Saturday, September 8, 2018

Weekly Summary for week ending 9/8/18

Another slow week on the gaming front, as we are still doing work on the new house.  I am still going to find time for a little gaming though, have no fear!

Games Played
  • None!  I expect next week I will get at least a game of something in.  I spent my normal gaming days this week up at the new house, spackling and sanding.
New Arrivals
  • August issue of White Dwarf.  It has been.... well, several years since my last White Dwarf, and I was curious how the issues looked now.  I have to say, the material for the cover is amazing, and makes the magazine FEEL much more impressive.  The content is also really good, I have to admit- this issue had a lot of content about Adeptus Titanicus, which I appreciated, and the battle reports included were a very enjoyable read.  I may grab the next issue as well, and see if I continue after that.
  • The Realmgate Wars: Volume 1.  After reading the Age of Sigmar core rulebook, I am at least a little interested in the setting and the game.  What better way to satisfy wanting more information about the setting?  Getting some of the fiction, of course.  It's a hefty book that should give me something to read for a few days.
Miniature Assembly/Painting
  • Pretty limited this week- I started filing one of the Cryx heavy warjack kits (the Malice/Corrupter/Reaper one).  Did not get too far, however.  I know some people magnetize these kits, but I can't decide if I want to do that.  I own a single (metal) Reaper, and can't really see a use for another.  I don't own a Corrupter, but they have never been great.  I'm considering just assembling this as the character warjack, Malice, who I also don't own, as it would be a fun addition.  I'll think about it a little more before I continue with the assembly work.
  • Finished reading the Adeptus Titanicus rulebook.  This looks extremely interesting- a bit meatier than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Finished reading the Kill Team rulebook.  About what I expected, which was perfectly fine.  Eager to build some Kill Teams!
  • Finished reading August issue of White Dwarf (mentioned above).  Overall, pretty good.
  • Started reading No Quarter Prime #6 (Crucible Guard issue).  The last issue of No Quarter!  That is sad news, but like almost all issues of their in-house magazine, it has been very interesting.  I love reading the background/fiction for the factions/themes covered in NQP, and hope that their increased digital presence carries this forward.

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