities and gladly took them.  At this point, Matt had managed to get in pretty good shape, however, and was able to start swinging hard at Eric.  A few turns of back and forth attacking and playing, and Matt eventually was victorious.

We took a break for a bit to play some VR games- something about disarming bombs, and Matt played the VR X-Wing game.  That's some pretty cool stuff!  At this point, we were mostly drinking pretty heavily, and decided to switch to some lighter games, and ended up breaking into teams for Codenames: Deep Undercover.  I won't delve too deep into specifically what clues we used, but I will say the teams went 2-2, and there were a LOT of laughs all around!

Start of a game, one that we are about to win!
We switched to another game of Dark Moon, this time with 7 players and using the Threat cards.  I was Uninfected again... but was BADLY misled as to who I thought was infected, and ended up losing us the game.  Rob played me like a god damn fool!  I had two of the infected people correctly identified (although they didn't do anything to warrant it, I admit), but the third one remained elusive.  I tried to guess who it was, as it was clear the game was almost over.  Was wrong.  Lost :(

Finally, as most people went to bed, I taught Star Wars Destiny to Ben, using some newly constructed decks- I ran a Jyn Erso/Poe Dameron deck against his Kylo Ren/Emo Vader deck, and he ended up winning- but I blame my card draw for this one!

On to game three!

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