Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Dark Elves

This is the army list I'm quasi-running for my Dark Elves. Thoughts after:

Dark Elves Monster Heavy (2250):
Dreadlord w/ Repeater Crossbow, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Black Dragon, Crimson Death, Pendant of Khaeleth - 545
Master (BSB) w/ Lance, Repeater Crossbow, Manticore, Ring of Hotek, Armor of Darkness - 369
Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
Dark Riders w/ Repeater Crossbows, Musician - 117
Cold One Chariot - 100
Cold One Chariot - 100
10 Shades w/ Bloodshade, Great Weapons, Light Armor - 208
5 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command, Standard of Slaughter, Soulrender - 225
Hydra - 175
Hydra - 175
Total Cost: 2248 pts

This army has a lot of strengths.

It's extremely mobile. The slowest unit in the army is the Shades, but they are also the most maneuverable, and can start a lot closer to my opponent. Two flying beasties supported by a lot of fast units mean my opponent will be dealing with my army on my second turn where I want him to deal with it.

It's decent at shooting. Most things in the army shoot. There's almost 60 shots a turn, not counting the breath weapons. I don't look at the shooting as a primary way of dealing with opposing units, but it's a 'nice to have'.

It's great at close combat. This army can HIT. On the charge, almost any two (or three, since the army is quick enough to get where I need them to) units will be hitting, and together the results are devastating. I try to keep the Dreadlord and Master close by one another as support (and magic defense), and when the two enter combat together, they produce wonderful results. Everything else does just fine (except the Dark Riders, who provide vital flank support).

With that said, there's a HUGE weakness- magic. I only get my 2 dispel die, plus the defense from the Ring of Hotek. Some armies will be able to cast magic nearly unopposed (so long as they don't target anything near the Ring of Hotek). Lore of Beasts can really stall out my army if I don't get lucky with opponent miscasts.

Also, there's only two magic weapons in the army, meaning I'm looking at an uphill battle if a VC army runs a lot of ethereal stuff.

I'm not really sure what to change to address this. I might toy with dropping the Manticore, mounting the Master on a Chariot (and switching the Armor of Darkness for another magical weapon), adding a scroll caddy, and filling with Harpies. If that seems to work better, that's what I'll change the above list to do.

Painting Progress:

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