Wednesday, November 16, 2016

X-Wing Game, 11/15/16

BK and I played a game of X-Wing yesterday at Games and Stuff. It has been a long while since he and I have played X-Wing, and given our renewed interest in it, it certainly seemed like a good time to change that.

Since it has been a long while since his last game, I decided to play a modified version of a Scum list I had taken against Ben recently, to show off the 'new' faction some.

So basically, my list was:
Guri (StarViper) with Predator, Autothrusters, Virago, and Sensor Jammer.
Palob Godalhi with Calculation, Blaster Turret, Recon Specialist, and Moldy Crow (I flat out stole this ship build from online sometime in the past).
2 Binayre Pirates (1 with Feedback Array- I didn't own a second Feedback Array card).

Palob can get some decent shots at range 1-2 basically all game, as well as screwing with his evade and Focus tokens.  Guri is very hard to kill, and with people's love of big ships, she'll be able to frequently get decent shots off, while hopefully keeping herself alive. The Z-Wings are nice and cheap.

BK took Dash Rendar with the Outrider and a Heavy Laser Cannon and R2-D2, and two generic B-Wings with not upgrades.

We set up, and spent our first turn moving up.  As you can see from below, I had the StarViper lead (it's hard to kill!), with the Moldy Crow off to the side, taking a turn to get a bunch of extra focus tokens.

We trade shots to some effect... I take a bucket of damage on the StarViper (I didn't get to use Autothrusters, and completely forgot about Sensor Jammer until a bit later, oops!).  I manage to remove some shields from the lead B-Wing.

BK turns his B-Wings and Outrider towards each other, potentially to catch the StarViper and Z-95s in the middle of the two, which would've been devastating.  Also, it put distance between his ships and the HWK-90, taking one of my ships out of the fight.

Thankfully, I have the Segnor's Loop to fall back on, getting my StarViper out of danger, and into great position to do some shooting.  The Moldy Crow also turns left, right into a good position, and the Z-95s kind of fly straight up the middle.

I manage to blow up one of the B-Wings, at the cost of the Z-95 with the Feedback Array.  The following turn, I take down another B-Wing, with minimal losses- BK spent these turns trying to take shots at Guri, to no effect (she's tough to kill!).

After killing the second B-Wing, I start having some issues with my piloting... more than once running into my own ships...

This is compounded when the Outrider turns into the combat, and I have another ship to run into.  All three of my remaining ships take turns running into each other AND the Outrider.  Thankfully, BK and I forget about the anti-pursuit lases he put on the Outrider, but those would've triggered a few shots (and eventually do when we remember).

He manages to get through the Moldy Crow's shields and destroy it, and I manage to get the Z-95 behind the Outrider, and the Z-95 in the distance to the front/side of it (to keep the use of the Autothrusters).

On the critical turn, I get both of my ships into good firing position, and take an action on my StarViper... using a Barrel Roll to stay out of Dash's primary fire arc... and barely clip an asteroid.  No problem- "BK, roll a damage die!".  Hit.  StarViper destroyed. Dash then blows up the Z-95 on his activation, ending the game.

Overall, it was a close game.  We both forgot one of our upgrade cards (and they probably washed out- having the StarViper around longer would've been nice, but the extra random damage his lasers would've done overall would have been pretty significant, too).

I really enjoy X-Wing, and I really enjoy playing the Scum- I can't wait until my next game!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

My recent gaming, and gaming-related progress

A friend reminded me about my blogs, and remembering how fulfilling I found the whole blogging experience, I am going to try to get better about posting, here, as well as at my other blogs (The Card Flopper, about card games, and Cardboard Warriors, about tabletop wargames). I could give you many of excuses about any lapse, but really, lapses in blogs are so common, why bother?

I have been excited to get back into miniature gaming. It has mostly been the Star Wars games from FFG, for now, but interest in Warmachine and Hordes has grown pretty significantly lately as well.

Here's a game of Star Wars Armada just beginning- I was playing against Dan here, running a Rebel list trying to take advantage of General Rieekan, getting my ships into good position, then shot up, but giving them a parting shot, so to speak. Dan's list focused on the additional firepower from Admiral Ackbar, locking his firing to just his side arcs. Many things went wrong for me this game- my MC80 started so far from his ships that I could not get it engaged at any point in the game. Additionally, I really just need to play more- my skills are awful!

I played two games of X-Wing against Ben, as we have recently rediscovered our love of this game.

In game one, I brought a Rebel list consisting of Corran Horn in an E-Wing, Poe Dameron in a new X-Wing, and a spare A-Wing.  In several games (in the past), I had never managed to achieve victory with my Rebels- I get so caught up in the fact they have shields that I attempt to shove the ships right down the middle of my opponent's squad, and usually I can't take that beating long enough to be victorious.

With this list, I had a lot of maneuverability, and set Poe and Corran up to have abilities to recharge shields.  My hope was that I could take a few quality shots, disengage, up my shields, and then get back into the fight.  The A-Wing was there solely to get in my opponent's way, with the intent of keeping a larger, much pricier ship annoyed.

Ben also took Rebels, and designed his list to synergize his three ships (an E-Wing, a HWK-90, and a B-Wing) for some HEAVY attacks).

First turn, I fly all of my ships forward at near top speed, which results in the A-Wing getting too far forward, and hit hard very early (it lost all its shields, and all but 1 hull). The next turn, it does manage to get in the way of Ben's E-Wing (with very good timing, actually), although I do lose it this turn.

Corran's double shooting did some decent damage to Ben's E-Wing (Etahn), and I make a clean getaway, get my ships turned around, and keep the pressure on.  Ben can't get his ships back into a good enough position to get his combinations to work, and my ability to stay out of his firing arcs ends up being too much for him to handle, causing him to concede.

Game two, I take my Scum and Villainy list, with Boba Fett and IG-2000B, and play against Ben's Imperial list running a heavily loaded Bomber plus two Interceptors (both with Push the Limit).  The Bomber should hit hard, and the Interceptors should be able to stay out of IG-2000B's fire arc, and wear him down (Boba Fett, with the second arc, would be a much more difficult target for the Interceptors to avoid).

We move in to begin the engagement.

Our initial shots are all in my favor- I only hit the Bomber for two damage, but a critical on the shot prevents him from shooting with me dead center on him- look how perfectly he had me set up:

He does get some satisfaction next turn, however, when the Bomber moves first, and deploys its Cluster Bombs on IG-2000B, removing all four of its shields.  With the Segnor's Loop and Boba Fett, however, the TIE Bomber does not get another shot- I destroy it.

Ben attempts to keep his remaining Interceptors safe, but Boba Fett has too many ways to get shots at the Interceptors, and eventually Ben concedes.

This was a great time- I need to keep trying out some new ships, and rediscovering how much I enjoy this game.

On the hobby front, I have begun working to get some Imperial Assault Miniatures painted.  I am going to paint them, and then replace their bases with clear plastic bases, which I think is a very sharp look both on the Imperial Assault tiles and on traditional wargame terrain.  Depending on how this goes, I will likely do the same rebasing for the Mansions of Madness miniatures.

Finally, I recently received the first part of my Kickstarter pledge for the Walking Dead: All out War miniatures game, and that will require some of my attention very shortly :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Did some assembly work!

Well, I spent the morning on July 4th filing down a Jaga-Jaga, The Death Charmer and Iron Lich Overseer models. It has seriously been over a year since I've touched or worked on miniatures- I definitely missed it.  Here's hoping I get to play sometime in the next week or so!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

So... Warmachine has a new ruleset

And I find myself having a ton of packs of the new cards.  Guess I have to play, right?

I'll be starting with Cryx most likely.  It's been so long since I've put the minis on the table, it'll almost be like starting the game from the beginning.  Still, I'm pretty excited to try playing again :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gaming on 12/4/2013 (Maelok vs Syntherion)

Ben and I played a game last night.  I've been trying to throw a lot of new casters on the table, just to get some exposure to them, and yesterday Maelok the Dreadbound was my guy.  I haven't used him yet, but I've enjoyed playing my Minions in general, so I expected that to continue. I only have a limited selection of models, so we played 35 points.

My list:
Maelok, the Dreadbound
* Bull Snapper
* Blackhide Wrastler
* Ironback Spitter
Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew (Leader and 1 Grunt)
Croak Hunter
Gatorman Witch Doctor
Totem Hunter

Again, I only have a limited selection.  With that said, pre-game, I wished I had owned a second unit of Gatormen Posse (something I feel more strongly about post-game).  I'd have no problem dropping a few solos even for a min unit of them.

Ben decided to take Convergence.  His list (and I may have some things wrong):

Forge Master Syntherion
* Diffuser
* Mitigator
* Cipher
* Inverter
* Monitor
Obstructors (Leader and 9 Grunts)
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex
Attunement Servitors

Ben is a little limited on choices as well, since all of the releases for Convergence aren't out yet.  I feel like I may have some of the jacks messed up, but I think I'm close.  It was definitely 3 heavies and 2 lights.

Ben won the roll, and chose to go first.  I chose the side of the board with a wall just inside the Killbox (we were playing the first scenario- Destruction, I believe?).  Ben's side of the board had a nice large hill.

My game plan was basically to get the Gatormen stuck in early, pop my feat soon after, and charge the Gatormen past Ben's first line into his caster, hoping for the kill that way.  I could use Revive to bring back a Gatormen or two, should they fall, and put them in great position for the feat turn.

Our first turn was pretty boring.  Ben ran everything forward and put Reconstruct on his Inverter, and Hot Shot on the Monitor.

I ran forward as well, putting Death Pact on the Gatormen Posse, and Malediction on Maelok.

Ben's Obstructors were a bit concerned about the Totem Hunter facing them (on my right), so spread out to limit here I could go.  He spent his second turn taking a lot of shots at the Gatormen, with unfavorable deviations, and did no damage.  He also cast Synergy, in preparation for getting engaged.

I start my turn by putting the Totem Hunter into the Obstructors, killing two.  My Spitter shot at one of his Light Inverters, hoping to catch the Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex who was standing behind him.  I hit the Inverter, and deal a lot of damage, but with the boost, I only manage to get 3 damage on the Optifex (not enough to kill him with the potential Corrosion damage).  My Gatormen Posse charge into his lines, dealing pretty minor damage to his jacks, but killing a few more Obstructors (I killed 5 of them this turn).

Overall, I felt like I was in pretty good position.  My Gatormen were mostly engaged, as well as Zombified.  ARM 20, multi-wound models with Tough- should be tough to get rid of all of them.

Thrullg was in position to charge in as well, and my Bull Snapper and Maelok were right behind as well, spreading out a few Spiny Growths on the Gatormen.

Ben starts off by popping his feat, giving his army Weapon Platform, as well as free charges.  He then proceeds to start beating Gatormen down. By the time he's done, he's managed to wipe out the unit.  He even had attacks to spare!  Not good.  After considering conceding, we continue on.  His Obstructors kill the Totem Hunter easily, and he shoots some more, to no real effect.

I'm a bit unsure how to proceed at this point.  I don't really have a good way to fight his heavies- the Wrastler could kill one, maybe, but I'd lose him next turn.  My beasts haven't taken any damage thus far, however, but I decided my best bet was to try for the caster kill.

I start by activating Maelok, who pops his feat, walks forward towards one of this light inverters, kills it with a melee attack, and then casts Venom at Syntherion, dealing a few points of damage.  Thrullg then charges through his army at Syntherion, dealing a bunch more.  My Spitter activates, walks forward, and shoots at Syntherion as well, dealing even more damage!  At this point Syntherion is down to about 6 health, but he's Corroded.  Unfortunately, I'm out of attacks to throw at him.

I have my Wrastler charge one of his heavies, hoping to wreck it and keep Maelok safe.  I fail to kill him, however, and the systems I knock out just get auto-repaired away.

However, Ben's inverters are really slow, and can't get to Maelok.  They do manage to kill the Wrastler without a whole lot of effort, however.  He throws the Obstructors around the Spitter and Maelok, trying to tie me up so I can't make another play at Syntherion, while his jacks get into better position.

Well, I'm still desperate at this point, although I'm pleased I have another turn to do try for the win.  I start by having the Witch Doctor Sac Strike (using a Swamp Gobber) an Obstructor off the table, giving me room for the Spitter to walk out and attempt a shot at Syntherion.  Unfortunately, he misses, hurting my plans.  I have Maelok throw a double boosted Venom at Syntherion, bringing him down to about 4 health.  With 2 fury left, I debate my options.  If I try for the Venom, and fail, there's not much doubt his inverters can kill me.  But even with the fury on him, it's looking bleak.

I decide to go for it.  I need to roll a 9 to hit, which I get.  He's got 4 health, but it's also dice-8 for damage.... but then I roll an eleven on two dice, bringing him down to one!  With Syntherion corroded, it's just a hope that the effect doesn't expire...

...which it doesn't.  Syntherion dies, and I take the victory.

This is the first time I've ever killed a caster by Corrosion, but yeah, it was a really really long-shot victory.  With that said, I did have a lot of fun using Maelok, and I'm genuinely excited whenever I see Convergence on the table.

This matchup was really tough though- I mentioned before the game that I thought this would be a really really tough matchup, which still feels true.  I could have definitely played better- when I lost all of my Gatormen, it's because I threw all five up them up into the engagement.  Had I kept one back, I could've revived some over the course of the game, which may have dragged the game out longer, but certainly have kept it more even until the end.  Next time I put him on the table, I'll keep that in mind.

After this game, we played a game of Hordes: High Command with Rob and Brad.  I ended up taking Skorne, and I came BADLY into last place.  I'll talk more about that at my LCG blog, Kneel, Exhaust, Corrupt.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hobby progress for March, 2013

This month:

* Re-based Neverborn Malifaux Cherub.

* Unit of Cryx Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls assembled
* Unit of Cygnar Mechanics assembled
* Unit of Cygnar Long Gunners + UA Assembled
* Cygnar Black 13th assembled
* Cygnar Journeyman Warcaster assembled
* Taryn di la Rovissi assembled
* Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord assembled
* Bull Snapper assembled
* Skorne Cyclops Shaman assembled
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr assembled
* Anastasia di Bray assembled
* Orin Midwinter assembled
* Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios assembled

Friday, March 8, 2013

X-Wing battle report from 2/20/13

Unfortunately, we didn't have the Wave 2 stuff back in February, but nonetheless, BK and I played a game of X-Wing, and had a blast doing it.

My list:
"Howlrunner" w/ Swarm Tactics
"Mauler Mithel" w/ Swarm Tactics
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Academy Pilot
Total Squad Points: 99

This is just a basic TIE Swarm.  I took a more useful set of upgrades this time, however- Swarm Tactics actually get my ships shooting before several other pilots, and it was definitely helpful in this game.

BK's list:
Luke Skywalker w/ R2-F2
Rookie Pilot w/ R2 Astromech
Rookie Pilot w/ R2 Astromech
Gold Squadron Pilot w/ Ion Cannon Turret, R2 Astromech
Total Squad Points: 99

3 X-Wings and a Y-Wing.  R2-F2 with Luke makes him pretty tough to kill, and the R2 Astromechs should give the X-Wings more maneuverability.   I am happy to see the Y-Wings in the list, of course.

Turn 1:

A quick note about our setup- I basically set up everything right in the middle, as you can see from the picture.  BK put Luke Skywalker and the Y-Wing off to my right, and the two Rookie Pilots off to my left.  It was different than I'm used to seeing, so I was eager to get into action.

Regardless, our first turn is of course, uneventful.  We both move forward towards the center.  Exciting.

Turn 2:

I have a choice here.  I could go to my left, crush the Rookie Pilots, but then I'd have Luke and a Y-Wing behind me, which could really suck (getting hit with an Ion Token, then having Luke move to range 1 and Target Locking would be a dead TIE a turn, I'm sure).  I decide to bank to the right, and take on Luke early.

Unfortunately, my piloting skills suck.  A bunch of my ships run into themselves, but in general, I do manage to get my ships pointing the right way.

Both of BK's groups of ships turned slightly and headed towards the center.

We exchange some long range shots to little effect- the sole casualty is a single shield is taken off the Y-Wing.

Turn 3:

Well, it's action time.  I figure that BK's ships are likely to bank to their right, and rejoin their buddies.  However, I didn't want to fully commit to that way, so I tried to slightly go BOTH ways.  Because the ships are already in position to not fall on top of one another, I actually get to take actions with everyone.  Those actions, however, are 7 Evade actions.  Seven.  Yes, exciting.

BK's left group of X-Wings is forced to send one of them through the asteroid, but doesn't take any damage.  The Y-Wing does bank to his right, but Luke goes straight forward, depending on his high agility to see him through the firestorm.

Well, he's right there.  A few TIEs shoot at Luke, but fail to do any damage, and in return he deals a point of damage to one of my Academy Pilots.

On my left, I'm a little more successful- my massed shooting takes all the shields off the Y-Wing, and get a Critical Hit onto the starfighter (something minor).  BK's Rookie Pilots deal two points of damage to an Academy Pilot as well.

So, three turns in, I'm in position to start hurting the Y-Wing, and I'm taking damage on my TIEs at a fairly mediocre rate.  Not looking too bad, so far.

Turn 4:

Alright, what to do now?  I'm fairly unsure about how well I can hurt Luke without sending every ship after him, and decide to give up on that for now, and focus on the other ships.  I send my guys to the left, and try to spread out to cover as much of the board with firing arcs as possible.

BK sends his ships basically right into the middle of my lines.

I start off with some shooting at the Y-Wing with Howlrunner and a Swarm Tactic'd Academy Pilot, but fail to accomplish anything.  Luke follows with a shot on Howlrunner, hoping to lower the effectiveness of my entire fleet, but fails to put any hits through (2 hits and 2 evades, I believe).

Mauler Mithel, however, has much better luck and lays into the Rookie Pilot right in front of him, rolling up four hits (to no evades), destroying him, and giving the Imperials the first confirmed kill of the match.

The Academy Pilot I had used Swarm Tactics on with Mauler also finds some success, and deals two damage to the Y-Wing right in front of him.

The Y-Wing gets a little revenge, however, and manages to put an Ion Cannon shot into one of my Academy Pilots, making my maneuvering a little more annoying next turn.

Unfortunately for said Y-Wing, he doesn't get to stick around and take advantage of it, as my remaining Academy Pilots bring him down.

At this point, things are looking pretty good.  I've killed two ships, and although I've taken small amounts of damage on a few of my TIEs, I haven't lost any.  If I can get my ships pointing the right direction, I should be able to depend on my weight of shots to carry the day.

Turn 5:

Every one of my ships turns around, except for the one that had an Ion counter.  BK's ships slowly move up into the teeth of my squad.

My shooting is all at long range, and I fail to accomplish anything.  BK's limited shooting is much more effective, however, and his Rookie Pilot puts two damage on an undamaged TIE (unfortunately, the only one he could get in his firing arc), both of which are critical (I don't remember the exact effects).

Now, ships are about to get close, which means things could get very ugly.

Turn 6:

And they do.  I screw up all of my maneuvering, meaning almost none of my ships actually get actions (smooth), but unfortunately for BK, that's all that goes wrong this turn.

My shooting starts fairly weak- one of my Academy Pilots, shooting with Howlrunner's Swarm Tactics take a shield off of Luke, who fires back and gets FOUR hits... which I then proceed to evade all but one of.

My next shot takes two shields off the Rookie Pilot, who's shooting does nothing.

I finish my turn with two Academy Pilots, each shooting at Luke.  Three shots apiece.... and each rolls three hits.  Luke can't keep up with that kind of rolling, and gets destroyed.

With only a single Rookie Pilot facing off against my entire force, even damaged as they are, we decide to call it.


This will probably be the last time I run a TIE swarm in a friendly match for some time.  I'm really too eager to try all the new ships, and I really want to try running multiple TIE Advanced and see how they perform, as well as using the new Wave 2 ships.  Running all these TIEs was fun, of course, but I want to try something different.

It's hard to say what I did wrong or right about this game - I got so lucky with dice at times that it didn't matter what I chose (killing Luke, for instance was almost purely luck).  Obviously, I really REALLY need to work on my maneuvering, since I spent two turns without actions, practically.  My overall game plan worked better than my last TIE Swarm game (I didn't lose Howlrunner right away, for instance), so that's progress.

So yeah, next time I play as the Imperials, look for a something with more variety as my list!