Monday, January 15, 2018

Battle Report, Cryx vs Khador, 1/11/18 [Warmachine]

As I've been trying to get back into Warmachine and Hordes, I've been working hard to recruit the old group of players (in addition to Joey, who is interested and new to the game), and I finally managed to get Rob interested in throwing down for a game. We decided we were ready for a 75 point game, set the date, and got ready to throw down.

In looking at my armies, it looked like the only one I was able to field at 75 points on short notice was Cryx, so after tinkering with a few things, I settled on Black Industries under Goreshade, ending with this:

Cryx Army - 75 / 75 points
[Theme] Black Industries

(Goreshade 1) Goreshade the Bastard [+27]
- Deathjack [23]
- Deathripper [0(6)]
- Deathripper [0(6)]
- Leviathan [16]
- Reaper [13]
- Seether [13]
- Slayer [10]
- Stalker [8]
- The Withershadow Combine [9]
Machine Wraith [2]
Warwitch Siren [4]
Warwitch Siren [4]

I figured Rob was likely to drop either Karchev, Harkevich, or Butcher3, and I thought I had a decent change in any of those matchups.

Rob showed up, and we rolled for scenario, getting Standoff, with circular zones to our left and right, and rectangular zones near each of us, with an objective in each zone.

Turns out Rob did bring Karchev, and brought the following:

Khador Army - 73 / 75 points
[Theme] Jaws of the Wolf

(Karchev 1) Karchev the Terrible [+30]
 - Behemoth [25]
 - Decimator [16]
 - Grolar [18]
 - Juggernaut [12]
Kell Bailoch [5]
Widowmaker Marksman [0(4)]
Yuri the Axe [0(6)]
Battle Mechaniks (min) [3]
 - Battle Mechanik Officer [3]
Kayazy Assassins (min) [9]
 - Kayazy Assassin Underboss [4]
Widowmaker Scouts [8]

Rob won the roll to go first, chose to do so, and deployed.
Our deployment
Turn 1
Rob runs everything forward, except for Karchev, who casts Countercharge, and advances forward. His goal was to put pressure on the zones as much as possible, forcing me to engage.

I respond by basically doing the same- I run and advance everything forward, matching the Deathjack, Leviathan, a Warwitch and Deathripper against his Kayazy and Behemoth in the circular zone to the left, the Seether, Machine Wraith as my primary threat on my right, and the jacks mostly moving towards the middle.

Goreshade advanced and cast Lamentation and Shadowmancer. I realized at this point that Shadowmancer was CMD range only, meaning I had quite a few things out of position and without Stealth, but nothing I could do about that now!
End Turn 1
Turn 2
He starts his turn by firing the Behemoth at the Leviathan, who is not Stealthed due to being outside of Shadowmancer range. With Carapace, however, he only manages one damage on the jack. He runs the Kayazy into my left circular zone, and into combat with some of my jacks, to try to stop them from having easy movement lanes.

I actually thought he might try something different here, running the Kayazy, and using them to screen the Behemoth (as I can only kill so many with the forces on that side). Maybe he felt he didn't have enough bodies to do that.

Anyway, the Widowmaker unit on my right basically does the same thing, running to engage my jacks after figuring they probably wouldn't be great against all the Stealth he was facing. Primarily, he was hoping to block off my Reaper, which I was planning to get into a position to drag one of his heavies out out of position with, to allow a Slayer or Seether to kill.  The Widowmakers don't have a free strike to fear, but they did block up some table space that I wanted to use. To further prevent my plan, he ran some Mechaniks in front of his jacks, to prevent any pulls I would attempt.
Mid Turn 2
At the start of my turn, I decide i should try to be aggressive on one side, and choose my right side. I park my Machine Wraith on the far side of the forest near him, hoping to keep him safely contesting the zone, as only Karchev and his objective can provide Magic Weapons. I move the Stalker up... and get countercharged by the Grolar (oops!). Fortunately, the Grolar whiffs, and I hop past him into combat with Yuri. Unfortunately, I only manage four damage on Yuri, leaving a lot of angry stuff available to deal with the Stalker. I also clear a few Widowmakers with my other jacks.

Goreshade upkeeps Lamentation (with the Withershadow Combine), moves up a little, and casts Shadowmancer again.

On my left, I get to work killing Kayazy, as the Behemoth isn't in the zone, and I figure I'd play for scenario. I kill all but two Kayazy, but fortunately those two weren't in the zone, so don't stop me from scoring it. I end turn, and Rob scores one point to my two, giving me a net 1-0 lead.
End Turn 2
Turn 3
Rob continues to work to eat through my forces. On my right, his Widowmakers get within five inches of my Warwitch Siren, and shoot her off the board. The Grolar moves backwards and kills my Stalker, freeing infantry and Yuri. His Decimator received Magic Weapon from the objective, moves into the forest, and kills my Machine Wraith, giving his significant advantage in that zone.

He shoots with to no real effect with the Behemoth, mills around a bit with Karchev and the Juggernaut, moves a Kayazy into the left zone to contest it, and ends the turn. He ends up scoring two points (one for his rectangular zone, and one for the circular zone on my right) to my one, tying us at 1-1.

I am in full scenario mode now, and decide to grab some points. On my left, I use the Deatjack to kill the lone contesting Kayazy, then use the Leviathan (which I've allocated an additional focus, and given it one from the Warwitch Siren) to move up and shoot the objective, destroying it (yay for generating three shots!). This gives me another scenario point, putting me at 2-1. On my right, I work to chew through the bodies that are there, but I'm wary of getting too much closer with Karchev and his jacks there.  I kick the Reaper further to my right, and drag/kill the Mechanik UA. I'm pretty comfortable with how things stand, and pass my turn.  I score two zones to his one now, a net plus one for me, and our score goes to 3-1.
End Turn 3
Turn 4
Karchev starts the turn allocating focus to the Juggernaut and Behemoth, then backs up to cast Road to War (in order to get out of Goreshade's Lamentation range), then pops his feat.

Kell decides to come out and play, and moves up.  Before he can shoot, I decide to Countercharge with my Seether, killing him. The Widowmaker Marksman on my right moves around, and shoots and kills the Deathwalker, triggering Road to War on the Behemoth, who promptly charges and kills the Deathjack in two attacks (holy crap!). Fortunately for me, he's too far away to take out the Leviathan as well.  Eesh.

The Grolar on my right charges my Seether, and disables on of its arms. The Juggernaut follows up, killing the Seether and the central Deathripper. I'm starting to lose the attrition game- Rob is up in my face now, but I'm doing great on scenario, as I score a point at the end of the turn (in my rectangular zone).  Due to Rob's movement, he scores nothing, giving us a score of 4-1.

I start my turn needing to score two points to win, and I have two different paths to do it. I'll be able to score my rectangular zone so long as I don't move anything. On my left, the Behemoth is the only model contesting the circular zone, and if I kill it, I can score that zone. Alternatively, Rob's rectangular zone is sparse- just three Mechaniks defending it. If I can clear it, and get a jack there, that could be a point too.

I realize I have the tools to try for both alternatives, and can just hope ONE pays off. I start by running my remaining Deathripper into his rectangular zone, giving me an Arc Node, and a jack there. I have the Warwitch Siren give a focus to the Leviathan, who moves a bit, then takes a few shots at the Behemoth, doing about seven damage. I activate Goreshade, pop his feat (but didn't really bother setting up my Bane Warriors yet, they were going to be placed to go after the Behemoth), and arc Bleed through the Arc Node, needing fives to kill Mechaniks.  I have three to kill, and manage to get the rolls I need, clear the zone, and win the game.
Game End
My first Mk3 win! I was definitely helped by the fact that I focused on winning by scenario instead of trying for a caster kill (end of Turn 3, I gave it some thought, but decided to stay the course). I was doubly helped by the fact I feel my army matched up well against his- his shooting was ineffective against my Stealth, and Carapace made the shots hitting my jacks a non-concern. I was also helped by the fact I had a longer threat range than Rob's army, unless he could trigger Road to War.

I struggled to find an opportunity to use my greater threat range, as Rob wisely jammed his infantry down my throat, but knowing it was there kept Rob from playing more aggressively, which helped.

I quite like how Cryx plays- it's similar enough to how it went in Mk2, but man, I have a lot of work to do to make these armies competitive.  Thankfully, it seems like the interest for more games is there, so I'll have ample motivation to get to work!

Some recent gaming!

Alright, no detailed battle reports for this post.  I just wanted to mention, and show a few pictures, of random games I've been playing.  I have a Battle Report coming shortly, and hope to get some more written up, but I really just won't have time to write these up. So, let me just briefly talk about what I've been gaming.

Star Trek Attack Wing
I managed to play one game of this with my brother, at 100 points, with two constructed fleets.  I pretty easily handled his force.  I'm not sure when or if we'll play it again.  I think Matt has found X-Wing more enjoyable, and has been grabbing a lot of that, and I think I prefer X-Wing as well.  But meh, maybe someday we'll give it another shot.  With all the new stuff being released, perhaps there's something interesting here.
I've gotten a few games of this in, all against my brother so far.  I think my regular group is getting interested in playing more games of this as well.  I've been playing quite a bit with Scum lists, trying out some new models, but I did throw a Rebel list down just last week.  Matt has been buying buckets of Imperial ships, although he unfortunately hasn't had much luck yet. 
Star Wars: Armada
Played a game of this against Matt, as well.  He was much more successful here, annihilating me.  We've been keeping the point values small while he builds up his collection.  I believe our next game will be at full points.
Star Wars: Destiny
Whew, three Star Wars games!  This game is so easy to fit in, that it has become a pretty common game for me to throw in when I have a few minutes.  I've been trying some new decks, including a four character deck that tries to make use of the LR1K Sonic Cannon.  First play of this deck went pretty well, but there look to be some cards from Legacies that may make it slightly better.

I did play another game against Malifaux, once again against Rob, and once again using Neverborn against Mei Feng.  This time I tried Jakob Lynch, who I've not tried since M2E.  What a different experience- I was able to build and keep a great hand almost all game, giving me the cards I need when I needed them.  On Rob's big turn, he ran out of steam long before I did, and I was able to take the win.  I'm hoping to get Pandora built before next game, as she'll play a very different game (although she may struggle against Arcanists?  We'll see).
Finally, I've been doing my best to play Warmachine.  Joey and I have gotten it on the table twice, and I've even played a game against Rob.  The ones against Joey were primarily teaching games (the game against Rob was less so).  Because of that, I didn't take great notes against Joey, but I will say I played Cryx (Agathia1) and Skorne (Morghoul1) against Mercenaries (Ossrum1), and lost both games.  The second game was very close, and should give Joey a healthy fear of Skorne heavy beasts in melee.  The game against Rob I took much better notes, and I should have a battle report of that up soon.
 After our first game, I realized I needed some good markers for the zones, and picked these up from Hidden Forest Gaming.  Very nice quality!
That's all for the moment, I'm going to get to work on writing up that battle report versus Rob, and hope to get some more posts up soon!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I haven't stopped blogging, just been having a hard time getting enough time to sit here and post.  I have certainly been playing games- X-Wing and Attack Wing with my brother (will post about one of those soon)- he even tried out Blood Bowl (although it's a bit too complicated for him).  I've gotten another game of Malifaux in, managed to play two games of Warmachine, and have been playing a decent amount of card games.  I've been assembling minis, and have even gotten close to painting them, or at least I've been prepping to do so.

So my hobby life is pretty healthy- I just need to get some time to blog, then you'll see me around more!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

First game of Company of Iron, 11/7/17 [Warmahordes]

Ever since Company of Iron was announced back in June, I've been super excited to get a copy, and put it on the table. Last week, on Tuesday, I finally got the chance!

I managed to get Joey to play- he has been interested in trying a miniatures game, and Warmachine/Hordes in particular appeals to him. Company of Iron keeps a lot of the same mechanics, and uses a limited amount of miniatures, so it seemed like a good way to introduce him to the game.

After explaining the rules for Warmachine and Hordes, and then the rules for Company of Iron, we settled down to play. This was my first time playing Company of Iron, so I just put together two lists to try to show a variety of forces, and gave Joey the choice.

Joey chose the Cygnar list:
Trencher Infantry (maximum unit) - 16
Rangers - 9
He gives the Trencher Leader the Master Strategist upgrade.

I took my Skorne list:
Praetorian Swordsman (maximum unit) - 13
Haakar the Destroyer - 7
Ancestral Guardian - 5
I give the Swordsman Leader the Frontline Officer upgrade.

We rolled for scenario, and generated Under Siege. In this, one player starts with his entire force in the center of the table, and the other player spreads out across the four table sides, with the goal of eliminating the entire defending force. This seems pretty challenging for each player- as the defender, you're surrounded, which is never a good feeling. The attacker, however, has to kill EVERY single defending model in order to win the game, which is a tall order. We rolled for positions, Joey won, and elected to be the defender.

Joey sets up first.
Joey's setup
I surround him, with Haakar on my nearside, the Ancestral Guardian on the far side, and Swordsmen interspersed around.

Turn 1

The early game focused on me advancing on the surrounded defenders, and the Cygnar troops focusing fire on Haakar, afraid of his wrath (and melee capabilities) should he get into combat. He also didn't want to shoot at Swordsmen, to avoid giving Haakar (or the Ancestral Guardian eventually) souls to enhance their capabilities. Joey had some decent luck shooting, and managed to get what he needed on Haakar several times, but a combination of good casualty rolls (Haakar stays standing instead of getting knocked down), several poor rolls by Joey attempting to break Haakar's ARM, and three Recover cards in my hand ensure that Haakar will eventually make it into combat.
I begin my advance
On my right, there are some pretty straight shots into the center, and I manage to run one of my Swordsmen directly into melee range of some of his Rangers. Not trusting his troops to handle my guys in melee, he attempts to move the Rangers out of combat, but my free strikes kill one of the Rangers for the first blood of the game!

On the left, I run my Commander up, and use a card to finally get Haakar into combat, where he puts a lot of pressure on Joey's army.
Right after Haakar gets into the action

So, end of the turn, I've managed to get some models into combat, Joey has managed to spread out, and the game is about to get bloody.
End of Turn 1
Turn 2

Joey gets priority, and immediately plays Rapid Reload, giving him two shots per model if they forfeit their movement. Combined with how Combined Ranged Attack works, and how close I am (so he doesn't need to move to get into range), this has the potential to be a VERY bloody situation- I need to get guys into combat, pronto!

To start off on this turn, Joey shoots Haakar, even with a guy in combat with him. He hits. He breaks ARM. I roll a three for the casualty roll, putting Haakar on the ground (I don't have a Recover card in hand, alas). For my next activation, I debate activating Haakar, which would give me another roll on the casualty table (and could give me a chance to stand him back up, letting him live longer), but I don't have another model base-to-base with him, so it's only a 1/3 chance I get the model back, and figure I'm better off activating a Swordsmen to put B2B with him, which I do, and kill a Trencher.

However, Joey takes the opportunity to kill the Injured Haakar, since that's an automatic kill. We go back and forth, killing a bunch of models. Joey's double shots take a toll, killing three Swordsmen, but as my models get deeper and deeper into his lines, I'm able to kill three Rangers and three Trenchers, including his Commander. He gets a new Commander, of course, but the next one won't have the extra health, meaning I can abuse it some.

Turn 3

We end up calling the game early in this turn, as we got kind of a late start, the store was going to be closing, and we weren't going to finish in time. I did manage to get almost all of my models into melee, including the Ancestral Guardian (who Joey tried to kill with multiple Assault charges without success). I was in pretty good shape overall, as my Swordsmen were pretty good at dropping the Trenchers and Rangers in close combat- and with two melee attacks, each Swordsman in combat could handle a Cygnar model by dropping them with the first attack, and then dealing the fatal blow with the second attack, regardless of the result of the casualty roll. Joey still had plenty of models on the table to hit back with though, so it could've gone either way.
A little bit before we called it- a few Trenchers are about to charge the Ancestral Guardian with Assault, but won't get it done. My Swordsmen will, against some of those Trenchers

I quite enjoyed the game, overall- the scenarios and small scale, combined with the cards for various battlefield effects, could create some great narrative experiences. Feeling this game through the eyes of the poor Trenchers, you could just imagine their desperation as they shot again and again at the biggest threat they could see, Haakar, watched him stumble, but continue coming (with either great rolls or my Recover cards). The pressure the rest of the army felt knowing that those shots would've been valuable against the rest of my force was also, in my head, a fun narrative.

For this particular game, I feel like the particular forces were perhaps not very well thought out (my bad!). The mono-combat force is going to have a great advantage over the force that can shoot should the former get into melee range, but I hadn't given much thought into how frequent that might actually cause issues (ie, how common the melee force can get into combat quickly). In this scenario, that answer turned out to be VERY quickly, but that probably isn't always the case.

I wonder how the game would have gone had Joey decided to be the attacker. Moving then shooting, he had a chance to control the range between our forces and whittle me down while I tried to get things into position to respond. I don't know. It probably still would've been a challenge, given the short range of the Trencher guns, but forcing me to have to spread out may have ended up working in his advantage, with his numerical advantage to start.

The game played pretty fast once we got into it- I do wonder if the casualty rolls won't make the game fairly frustrating at times. Getting knocked down instead of killed isn't usually all that bad, and throwing attacks at something that gets knocked down (so you can't shoot it) could force melee forces to be far more valuable.

Of course, those are thoughts after only one game.  We'll see how more experience changes my view.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Minicrate arrival, number 2! [Warmahordes]

Got part 2 in the mail today! Let's have a look. This one is the Plaid Piper of Ord.

The box it comes in.  Ooooh
The model and the card
The pieces of the model
Looks like a fun model. As my group slowly starts getting back into Warmachine, hopefully I can get some time to get this assembled and painted!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Got my new Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn decks!

I finally opened my two new acquisitions from Plaid Hat Games, the Masters of Gravity and the Path of Assassins expansions! Let's take a look.

I'll start by looking at the Path of Assassins expansion. There were previews here, here, and here, already, but nothing beats having the product in your hand. Jericho seems to be focused on directly killing the opposing Phoenixborn (hence the name, haha). What's really interesting about this deck is the lack of power symbols on any cost! An entire deck with cards tailored around only the basic die symbol. That's pretty awesome, and with all the basic magic symbol costs on these cards, it'll give us players a lot more options when building decks.
Back of Jericho Kill's box
Well, most of the cards that are part of the deck were already previewed in articles, and the rest will be on the Ashes deck builder in no time, so I'm going to post the rest here!
Spear Master! Well, I despise that discard cost, but a three attack Battle Advantage Unit that only costs basic magic symbols is going to find a use, I think. She'll be able to do a lot of damage to your opponent's defenders, and help you win that attrition war, or get an opening to put some real damage onto the Phoenixborn.
I'm not sure I'll get a whole lot of use from Squire outside of this expansion deck. Buuuuuuut, card draw is always nice, and with the one Deluxe, there certainly are good ways to make some use of it. Still, probably better ways to go about getting your draw.
I'm not sure what I'll do with Hand Tricks. Spend a basic die to draw a card and get a basic die... with the cost of this card as well. This feels like a card that could make some pretty great combo deck work, should such a set of cards make it worthwhile. I'll give it some thought.

The other expansion in The Masters of Gravity, with Echo Greystorm as the Phoenixborn. Previews for this were posted here, here, and here.
Back of Echo Greystorm's box
He uses dice from the two recently released deluxe expansions in roughly equal numbers (slightly more focused on Divine), including cards with Parallel Costs, that can be paid for with either Divine or Sympathy magic.

Let's take a look at the other cards in this expansion.
Law of Fear is going to be a great finishing card. Put it out, increase some attack values, and then hammer your opponent, who has to pay some precious resources (or wounds) to stop you. There's potential to set up some great endings with this card, I can't wait to actually use it!
Holy Relics seems fine. I've tried using an Orrick deck that just maxes out some Gobi Sunshields to make them brutal, and this would fit in nicely. Pretty straightforward.
This feels a bit pricey for the ability, but coupled with all the other exhaustion manipulation available in this particular deck, Enlightenment is probably a great card. There are TONS of uses for having a unit available for something else, so yeah, I bet this probably sees play, and probably will be worth its two dice.

I LOVED the Deluxe Expansions, and these cards just drive home how great this game is. I can't wait to play again, and throw these decks on the table, and then build some decks using these cards!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Malifaux game, 11/2/17

Rob and I played Malifaux last week, our first game since quite possibly 2013, during first edition. The last two or three months, I had started looking at the second edition models and rules, and have been eager to play, bringing it to our gaming weekend. Well, I finally got a chance!

I decided to play Neverborn, as I've been building the plastic crews from Wyrd miniatures to replace my old metal ones. I actually have been basing my purchases and list building for the moment on the Building on a Budget article over at Schemes and Stones, as I wanted to get some new miniatures for a fresh start, and this gave me a cost effective way to go.

We generated our strategy and schemes a few days before the game- our strategy was Reconnoiter, where we needed to get bodies in the different corners of the map. Our schemes were A Lind in the Sand, Outflank, Frame for Murder, Assassinate, and Protect Territory. With Reconnoiter, I knew I needed some speed to ensure I could get to the various table quarters, to claim or contest them as needed. Because of that, I went with Lilith. The list I took (from the above link) was:

(1)Lilith — 7ss
+Beckon Malifaux – 1ss
+On Wings Of Darkness – 1ss
+Aether Connection – 1ss
(2)Cherub – 3ss
(3)Barbaros – 10ss
+Fears Given Form – 1ss
(4)Doppleganger – 7ss
+The Mimic’s Blessing – 1ss
(5)Terror Tot – 4ss
(6)Terror Tot – 4ss
(7)The Illuminated – 7ss
(8)The Illuminated – 7ss

I played a decent amount of Lilith in first edition, and although she has changed some, her core 'feel' certainly seems the same- lots of mobility, good defense, and can hit hard. Barbaros seems to fit much of the same role, although he has to deal with the terrain that Lilith can basically ignore.

With this list, I felt pretty confident I could do any of the schemes. I didn't want to do Frame for Murder, as I don't want to depend on my opponent to do anything, so I didn't consider that. I ended up going with Assassinate, because killing Rob's Master would be something I'd like to do anyway, and Outflank, because going to those outside board edges gives me some flexibility when dealing with the strategy.

Rob showed up, and I set up terrain, as he revealed he'd be playing with Mei Feng, an Arcanist Master who he liked a lot in first edition that could get up and get physical as well. I don't know the specific content of his list, but I know it was at a minimum Mei Feng, Kang, Emberling, 3 Rail Workers, Metal Gamin, and a Rail Golem. I don't know the upgrade loadout, however.

We flip for deployment, deploy, and get ready to go (neither of us reveal our schemes).

We took turns placing terrain, not paying much attention to its upcoming effect on the game, but one thing to note is the large forest in the middle. Because of its size and position, it ended up being a MAJOR factor in the game, as Lilith doesn't struggle with it, but Rob's forces do (I swear, it wasn't intentional).

For deployment, Rob deploys centrally, I split my forces around the big rock formation.

For Turn 1, my split forces run to the left and right, figuring that I can attack the middle as needed, and use my speed to choose how I'm going to engage the oncoming Arcanists. I start dropping some scheme markers randomly, to make it look like I might be going for Protect Territory (I don't think Rob buys it). Rob moves straight towards the middle.
End Turn 1. I get up the board quick, and drop some random scheme markers
Turn 2, I win initiative, and elect to have Rob go first so I can respond to whatever he does. For the most part, Rob moves everyone near the center, into the forest, but sends an Emberling and a Rail Worker on my side of the board. I end my turn with Lilith, who hops out, kills the Emberling, and retreats behind the building, where Rob can't get to her. Elsewhere, I push up the board to get some bodies near the middle.
End Turn 2
Turn 3, I look through my cards, read Wicked Vines, and an idea forms. I win Initiative, and attempt to enact it, and I Vine the Rail Golem, as well as a Rail Worker approaching on my right. I end Lilith's activation by clogging the far side of the board with a summoned forest, blocking Rob's charges into my Neverborn on that side. I use the Illuminated and Cherub on my right to kill the Vine'd Rail Worker.

Rob tries to determine a way to keep the Rail Golem free from Lilith's vines, and Vents Steam near it, to give me a negative flip when I try again.

End of the turn, I have bodies on every quarter, and Rob is too close to the center to get enough bodies in two quarters, giving me my first victory point.
End Turn 3
Turn 4, I cheat to get initiative (thanks to the Doppleganger), and immediately activate Lilith. I Focus, then hit him with the Wicked Vine, and nab him. Kane kills the Terror Tot near the center of the table, and I send Barbaros into Kane, dealing only two damage.
Barbaros on the attack!
Rob activates Mei Feng, attempting to figure out some way to create a push to free the Rail Golem, but fails on the attempt, and concedes, as things were definitely not going his way. Victory to Lilith!

Post-game, we talked a lot about things. The forest definitely was a tremendous challenge for him, but even so, there were a lot of things we overlooked that could've helped him. Using scrap tokens to Rail Walk with Mei Feng, and noticing that the Rail Workers are Constructs would both have helped. Also, he could've vented Steam multiple times in a turn, to make it extremely difficult for me to use the vines to stop his game plan. A few changes in upgrades may have helped as well.

Anyway, I had a blast playing, and look forward to doing so again. Rob sounds interested in trying again as well, so hopefully in two weeks we'll get it on the table again.