Friday, November 6, 2009

Dark Elves vs Ogres 1K

So last Thursday me and Ben played a small game to show the basics of the Warhammer system to our coworker Chris (and so he could see what the game was about). Ben had joked about taking a Stegadon-based Lizardman list, which at 1000 points would be a challenge to go against for my poor Dark Elves. So naturally, I brought a list I thought could moderately challenge it.

My list's basic composition was 2 units of 10 crossbowmen, two level 2 sorceress, two bolt throwers, and two chariots. This army had a LOT of shooting, and good counterattack ability, and great magic for this points level (2 level 2 Dark Elves can pound a LOT of magic)

Sadly... Ben brought his Ogres. Now, Ogres have many things going against them- no armor, costly units, ineffective shooting, costly characters.... oh yeah, and their army is about 4 years out of date, and wasn't THAT good when it came out (but certainly provided some interesting matchups!).

And of course, Ogres suck BAD at low points (anything less than 2250, I'd say).

I won't bore you with a play-by-play (I don't remember all that much). It was a lot of shooting kills, followed by his Tyrant eating a Chariot then two units of crossbowmen in a surprising finish. He ate through a LOT of my army towards the end, and ended with only one wound left (and the sole survivor for the Ogre army).

Minor Victory me. Wish I would've known he was bringing Ogres though, I would've put together a balanced army to show Chris the basics of the game :(.

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