Sunday, November 15, 2009

First crack against new Skaven...

Played Frans at 2250 against the new Skaven book, using my Empire army with a few changes.

Got massacred.

We went with the wording in the book about the Storm Banner, knowing that a clarification/errata was coming, allowing it to be re-used once it failed, meaning I spent the entire game unable to shoot. It turned out that was fairly critical- I couldn't muster any sort of firepower against Frans primarily Pestilens based army (2 Plague Furnace + 2 Hellpit Abominations being the focal point of the army). Also, I dropped my Steam Tank last minute for fear that the Skaven would struggle too much to destroy it (seeing what they ended up taking). Foolish, being a nice guy ;).

A few things I thought worthy of notice though.

The Hellpit is VERY nasty in close combat, but it seems to be fairly easy to kill for a monster of its point cost. If you needed a reason to add something flaming into your army (and you haven't done so already?), now you have another good reason. It stops the Hellpit from coming back. Man that thing is nasty when it charges though.

I don't understand GW's need to make things that don't break from combat in the newest books. Lizardmen added Stubborn monsters (the Stegadons). The Skaven have Stubborn Ld 8 Hellpits, as well as the ability to make several units unbreakable with the Plague Furnace or Screaming Bell. Why?

The Plague Furnace was a lot better than I thought, also- it didn't seem like much, but given it's unbreakable nature, it can definitely wear a unit out easily. Toughness tests, free hits, and the attacks really take a toll on any unit. That thing is going to suck to fight once I start seeing more of it.

Overall though, Skaven don't seem so bad- but I've only gotten a taste of them thus far. We'll have to see!

Also.... BEASTMEN IN FEBRUARY! It's been too long since they had a usable book, I'm really excited to see them redone.

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  1. I uploaded you pics of game. Although I really do think the Storm banner is broken, i really liked the Furnaces more than the Hellpits. I am actually proud of my self for not taking any skyre but that will change in future list. Making a more balance list.
    Hey Ben you up for the challenge?