Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sisters vs Orks, 650 pts

Well, another small game today at the GW, this time vs Ben. I was running a Sister of Battle list with 2 sister squads in Rhinos, and a Celestian squad in an Immolator.

I ended up losing, though it wasn't a blowout. I had some poor luck early, but overall it was fine (as was Ben's). We got the Annihilation meeting with a Spearhead deployment.

I deployed my guys as far forward as possible, and Ben did very similarly, and did not manage to seize initiative. He did scout move his Deffkoptas forward however.

I didn't really keep a play by play, but after about 2 turns of shooting, his Orks were on me en masse, and although I did kill plenty, it wasn't enough to pull off the victory. I conceded on turn 4, I think, he had 5 kill points, and if I got really lucky I may have gotten 4.

Overall not too bad. I need to be more patient with my guys, I was probably a little too aggressive against an army that does it better than I do.


  1. Your entries could really use some photos. Also, your a SoB player, which is rare. With something unique in your army you could easily get a big readership. You don't have to, but it's pretty easy to get noticed for stuff like that :)

  2. Toooo true. I've thought about taking a camera to my games, but for the moment I'm so lazy :(. Once I start having painted figures I might :).

    I'm not too worried about readership, tbh, having a blog just gets me off my butt and gives me a little extra motivation to work on the hobby :).

    Back when the codex first came out I was running a radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor w/ Daemonhosts + the 'unique' Witch hunter tools when I played. It wasn't very good, but it really fun to play, and my opponents found it fairly unique. Maybe I'll break them out for some other games? And take pictures of course :)

  3. I got your Waagh right here!!!!

    I'll take photos of our next game. Try bringing some of the 'flavorful' stuff.

    Maybe a unit of Penitent Engines? Mmmmmm...